Bear Repellent

Uncle Ben steps in and let's the market know he's going to do whatever it takes to keep the credit crisis in check. It also appears that Wall Street is pricing in a decent probability that the Fed cuts before the September meeting. At the moment, I still don't think it will happen, but that viewpoint is likely to change as the time draws near.

Bush is on deck to make a speech here about his plan to save his voters, but I wouldn't even make my Tivo watch it. You'll have to tell me what happens, if anything.

So outside influences are trying to tamper with my bearish stance on the market...


In fact, I have footage of Bernanke and Bush...take a look...

Recommendation: I think the Fed is going to need a bigger gun.

Long: Japan, most definitely

Short: "Bull"nanke

Ouch! The war rages on... is this is turning into Iraq? Permanent occupation of bulls and bears. SFM


I don't know where you get the time or how you fine these appropiate video clips, but this one had me LMAO.

Uh, who was I in that video??

I remain bullish...I guess because all my bullish trades are profiting more than my bearish ones....

Now, back to bear hunting...

any thoughts on OII? Is this a trade to take profits quickly? up 25% in 5 days.

I agree with Riamo. Once I figured out LMAO.

I can't even day trade this market today. So I may just have to pack it in for the weekend.

Liz, it is really HOT. Our A/C came on before 6am today.

Just watched the video. PERECT and I too LMAO!! Nice work Jeff, you hae a real gift finding these clips.


Great point. I just realized I had more bullish positions at the moment than bearish ones.

Uhhh...I guess that still makes me a bear.

Can I be bearish with a trend trading short term bullish stance? Or is that just crazy talk?



My son lives on Croyden rd. about 5 blocks from the ocean in Norfolk, I'm not sure where that is to the amphitheater.


So, me and you on opposite sides of the fence aye...

Not sure I like that, but I am holding my ground till a bear bites me..

Maybe Akroyd can help me...

Jeff - Video was a beauty. Just perfect.

Wahly - I know exactly where Croyden Rd. is in Norfolk. That's very cool.

Bob - I am in agreement with you. I don't think I'm touching anything today.


I want to congratulate you on what may be the best decision you have ever made.


I don't know about you guys but this bullish (bull crap) behavior just makes no sense to me technically and is driving me crazy! The post on Wednesday with Jim Cary is exactly what I have been doing for the last couple of days as I watch myself get stopped out of good bearish trades.


I think that's just crazy talk and I'm with you.

It's 84 right now.

And unfortunately ATI is on fire as well.


I don't know how you remember what happens in all these movies. But this one was another great one!



Thanks for the advice on GRMN from master talk up $35 per share. Good Call. Glad I hung in there with this trade my ADD wants to cut out but stayed.

Califorina Trader

Liz and Bob - Are you both seriously telling me that you're hot at 84? If so, you're spoiled and I'm jealous.

Raimo - How about ATI as a horizontal REE if it closes at its high's for the day?


Is anybody in NOV? That thing is cranking today!

Liz, it is 83 in my office right now! I have the warmest room in the house, not sure why. Maybe all these computers, monitors and printers.

Chris, I think you will get your wish on EXM today. Both vol and > 40 are you jumping in?

Well, 84 at 9am is pretty warm. It will probably reach 100 again today. I think that counts, right?


Last night if I heard correctly, Eric said to sell into this rally. So now I'm looking at some bearish plays and trying to decide. Right at their resistance and up for your consideration are:

Comments anyone?

What about OMG...anyone...anyone?

OMG!!! Geez!


Liz - That definitely counts. Now just add in the 95% humidity and you're all set for a fabulous end of summer day!

Chris - thanks for the breakout heads up on EXM. I'll be evaluating that one as the end of day approaches.


Just looked at the stocks quickly. They look good. They're all on horizontal and trendline support/resistance.


could OMG be forming the right shoulder of and H-S? anyone? SWM

Looks like ATI is going to flirt with it's 10 & 30 day moving average. Maybe for a bounce down...


Kim, we do not have your humdity but over 100 outside and over 80 indoors is warm.

Jeff, wish I was in OMG.


Nov has been a good play been another great stock

Rats! Clean cups and I had such a good comeback. I'm copying and pasting from the old post.

I wasn't aware that proficiency in stock trading was a prerequisite to homeschool one's children. I freely admit that I have much to learn and the good folks here are patient enough with me that I keep coming back.

Moron? Well, I've been called worse.

If you wish to logically discuss the pros and cons of homeschooling please e-mail me using the addy on my blogger profile. Let's not use the space here to hash out our differences.

Liz, Thank-you.

Raimo, All I can say is I'm glad I'm on your side. :-)

Just checked my thermo and it's at 80 inside. Sigh. Nice will be the evening where I'm enjoying a glass of wine on the deck without being serenaded by my ac unit.

Are you still in ATI?

I have to look at it this way, although I could be dead wrong. It is just squeaking above my line and if I were not in it, I would probably get in it at the end of the day as a put play. It's still downtrending.

I only have one contract and my loss would be small. I just can't let it go yet.

Am I smoking hopium?

I'd rather not add humidity thank you.


Didn't play OMG. darn it! it was my lucky stock last year. but NOV, yes,yes,yes...

Yeah Pot is moving good!! Omg is greating ready for a big fall decisions decisions what to trade today


I was thinking the same thing. It's above my stop but I like to see what they do by the end of the day but then I was thinking that this would be a nice entry point. Hmmm.



Being simple minded to many lines confuse me so I don't usually chart the 5yr unless it is showing support or resistance. I think I will go over my watch list and see what drawing lines 6n the 5yr chart shows me. 2yr yes that is always charted.


Head and shoulders on OMG?

That's like Arty calling a Boise State Shutout earlier in the week.

How will you know this so early in the process?


You have come to the right place. Jeff and the OA's have a lot to teach. The biggest lesson i have learned from them all is to believe in my rules. The key word here is BELIEVE. I have lost a great deal of profit by not following that rule.


For da bears, if you missed BRY+ESI the first time Jeff mentioned them, you may have another low risk opportunity.

(Wish I had OMG but if I did I would take the profit and run)

From the list I just submitted I have ruled out all for various reasons for today except for ABC. That still looks like a good put candidate.

is EEM breaking upbove a H&S bottom or am I just seeing things again?

I have it breaking above a 130 support/resistance line. I don't know about the H&S though.



I took OMG this morning....

Hey guys! Brand new here... found the blog thru the marketcast whooohoooo!!!! So my question is: Looking at LEN and TOL... would today's upwards run be a good time to get a put on both of them? Will it go down from here? what do you say? :-)

Kim, you got it.....

Welcome, Steven,
My take on LEN, TOL and the others is that they are oversold and need a rest. I'm still bearish on the industry and am looking to re-enter puts on IYR that I sold earlier this week. Might wait til after the weekend though - why pay for 3 days that I can't use. Then again I might jump in at the close if I'm here.

How's that for definitive action?

ATI - are you bearish on that?
I thought you were a perma-bull.

Been reading this blog for a while I can see some of you guys are experienced traders. It has been some rough seas lately in these markets. I am waitng for things to normalize so trends start remergering. Although I am such an addict I seem to be trading every day any advise for a fellow addict?? Don't get me wrong some of the trades have been great but others wow it is like I got smacked by a truck and it kepp going!

Bob (and Pam)
Yupper!! I'll be buying my EXM sometime in the next 2 hours. I know I'll be buying 2 days of wasted VIX, but... what the heck. I'm flush with cash and can't spend it fast enough.

Incidentally I vote Liz brings the fruit dip dessert to the beach party. Planked salmon goes well with anything... especially Corona.

Hello Raimo,

Looks like ATI is below the 200, 50, 30 & 10 DMA and it is still in downtrend.

Good time for a PUT ?

Based upon what I know it maybe a good time to get in around 3:55PM today

David in NH

That's why a lot of us have pulled out the dinky toys. They don't hurt so bad when they smack you (although Catherine's got a pretty wicked right hand. Her fastball's been clocked at 55 mph, and a dinky toy still hurts at that speed.) A lot of us a trading small lots right now for exactly those reasons.

Hi All! first time comment. I love this blog. Thanks Jeff!!

I'm in a sept call option in GRMN that i bought 2 days ago. Its up about 23%-ish, but it looks like its stalling today and not participating in the rally.

Thinking about taking in the profits but i don't want to miss out on an ascending triangle breakout.

Any thoughts?

Bulls for the win, at least for the week/month. Assuming we can hold off where we are now until the bell, I believe that would make this the first month since May where we would finish a month higher than where we started it.

One of my old favs DAKT is on its way back to 30, I mentioned it a bit a couple weeks ago around earnings. It just broke some resistance at 27ish. NVDA just made a 52 wk high and should be a good bet also. Tech is looking nice.

James H.

I realize that but it is like watching a football game with no action the excitement is not there. It is great thril when you peg the stock and get paid. i have been leaving some of these options on to long and just watching profits melt away it drives me nuts..


I am in that one as well and thinking about closing it out pretty soon, taking the profit and don't be too greedy. I've lost lots of money before because of being greedy and a 20%+ profit in this crazy market is good enough for me. :-)

I know Jeff recommended NVDA on Monday... I took a paper trade on it which is up 42% right now...(hmmm wish I took the real trade :-) ) and all looks good, like James just mentioned it's making a 52 week high...would it be still a good time to get in with a real trade?

Re; Grmn

They have a great business model I am still always trying to find a reason to come out of the stock but it keeps going up can't seem to take profits. up about $37. per share

TRAK - This keeps popping up on my radar for a bullish play. Not optionable but affordable. It is just bouncing off support and heading to what looks like an asc. tri in the making. So getting in now is ahead of the potential breakout but right at REE.

Lakerzfan: GRMN is participating in the rally - but is beating its head against 105. It is in an asc. triangle. I had hoped it would push on through today, but it looks like it will be the next run. It still has some time left in the triangle pattern (and some yet today), but not a huge amount.

David in NH: Steel/Iron stocks are rallying, however ATI was in a sideways/downward trend and had then bashed its head on $100. Today it bashed its head on $100 again and as I write this is right at $100. I would wait to see if it penetrates $100 before I would do anything with ATI. If it gets through $100 it could run on up with the other Iron/Steel stocks. If it doesn't, it could fall hard and fast. $100 is a good round number that could make or break and play you make and has been resistance for and could be support for ATI either way it goes.

Just my $0.02 guys - now listen to the pros (the other guys who really know what they are talking about).

James H.

******************* ATI fans *******************

Here's a new perspective on ATI. On Aug 17 there appeared a monster sledgehammer candle (cue the music...) which I believe signalled a turn around. Today I believe signals the mark of a higher low... heading for a higher high. Albeit on indifferent volume.

So the answer is obvious. It's probably going to continue up.

Or... it's probably going to coninue down.

This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by Slinky Toy. Official sponsor of this market.

Does anyone see a monster head and shoulder re test of the neck line on $sox. I guess you would have to wait until it starts to turn down.


Check out VSEA when it breaks through $56.80 also (Tech/ will be 52 week high at support)

James H.

OMG is holding its rise up but I dont know if any news that made this happen today.

I said H-S because of the chart action, and it seems likely to go down because thats the trend. Wierd volume action all over the chart.

Id rather fight the bear. I felt sorry for that bear in the end. Bears get a bad rap. Bulls only have two speeds
, stamping their feet, or charging. SFM

David, I see the retest. Should have taken my profits, because I've been whipped out twice since the market has moved back up. Just watching it now. Those little losses add up, too.


You should never whip around a slinky. Those things can hurt! Just like ATI is hurting me today.



My long term trend line on all the indices is still bullish as well. I keep a long, intermediate, and short line drawn on the charts. Point definitely taken.

Chris, you're still cracking me up. All you single bloggers out there take a cue from Chris. Women like men who make them laugh.



Here is what my crystal ball says..

Forming a bearish flag, $100 HZ resistance, I am still short it, (yes guys, i take bearish plays though I am BULLISH),However, I can also see ATI's price today moving out of a triangle to the upside, but against its trend and not yet anyway, on I am overall bearish ATI, and gonna hold my puts....

trade at your own risk...

That's only true if you're not laughing and pointing at the same time.

Raimo, I guess we'll see whose crystal balls are better. Remember to have the ocular clarity checked monthly. Those Crystal balls can get a bit fuzzy over time. And according to Aussie Pete, we've got things all upside-down, up here. Is your vision Kangaroo proof?

My ATI take is still bearish as well. The higher low/higher high bugs me a bit but that is super short term and my trade is more with the intermediate term trend, which the stock is still below.

I just took the trade today around 98 and said I would exit at a major close above 98. You might say 100 is well above 98, but that is still within 2% around my "line in the sand" and underneath the trendline, and volume is not convincing (yet) so I'm holding (unless something changes by end of day).

Of course, I'm short call verticals so I have time decay to help me (especially over a 3 day weekend!).


Occular Clarity?? Am I supposed to get my balls checked for this??


Occular Clarity?? Am I supposed to get my balls checked for this??


Occular Clarity?? Am I supposed to get my balls checked for this??

I see what you are talking about David onthe SOX. But you could be in the process of making a short term higher high over the candles on 8/22. Because the Sox did make a higher low.

I am just updating my bullish and bearish lists for next week. The S&P is up near 1480 resistance. If it breaks thru I guess the market goes bullish.

My question is if this price action is so bullish then why won't freakin bonds go down. Light volume, makes it easy to hold prices up for month end statements.

Stopped out on ATI, CAT, ICE, MA puts. MA I should have seen coming when they couldn't push it below 130 the last 3 days.
Long, SUN, OII, VLO, NVT, cash

Hillarious video made my day.


Raimo, I see what your saying on ATI. FCX, X, ATI they all look the same to me. Volume is always suspect on holiday weeks like this.

I also have puts on PCP. I have a small profit. I entered when it rolled over on 8/28. Now what do we have here on the candles ? A morning star..a tri star pattern ?
Any suggestions ?


Kim likes men that make her laugh
I offer up LFC and its flagstaff

Kim drinks she likes her Reisling
But look at ATW just look at that thing

So tell us there Kim you like to giggle
Too much wine to you start to wiggle?

C2 has my balls fogged this is a rarity
Something to do with Occular clarity

Got Jeff over here who likes the bear
I remain bullish how do I dare

What I know for sure is the weekend is near
You know what that means, yes Yuenlgings my beer


I am seeing massive reverse head and shoulder breakout with retest in hourly chart for both dow and nasdaq. it seem to be present on almost all major indices.

Am I seeing things yet again?

To me this market is looking at a major bullish breakout to up side with possible retest of previous highs

please correct me (or confirm me)

My $.02 on ATI.

I'm holding Oct 90's. If the fed and Bush had not jumped in to mess with the market, they would be up right now.

These short-term fixes from superhero's can't continue to save the markets. At some point the market is the market and is bigger than both of them.

That said, I'm holding the postions.

I am however, happy I sold my DIA and C puts at the end of the day yesterday for a small profit. They would be worthless today.

Is it true that KLAC, CAM and JEC may actually continue thier trend higher, will GGP and ICE continue lower? You'll have to stay tuned and see!

Have a good weekend addicts.


Ok I'm back for the last hr and glad I sat om my hands today, looks as if only one posistion has crossed my line in the sand so will probably be cutting it lose in the next hr.

What a great week it has been, my bulls charged on and my bears whimped into there caves.

Sounds like where going to have a great big party on the beach tonight. Ramio you bringing the beers, I've got the lobster, Kim's got us coverd on the salmon.

I was hoping to get some more feedback on my NVDA question... Is it too late to get in? Also given that they have a share split on September 11 should drive this one even up more, right?

Hi Jeff and gang ..

Yes .. I'm in OMG along with BIIB, ELON and ONXX ...

Downside : MA - better earlier in the week but at my REE today .. may get more at close.. Also enjoyed profits on ICE on the way down earlier this week.

Buying and selling almost daily ... Short term - short term!

Sorry about your question not getting answered. NVDA looks like it's breaking above a previous high but the volume is a little light. I'm sure some of that has to do with us going into a 3 day weekend. You could take this as a breakout but you'd know that volume was not above average today. A share split can drive the price up and then down down down. And then it will usually right itself shortly afterwards. But NVDA is in an uptrend. Anyway, I hope that helps. Obviously these are all my 2 cents.


Thanks Liz! Sure helps with regards to volume: It's a little higher then 10 day average which pretty nice right before the 3 day weekend.. as you mentioned: Many people are already sitting back and relaxing!

For me, it's a no. I use the MACD and stoc and they are both not where I would want them to be for a buy. Also, it's up but on not great volume so it may just be the price action of everything else carrying it.

Sorry, this probably just made it worse. :-)

Steven, I think you are OK with NVDA. That has nice volume today. I am looking at it too.


I quote from the Crystal Ball User's Guide...

" Users of the Crystal Balls (CB) should be aware of a common misconception. Frequent rubbing of the CB, although encouraged, may have adverse effects on the balls. Ocasionally (when the situation warrents) vigorous rubbing of CB will cause fogging of the Crystal and (in extreme situations) friction may be sufficient to cause smoke to occur. In these situations a calm cleansing of the CB will be required. In "ultra extreme" situations, cracking of the CB may occur. Although painful, this should in no way be considered a flaw in the CB and will not be covered under warranty. You should judge the intensity of the rubbing of your CB accordingly."

So yes... your occular clarity may need adjusting.

Guys, what do you think of this?

I am listening to Shadow Trader on Think or Swim and he just answered a listener question about what he thinks will happen next week.

He said, in a nutshell, that after Bernanke and President Bush both saying that they weren't going to do anything and basically, it's your problem, the market went higher and continues to go higher.

Are we being faked out? I think it's so curious that my strong bullish stocks are just lollygagging around on a huge up day and my clearly bearish stocks are exploding, on low volume!

I don't get it.

Time to break out the whipped cream.


You are using the wrong users guide..

It is the magic wand that gets rubbed, and if too vigorously, smoke and friction could be a problem. However, to avoid friction, irritating heat, etc, one should use Magic Wand Anti Friction Gel. Addtionally, if your wand becomes flaccid, Hiagra is reccomended to restore rigidness in your wand.

Next time please refer to the correct users manual.....and perhaps you may want to consider a crystal ball users group to become knowledgable in its use.

I think what bites is I get into some bull plays to even out my portfolio: PCP and GMCR. The market is up 180ish, and they are down. And, of course, all my puts are stopped out. Oh, was I being negative. @##()@##$@#_!@_@#@#@#
Okay. I don't curse, so that felt really good just hitting those keys.

Okay. I think I'll take a deep breath and move away from the screen. Chris, thanks for your levity.


I wrote the book on magic wands and broomsticks. In fact, if I could figure out how to change my picture on this blog I would substitute one of my beautiful gold and diamond wand. In any case, it should not be rubbed. Your wand may be flaccid and I doubt rubbing it will help. Your crystal balls, well, that's another story.


you may be right....

maybe the wand should simply just be waived around??

That's what I usually do with it.

Now please tell me WHY IYR keeps going up. There is nothing good in the real estate industry right now. This makes no sense. Was going to enter puts today but it just looks so strong. Will have to wait til Tuesday I guess.

Doji Girl,

Last night on Market cast someone asked the question about put on IYR but the resposne was that housing might be a bit oversold and might not move much. May be we are seeing the bottom in housing (at least for now) it makes sense since feds and bush are now proping them up


yeah, I heard that about

anyway, IYR..looks interesting,right at resistance, really not a bad REE, but I wonder if the housing market etc is now ready for an upturn..?? I am staying away for now till I have a warm snugly feeling about it.

i am almost out of all my puts as they got stopped out. except CVH, CTXS, CEG, CTSH


I think i have too much. (all of them a single contract positions)

Typically how many position you guys have at a time and what is considered reasonable

More dead bears...

PCP selling off hard at the close...just sayin'.

Personally, I don't usually have more than 8 to 10 plays going at a time. I like that number. Not too much so I can still pay attention to what's going on and just enough that I'm not paying attention to just one stock.


What's up with GRMN & ELON at the close?????


Doji Girl,
I already cut it loose. Trying to clean up the nonperformers and start over next week.
Thanks for the heads up, though.

Glad somebody is making it this week. Great job.


Yes, I am in OMG. I see a symmetrical triangle, breakout with volume. I think there will be a retest, so I sold a covered call too.

Did I notice a little fxy uptick into green at the end of the day...

Mahmood, depends on the your risk tolerance, the size of your account. Your broker must love you.


I noticed that too. Interesting.


NVDA...Depending on where the exit is set would depend if I got in. I would not be playing a breakout here, just a higher high. With that said, I would wait for it to retest the diagonal level of support around 47-48. A stock split can send the price down, but not always. If I have learned anything from this blog, it is to have a plan and follow it. Also, let the trade come to you. This is a great trending stock, but not the right entry for me.

Raimo and DG,
Waving wands? All I could think of was "helicopter, helicopter!" Thanks for the laughs...and no, I will not explain helicopter...I am sure some of you get it.


that is just wrong... i need to know....

Have a great weekend addicts, back on monday, I am off bear hunting this weekend...

I'm blushing...

Amy..u messin with me now...

I will GOOGLE this helicopter thing now..


Does helicopter refer torescue me rescue me from these markets!!

Well it is time to call this quits off to the gym work out this agression on the bags run for an hour pump some iron and lay down on the beach then enjoy dinner and a sunset that is my fix for this crazy market. Then monday start figuring out the trades for next week. I hope everyone relaxes and enjoys this weekend..

Very funny!


Same here... time to go enjoy the weekend. Altough I'll have to skip the gym and go for a cocktail or two ;-)

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Sounds good. I missed one of my kickboxing sessions and I'm feeling it. Have fun!


Well, there are all kinds of technical reasons to believe that the markets might be setting up for a break to the upside. The problem is, they all require one little thing -- an actual break to the upside to confirm.

So, it seems we'll have to wait to next week to see which way she goes.

In the meantime, have a lovely extended holiday everyone.

I hope all of you Option Addicts have a great weekend. I hope you all enjoy the wonderful food everybody was talking about this morning.


Thanks, Liz...glad you got it.

Raimo, good luck with the Google search...I am not responsible for what you may find.

Looking forward to a cold one with the husband. Thanks for a great week...lots of learning!

Have a great weekend all. Now I'm glad I don't fly helicopters. I'd never want to touch the controls.

****************** EXM *************

Confirmed today. Massive volume on a huge break.

Wait! Allayouze are heading for the exits and leaving me scratching my head wondering what the helicopter reference means. Not fair!!

I'll be back after drumming this evening and I expect an answer!

Well I'm heading into the weekend right where I started the week. Easy come, easy go. I'm struggling with the idea of "take profits early" v. "stick to the plan, and exit based on a stop or target being hit". How do you reconcile these two pieces of advice? Do you sometime abandon a trade before a stop or target being hit based on information outside the chart? I was tempted to sell several puts yesterday expecting a rally today, but held firm and saw some unrealized gains disappear today. I didn't get stopped out of anything though. It wouldn't surprise me to see a 200 point swing either way on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend all.



Now Jeff may not agree w/ this but what I do is have fewer positions and more contracts. I've been trying to build up my account and I was spread out like you and made no progress. Now I have anywhere from 2-7 positions open. By doing this I have grown my account by 80% in the past 6 months.This doesn't follow the strict rules of risk management, but it has worked for me. I decide how much I'm willing to risk in my account and I divide it up into fewer positions and buy more contracts. When building an account the single contract trades were like watching paint dry. Just buying 2 contracts can make a huge difference.

**this is a disclaimer,because there is risk involve. Be careful.

That sounds like good advice. When I have too many positions, it seems like my gains just get offset by my losses and I do tons of work just to break even, kind of like this week.

Thanks, Sarah, I am going to look into that strategy.



This will be my last post. Your political thoughts and comments about our President - yes that is correct - our President are not for this forum. I had more respect for you until now. It is quite obvious that you are pushing a political agenda here. If I wanted to discuss politics I would participate in a political blog or forum.

Since you initiated the "political discussion" let me give you the following thoughts: As you put your children to bed tonight and look around your home and at your wife I hope you take a moment to reflect on why you are actually able to do so in safety and comfort for it is not from your trading skills but because of what America is... not by or from a single President but from a process of generations. It is also obvious that you have never served our country in uniform doing what every true American should do. What gives you the right to even voice your opinion?

I am putting down my cup of "Options Addicts" Kool-Aid and moving on. No need to write a response to me for I will not log back in to read it......


George Bush


Too bad you do not have a sense of humor. It’s a free world buddy, you can do what ever you want. I don’t think any one would really miss you on this blog.

Sean K

so the only people that can voice their opinion about the president are the ones that "served our country in uniform doing what every true American should do." Thats such crap. Remember whose blog this really is....Jeffs. He can say whatever the fu*k he wants. political or not. About your mom or not.

Oh and Anonymous, you WILL be back, You know that you cant stay away from all the FREE MONEY Jeff makes for you. Dumb shit.

Steve L

Jeff, no need to respond, I got this one.....

Another Anonymous attack.
Another Coward.

I do not know, nor care, if Jeff Kohler, or anyone, served in the armed forces. Just becuase someone did, or did not, is not what makes them an American, and becuase they did not does noe mean you can label them as anonymous did.

It is our right, defended by those in uniform, supported by those not in uniform, to enjoy freedom of speech, amongst other freedoms. If anyone wants to mock the president, it is their right. And if they do, that does not by any means mean they are not patriotic. Nor does it mean that they did or did not serve in uniform.

I hate both Clinton and Bush, both are/were a disgrace in my opinion. Does that make this former Marine an anti-American?

You won't find a more proud American than me. The only people who do not deserve to comment are those that hide behind their true cowardness. People like you.

Jeff provided entertainment, I do not think anyone here of integrity thinks differently.

Plus, this is JEFF's blog to say whaterver the fuck he wants, so piss off.

Mr anonymous, take the OA cup and shove it where I'd like to stick my foot.

Semper Fi, Raimo

Sorry for the one explicative Jeff....


Don't be sorry. Thanks for the post.

Steve L, Sean...

I tip my hat to you also.

Raimo, Steve L & Sean-

We love you!!!


Oh and anonymous did come back despite what he said because he first posted at 4:24pm. And then came back later and put Sincerely George Bush at 4:54pm. I happened to check the blog right after he posted. I just felt too dumbfounded to say anything in response because I couldn't figure out what political agenda Jeff had or what he said that was so offensive except that he wouldn't tivo the speech. Weird!



We love you too!

liz & grant

cow·ard –noun

1. a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person.
2. A Jerk

I for one am tired of these no namers that take shots from the shadows. Now that I know we have an ex-marine (are you ever really ex-marine?) I am completely comfortable in giving Raimo first shot at this guys. I am sure he is a better shot anyway. Like Liz I am left wondering what Jeff said!

Chris I wanted in EXM and was ready to pull the trigger (you notice a lot of gun references in my post?) but I was late to take Pam out to lunch and she talked me out of it with that three day weekend time value bleed thing. Please ride it to success and finanical glory for both of us.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone.

What the hell? Like others, I have no idea what he/she is talking about...Goodbye, Anonymous, you are better off learning on your own.LOL

Thank you, Jeff, for all you do. Disregard it and have a great weekend.


Listening to the marketcast. The song at the beginning was great--but not sure I would quit my day job just yet!

DG--great idea on the buy, sell or LMTFA idea! And i love the acronym!!


Nice one two punch! I'll be on your team anytime. As for Jeff, he knows I'm president of his fan club. In fact I think he would make a great president!!

WOW - I missed today because we took the kids to Calaway Park (Calgary's very small unimpressive version of Disneyland) I missed sooo much. I hate that - it is soo hard to catch up again.

I don't know where to begin to comment. Everyone here is fabulous, I am always amazed at the kindness and love found here.

Amy, nice to have you back

Jeff, you rock as always. Can't believe people have the balls to slam you ever.

Raimo - nobody can say it like you - you've got the words my friend. I always second what you said.

Laney - anonymous posters suck.

Liz - we're all feeling your love today.

Everyone else - enjoy your long weekend - you all deserve a great one


Hello all. I was googling trying to find help with trading options and I came across Jeff's site! I am a member of InvesTools and have learned a great deal, but I'm still struggling. I'm looking for advice on what studies you like to use to when looking at charts and deciding when to buy. I have a small account and am in the negative and am trying to make it back.
Thanks in advance.
My friends call me Lis.

Interesting.... that "holier than thou" speech could have come straight from A Few Good Men. This is the kind of individual that will twist any truth to suit his own agenda and then tell everyone they should be grateful he did it because he is saving them from eternal damnation. Huh.... let's see... what happened to Jack Nicholson in that movie??? Hmmmmm.

Bob (and Pam) I will ride EXM until it can't be rode no more. I will ride it hard, and put it away wet. I anticipate at least a $100 profit.

Jeff. There's not much more I can add to all the previous posts. We all love you. We love your opinions, your teaching, your wit, your charm (Catherine made me say that.) The good thing about all this is that we discovered that there's at least ONE person out there who actually likes Bush. See? there's always a silver lining.

Welcome. If you have about a month, you could go back through all the posts and learn more than you'll learn in ten years of classes. Your best bet is probably to sit back and just take in several days of blogging to get a feel for it. Everyone has their own rules for getting in and out of trades, and we're all having our patience tested in this market. The most important thing is to find out what rules work for you and stick to them. There are enough ideas thrown around here that you'll probably find it like drinking from the proverbial fire hose... but stick with it. It's worth it.

Good luck.


I loved the post and the video. It sounds like you missed G-Dub's speech and that's really too bad. I caught the first 5 minutes before I left to play golf and seriously it was worth it. I was laughing all day long.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Welcome Lis!
I 2nd what Chris said. When I first found this site I went through all of Jeff's archives. (I still go through them every once in awhile) He's got some great stuff. It will give you a sense of the kind of trader he is and whether or not you feel comfortable with that type of trading. Lots of stuff is thrown all over the blog so you'll learn a lot. Take it in for a bit so you feel comfortable. Go through some of the older video watchlists and that should also give you a feel for the right time to buy and sell. But ultimately, you have to have your own rules. Hopefully this site will help you refine your rules.


Wow! I leave go work out enjoy the sunset and nice dinner. Then come back and see all this chatter about some guy who won't be named.

The whole problem is, he is looking for attention and you guys gave it to him. If you didn't say anything then he would just disapear into the sunset. People like that are not worth saying anything to them.

To stick up for Jeff it was all done in humor. Laughter is a great thing it keeps us all healthy and alive and Jeff my hat is off to you for the amount of time you put into this Blog trying to make this a great enviorment. I have been reading all your guys info and it sounds as if you are one big happy family and that is cool. Agian way to go jeff to create that type of atmosphere here for all the people that love trading and other things.

I hope everyone gets plenty of rest relaxation and enjoyment this weekend including the Main Option Addict (Jeff Kohler) and be ready next week for a fun time in the markets. God bless all of you and have a blessed weekend.

I was about to say that I'd ride EXM with you but it sounds, well... so, I'm going to ride EXM beside you.



Love the wand!!!!


Just got in and I am trying to catch up on the blog. I agree that the best thing is to not respond to the antagonizing, anonymous posts but feels really good to do it. Again, again, again, thanks Jeff and all of the others in this community for the insight and support. I will be back in the mix next week...that is unless I have an opportunity to golf or fish.

Welcome! I echo Chris and Liz, Jeff's archives are a gold mine of information. I have found the IT advanced technicals trading rooms to be the most beneficial to me. Price patterns, candlesticks, trending oscillators, support and resistance are all great. I also found the credit and debit spreads to be very help. I need a ginormous learning curve so don't be frustrated if you need to watch them once, twice or nineteen times. :-)

I think I can safely say that we have all come back back from losses and like you, I only have a small amount to trade with. Look for posts by Brett about coming back from losses, they will encourage and inspire you.

So again, welcome, from someone who is relatively new herself.

Liz, You're like the blog den mother!:-)

Jodi, Thanks.:-) Yes, anonymous posters bug me only because of the cowardice behind them. If you believe in what you are saying so much, take credit for it. Sheesh!

Jeff, I can't begin to tell you how much this blog and all of it's participants have meant to me in the past month. I have said before that I don't have a trading group and this blog has become my trading group. I can honestly say that I would have survived the past trading month but it would have been much more difficult had I not had this forum to look to for support and advice. Thank-you for your wisdom and genorosity.

P.S. Sorry for the tome! I lack the skill of brevity sometimes.

FLIR seems to look like a good entry and an REE.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Hey ARTY!!!
What happened to your property? Tell me, tell me. I gotta know right now. Will you love me... will you love me forever do you need me, will you never leave me.... Oooops. Sorry got carried away there. Meat Loaf rules!!! How was the three day? You were missed around here. Sounds like you made a few new friends. Attaboy... you made us proud.

liz... you'd be welcome to ride EXM with me... (so long as the road wasn't too bumpy) but in the interest of this being a family newspaper, we will keep it "beside." I'm hoping it'll be a good ride. So far so good. You know what blows me away is that a lot of these bullish patterns have remained intact even during this market madness. If you used your REE and held on during the curves and dips, you would have been fine. It just proves that the stocks make the market... not necessarily the other way around.

Well we're off to "We Will Rock You" tomorrow. I can't wait. I love Queen, and I saw this show twice in London (England.) Our youngest daughter has become a real Queen fan (no, this does not make her a Princess) and so we're taking her to the show here in Toronto for her birthday.

Lis, if you're reading this... one of the biggest epiphanies for a lot of us on this blog has been the creation of the REE. It stands for Raimo's Entry at Exit. It refers to the redneck Raimo and his concept of buying your calls and puts at the exact point in the pattern that if the direction goes against you, you're out the next day. In other words you enter the trade at exactly the point you would exit at, if you were already in the trade. That may not be worded too well (I'm not good at explaining obtuse concepts some times) but I hope it gives you the idea. It's a good starting point, anyway.

I got carried away there and forgot to mention FLIR. I love the stock as it's a play on one of my favourite toys... night vision stuff. Hey Raimo, if you look at a rattler through night vision goggles will you see it at night? Because it's cold blodded I don't know if it'd show up. Hmmmm. Inquiring minds need to know.

Anyway to me I'd like to see FLIR have a bit more volume before I jumped in. I can see either a pretty good trend line that it's bounced off, or a assym triangle. The triangle needs some confirmation before I'd take it, but the trend shows a perfect REE.

Your choice.

Yes the Monster Java is in fact A GAME CHANGER

Bloggers load up your fridges, this stuff is money. HANS I have an eye on it.


Does anyone out there set time stops on options? If so how do you determine those?


Jeff, I just got INVESTED and watched your portion. It was outstanding. I have been less of an IT fan as of late mostly because we expected to have made back our investment (as they told us how easy it was) by now. Your blog, CAST, MTs and now the trading ideas on INVESTED are turning that around. Mentally to start and hopefully finanically as well. Great addition to my education, thanks!

Arty, do you recommend MJ for non coffee drinkers too?

Bob (and Pam),

What is this INVESTED that you are referring to?? What am I missing??


Lisa G,

I just got an email from IT with a new eZine called INVESTED. Three segments with Jeff on the last one. He outlines stock, option, adv option and tech analysis trades. Cool to see him standing there talking to me. Even has charts in the background.

Thanks Bob--I hate when I feel like I'm missing out on something! I will keep my eye out for the email. My IT education was done through Success Magazine so often times I get the stuff later than others, if I get it at all!

Bob, could you forward the e-mail from IT regarding INVESTED? I'm like Lisa, I signed up with Success Magazine. Thanks!

Unfortunately, I didn't get into ATI. I really want to be a bear right now, but it just didn't seem to work too well Friday. I'm spinning my wheels right now with my calls cancelling out my puts. Frustrating.

Raimo, thanks for speaking up for us. Anonymous is just a small "prick" in our OA's hand! LOL really loud!!!


Bob, I just read my post and if you can or will forward it, you might need an address. Ooops. Our e-mail is Thanks.


I now have two of these emails. Dan and Barbara, email is on the way to you.

Jeff outlined NOK, ISRG, TASK, CTRP and MTL. They seem to all be from other coaches. Most look a bit extended to me now so not sure when this was filmed.

Bob & Pam, Thanks for sending the e-mail. I haven't received it yet, but I'll keep checking my spam box. Thanks again.


Would you mind forwarding one to me too please? You can send it to Thanks!

Bob--and me too please! You might have to create a distribution list.... My email is

Thank you!

Actually--I just got the email from Investools. Bob--no need to forward to me after all.


I forwarded you the email. Let me know if you don't get it.

I haven't received Bob's e-mail. I added your address to my list. Would you try forwarding to me at Thanks.



I just sent it. Let me know if you don't get it.

i have a question.... i see alot of things that have moved above their area of resistance or broke out of their triangle formation, but with out a volume spike.....i have heard the summer months are low volume in genreal, but with the recent bipolarness (is that a word??) of the market i am reluctant to load up on these breakouts.....i was wondering how you guys are handling the low volume??? are you trading them with a tighter stop, trading them as you normally would, or not trading them at all????? thanks for your input...

bob what is ezine???? i have never heard of it....

hope everyone has a great holiday weekend, we are having xavier's 1st bday party sunday, it is going to be so much fun.....

Tonya, just my two cents, but a breakout would have to be extremely compelling for me to trade it right now, which means I would want to see the volume. I take the general lack of volume right now to mean that the big guys aren't really participating and driving the market any particular direction, which leaves it very susceptible to the whipsaw.

I think strong volume would be pretty important to indicate that something is really happening with that stock and it's really a breakout and not just some crazy volatile price action.

I'm only trading support/resistance bounces right now. I don't trust any breakouts I see unless they come back and retest first. Then I *might* take it at REE.

But that's me and as they say, YMMV.

thanks guys

Gotta love Google for finding obsure images:

Chris, as a matter of fact the snake will be black on a flir image

Playing GES (Guess Jeans)for the pop on Tuesday. In paper of course ... still need to cut my teeth.


One final comment: Don't feed the trolls.

Jay, thanks for that. I guess we won't be seeing Raimo prowling the countryside at night with his Flir gear.

You mention Covered Calls. In my recent frustration of having the pissed kicked out of me by implied volitility decreasing and high premiums, I have decided to sell some CCalls with high implied volitility and high premiums.

I have traveled the globe to find this one, St Petersburg notwithsatnding, but I think it is the perfect set up.

If it meets your rules do as Eric says: "Get Long some Vimple" and the October Paper (24's) covering that is looking pretty sweet!

And yes that is Bullish Bob, and yes Jeff I hate Covered calls and Credit Spreads.

Bearish: The Market and Barnanke

Bullish: Eric Sambora, Jeff Bon Jovi, and the funniest man alive: Chris


I do think it is particulary awesome that you are getting attention from the brass in Washington.

First the e mail from Senator Craig on the MarketCast, and then the post from GDUB on the blog.

Finally all of those helicopter pilots posting.



I am bcak on teh Commadare 64 in Uath so ocne agian plaese excsues my spleling.

I think I will be dominating the Blog for a while since I was in class for the last 3 days. Please Do forgive.

Back on the Commodore 64 here in in beautiful sunny UTAH.... The investools gang was awesome!


Bob (and Pam)

***""Arty, do you recommend MJ for non coffee drinkers too?""***

Bob I definatley do as long you do not have anything against caffiene. It RULES! Try the shake from the will change your life.


****""That's like Arty calling a Boise State Shutout earlier in the week.""***

Unbelievable, those Jr. High Schoolers from Weber State scored a touchdown against Boise State's 4th String.

Ruining my prediction.



***""Trying to clean up the nonperformers and start over next week.
Thanks for the heads up, though.

Glad somebody is making it this week. Great job.""***

I was thinking the same thing Thursday and Friday. Just clean up the mess and possibly like LIZ fewer position sizes that can be focused on.

My portfolio could use some clean cups. (No there is not a new post)

AND I am always glad when Raimo's doing well, less things have to die that way.



***""Welcome Lis!
I 2nd what Chris said. When I first found this site I went through all of Jeff's archives. (I still go through them every once in awhile)""***

I just went through many of the archieves again last week and they are a great review.

I remember a great mechanic once said,

"It so simple! What, do you guys need a refresher course?"

I think the answer is yes, and the blog archives is the place we can all go.

Welcome to the zoo LIS.

And Logan you have better have caught that one!



***""Hey guys! Brand new here... found the blog thru the marketcast whooohoooo!!!!""***

Welcome to the Blog. I was in the IT 3 day intensive class this week and Jeff and Eric were gracious enough to stop by and say hi.

There was a buzz in the class and it was, "I think those were the guys from the Cast." People would wisper and point while we were talking.

Then after Jeff and and Eric left the class asked in sort of an awe filled way, "do you know the MarketCast guys?"

I told them I had never heard of the MarketCast that those guys were from Accounts Recievable collecting a late payment to Investools.

Eventually they asked about the Option Addict gear I was wearing, the 6'7" dude that came back that sounded like Jeff, and I had to come clean. I say all of that to say this.

The Cast is awesome! Eric and Jeff are awesome! The OA Blog is awesome! Finally, all of the people who make up the blog are awesome. You are in a good place.

Welcome aboard our little hellicopter.



I was talking to Jeff and he brought up ***""DG- LMTFA ""*** he laughed out loud. I hadn't read or heard it yet. I was perplexed. Now I know, PERFECT!


Lisa G,

***""My IT education was done through Success Magazine""***

Mine too and not only do I lag behind too, I have a horrible hard to rememeber log in.

Hope to see the Vid soon!



***""It sounds like you missed G-Dub's speech and that's really too bad. I caught the first 5 minutes before I left to play golf and seriously it was worth it. I was laughing all day long.""***

As usual well said. I am still chuckilng today! I managed to catch a bit on a break. When I don't have you and the rest of comedians on the Blog that GDUB can serve as an excellent supplement.

By the way can you beleive the plethora of breakouts Friday? I am looking for a bullish bounce or two. Any ideas?


Still wondering if anyone uses time stops?

It seems as though I have been holding my PFCB puts since the dawning of the Nixon administration.

Allthough it has stalled a bit this winner running would exhaust a Kenyan marathoner!

I am holding the Sept Paper and this 3 day weekend is eating at me I know it. Any insight would be awesome.





Fine I will just go re read my last 50 posts and respond to myself. Take that you fun havers on this long Arbor Day weekend!



***""Hey ARTY!!!
What happened to your property? Tell me, tell me. I gotta know right now.***""

As far as I know we are still the proud owners of the Farm. We were waiting for you to step in and outbid the current bidders.

But when I do "Sell the Farm", you can bet I will be loading up on GLD and other commoditties. Like lead, camoflouge clothing, beer, gasoline, and a new Mud Boat.

Looking forward to catching up!


Geez, Arty,
Maybe you oughtta switch to decaf!
Get a grip, man!
If you're in Utah with nothing to do GO TO THE MOUNTAIN! It's a 15 minute drive from Draper south. Mt. Timpansomthing. Awesome climb and caves to explore at the top.

I know most of you are preparing long welcome back ARTY posts so I am going to go look for some REE bounce plays.


Whew DOGI thanks. Things were getting a bit edgy around here. I am going to slowly put the key board down, walk away from the coffee, and go outside and have a look around. ANOTHER GREAT IDEA BROUGHT TO YOU BY DOGI GIRL!


Arty, Welcome back buddy! I'm glad you're taking Doji Girls advice and getting some fresh air. Had mine this morning. I'm looking over all the major indicies (?) and all I see is bullishness. Ascending triangles, etc. Like Tonya, I'm very leary because there isn't the volume to accompany it. It's at a big turning point, I think, whether the market will break higher and run again. I've looked at 5 year and even 10 year charts to try to get a better prespective. Wish MY crystal ball would clear up. Mine's looking like a dime store snow globe right now. LOL!

Thoughts please.


This comment has been removed by the author.


Thanks for the being the 'STAR OF THE SUNDAY BLOG-POSTS!" A little lonesome by yourself in here - huh?

Doji had great advice ... I'll include run around the block 5X screaming "I am an Option Attic and I am PROUD OF IT!" That should help!

Good luck Arty ... Your posts made me laugh! :))


There is a Best Buy that is about 3-4 blocks from your hotel. Why not run down there to get a cable for your camera?

Albertsons is across the street....if you need some more Monster Java.

Hey Arty,,, i hope this posts,,,i'm at work , so i have limited internet access,,,can't research any charts but i can get the blog,,yeah!,,,how did class go? well i hope,,,,i have nothing market-wise,since i cant get any charts,,,,did you go back and read ALL of the posts while you were in class? that should keep you busy,,,


I am glad to see you made it back home, and I hope you are feeling better. Now back to the patients they probably need a chem 7 and I mean STAT!

We can get to that charting business later this evening.


I am off to get a cable and a Monster Yuengling. THanks for guiding me in that last few blocks. You are like that dude at the airport with the flashlights.

You shall have the master piece pics soon.



Loved the Video. Made me record "Who's Harry Crumb" this weekend. Still Laughing.

My Wife Loves "The Great Outdoors" movie. Was a mainstay in the house years ago. The Video tape is no where to be found...

BBI Doesn't carry "The Great Outdoors" anymore. I am shorting them on Tuesday just because of that alone. Is shorting a $4- stock a bad idea..... They seem pretty short already...

I'm reading the Week in Review on the Strategies tab. The charts they talk about aren't showing up, just blank. Is anyone else having this problem?



yes i am having the same problem,,can't even do anything with the right click options,,i just looked them up on my own in prophet charts,,,they have the symbols listed right there , so you could open them in another window or tab,,but they are just snapshots.


Thanks Sue. Hope your having a good Labor Day weekend. Wasn't Memorial Day just last week? LOL. I don't know where the summer went.



Anyone heard from Arty lately?

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