The Day Before Friday

Running late today, but for plenty of good reasons.

Take a look at a few intra-day charts I have going here. We are at some interesting points as I write this....
SPX 5 day, waiting for a breakout.

FXY setting up a nice descending triangle
$RUT has stalled.

VMI is running. Good thing I only had two portions.

Honorable mentions from yesterdays post include MTG, GRMN, OMG, RIMM, BIIB. Those trades are keeping me from going postal about my losses in CNH and GLDN.

Looks like the market is finally cracking down. Let's root for some losses by the close. If not, I will find the money responsible and give them a dose of the following...

Recommendation: Take profits quickly, and don't take any losses.

Long: The Closing Bell

Short: The Market

Thanks for the encouraging comments about taking profits early in this strange trading environment. I placed a couple of exit trades before leaving to play a round of golf with lady friends. Came home to see VRTX up over a dollar and pulled the plug on a couple of Oct. calls. I exited with a small profit. Conserving or preserving cash is my current goal.
Keep the education coming!

I have to second Yvonne regarding taking profits. It feels weird sometimes to take them earlier than I would have before but I'm usually glad I did with the way this market has been whiplashing about.



doesn't the FXY chart point towards a possible overall rally, say tomorrow when uncle ben says "i feel your pain"


That must be a typo. You didn't have losses on GRMN.

Also, I see a bearish wedge on OMG that hasn't broken yet. Did you trade this as a triangle reversal?

Can there be an upside down cup and handle? CMC... or am I toking a little too much. Hallucinations seem to rampant today.


Oh, and very funny video...

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Chris, that was funny! Being the mom of two teenage franks and beans I totally get it.

Jeff, that was one bad a$$ dude in that video. At least with my vertically challenged stature I can still kick him in the knees and run!

ATI- .60 more down, that's all I'm asking! Go, go, go!


Jeff, I'd join you if I had a step ladder. If not, I'd have to do a knee chop of sorts.

The disparity in the tape of the indices are weird.

I have had to use a lot of self control the past week or so staying in the 50% invested (or trading) level. SO many things to buy and sell!

could there be a more neutral day in the market? the indices to me look like they are setting up for a break, but it could go either way. I still lean toward the bearish as I still see that downward trend.

I've got calls on PAYX and PUTS on XHB and that's it. Oh, and an iron condor plus a calendar spread on the SPY which are doing quite nicely these days.

Looked at the open interest on VMI and there's hardly any for the options. Isn't it rather risky to be the only player on the field?

VMI is based here in Omaha. In fact, the daughter of the CEO is a friend of mine.

I know, you're happy for me.

Oh no Raimo I think Jeff is after YOU!

Jeff, I can't tell you how your out by the end of the day has helped and your caution on bullish trades. While I have not made a lot of money I am NOT down at all. That is a major step for me.

Brett I am happy for you!


I'm happy for you!


I like the way PAYX looks.



I use to listen in all the time but got pretty busy this summer. Kids back in school next week more time. Look for me on Tuesday.


Laney Laney Laney....

You sold ELON?? On the day of a breakout??

Tell me it isn't so...


What did I miss?

Jeff, after me??

U funny....

"Bernake not likely to signal rate cut, Fed watchers say..."
One of the headlines on MarketWatch.

Who knows if this means anything or not, just thought I'd pass it on.


I guess my question, also, is: Who are the Fed watchers? Is that somebody in the know or just -- well, people like us.



Jeff said: Looks like the market is finally cracking down. Let's root for some losses by the close. If not, I will find the money responsible and give them a dose of the following...

I think he was talking about you and them bears you were a shootin' Good thing for you (maybe) that it closed down a bit.

Michelle, sometimes I watch the FED does that count?

Anyone, does LEN look like an REE short term? I have a contract (yes high finance here)on a longer term trend but noticed that if I started at the top of 8/9 candle to today - REE! Ok, am I seeing just what I want to see here - be straight with me.

Oh and I still want to know if intraday patterns correlate the same or close to longer term patterns? In other words are they valid? Support and resistance seem too so my thought is time frame does not matter but what do I know (don't answer that part).

Liz, I see we still have some of that wonderful (what do you call it anyway) desert in the frig. Will be thanking you again tonight!

It appears the DOW just had a day of bouncing off resistance at 13,300 and support at 13,212-ish. With 13,212 catching the downward move at about 2:45 p.m. or so = good sign for bulls. The Nasdaq looked strong most of the day also.

Now if the bulls will just quit banging their fool heads on 13,300 and charge on through, all will be well.

Long: AAPL, DRYS, ELON (Brett), ESRX, FCX, GMCR, GRMN, JNPR, OI, POT, RIMM, VIP, VSEA & Bernanke's hypnotism or whatever he does to make markets go up when he speaks.

Short: Homebuilders, (any and all) & Bears

James H.

Bob (and Pam),
LEN? At REE? Looks like this wasn't a good day to stop smoking that POT. I don't see a good entry on LEN at all. To me, it looks like it's right at the bottom of it's channel and will now head back up to the top of the channel before heading down again. But that's a lllooonnnngggg way off yet. And yes, by the way, I believe that intra day patterns are just as valid. Both Jeff and Suzi (who trades intra day all the time) use the patterns regardless of time frame. One minute or one decade. Just so long as your time frame and the time frame of your pattern are the same.

PS... Please pass the fruit dip. Next time I'm in LA I think we should all get together and someone needs to make the fruit dip. And no, Raimo, we don't need a fruit. Thanks for the offer, though.

I did sell Elon.


I got back in at the end of the day. I originally bought for Sept, 2 contracts. I bought more time and only one contract. (I am not rolling in moola like you.)*grin*

Honestly, I wanted to protect what I had gained in light of recent losses. I went back and looked at the chart and drew some more lines and put on some Fibs and looked at the chart again and decided to go for it.


Did you consider stock in ELON at all?

No, Brett, I didn't because I have never bought stocks. I actually feel very silly even saying that but it's true.

I just looked into stocks, I have to do this more. Thanks, Brett.

Wow. You're the first person I've ever met who traded options before ever trading a share of stock.

Just catching up and looked at the charts you posted. SPX is not only at a 5 day triangle but if you look at the longer term chart there is one there as well.

And the $RUT is not only stalled, but stalled right on a fib line.

Someone posted about hearing that Uncle Ben doesn't want to raise rates. If so, since the market has priced in a rate cut, wouldn't that mean it should go down tomrrow in reaction?

ELON - I nearly took profits when it was up $3+ today because I knew it couldn't sustain it but I didn't. Not with volume like today. Even if it's down tomorrow it will back on Tuesday.

DG / Laney

I also dont touch stocks - never owned. one.. I dont like the risk curve

Aussie Pete,
You don't like the risk curve because it's UPSIDE DOWN!!! Come up to the North side and you'll see it very differently.

Hhahah gold, everythings back to front here.. but i recon down under is on top!

Don't feel silly. I have never met anyone who's doing the option thing before touching stocks, either. But if you ever decide to bend your ample brain to that side, my guess is you'd do quite well. But doing well with stocks is 20% per year. But you tend to buy and hold. You can take two days off and not fret. It's kinda nice.

Huh, I never thought of it that way. Maybe that's why I didn't make money in August. I'm moving to AussieLand. Actually Catherine and I honeymooned between Cairns and the Gold Coast. 3 1/2 weeks of bliss.

Just listened to Marketcast and Eric answered the question I just asked re what happens if no rate cut.


Now we have 2 things in common. I've never traded a stock before today myself AND I homeschool our kids too :)



Awesome - we'll I hail from brisbane, but i travel all over north queensland and northern terriority - such an awesome country! hehe

Glad 2 hear you guys had an awesome honeymoon! Come back sometime!

Bob & Pam,
You said you played the SPY today. I have never done that. It looks very tempting. Did you use options? If so, did you buy this month? Thanks.


Thanks, guys. I was beginning to feel like a non-stock trading freak there for a minute.

If you had told me, one year ago, that I was going to be an options trader I would have said, "What's an option." This is all new to me.

Jodi, So nice to know that I am not foragging this hoeschool/trader path all by myself.


No, I don't run a school for hoe's. That should, of course, be hoMeschool.


Sorry I have left everyone hanging today. We did a lame video shoot here and I had to re-record the damn Mastertalk from last night. If you still have questions, please re-post. I saw that some came to my rescue and answered, but if anything lingers let me know.

Your Loveable Cuddly Option Addict

Doji Girl,

The e-mail you sent in reference to the Marketcast... "Buy, Sell, or LMTFA..."


Bloggers, FYI I saw Jeff "P. Diddy" Kohler today on the Investools campus, and was he pimp? Like an Escalade with 20" spinners!

Eric on the otherhand looked liked Dennis Miller after a two day bender in Vegas. In an addoriable sort of way mind you. Shirt was a little baggy, looked like he borrowed it from Chris Farley..... before he past on (Not Eric he is still with us).

I met Sue from the Blog too and we had an awesome time. Went out for wings and pot stickers....whew could she put the food away..... she said she had only have 2 portions of eahch.

Once I figure out how to download picuters from my camera I will send them for processing, proper executive editing, and posting.


Oh and any posts I make tonight that have spelling errors please forgive me. This is the first time I have posted from a Commodore 64, on a family member's computer, with no spell checker, and I can't spell.

Oh Brett I am happy for you you, and "can I call my mother, can I call her now, can I tell her that I love her."


Glad you like it. Acronyms R Us!

I do have one question: If all the indices seem to be stalled at do-or-die points and we know we are expecting a big move but not sure which direction, might this be a good time for a straddle (strangle? I always confuse them) on either SPY or IWM? Is this a reasonable idea?

For those who are wondering, can ARTY forecast......Oh Yeah

For you that went long Boise State

At halftime:

Boise St 49
Weber St 0

for those of you who went with the over of 100, could be tough



you are too funny!!!still making me laugh out loud,,my face still hurts from all the laughing tonight,,,can't possibly relay how much I enjoyed tonight with you, and the Trading Gods,,,aka,,Jeff and Eric,,,sure wont forget it,,,not everyday a girl gets to hang out with 3 fine gentlemen,,,by the way,,,for the other bloggers,,,,Arty truely is that funny,,,all the time,,,,and what can I possibly say about Jeff and Eric,,,,,AWESOME,,,I think is the word,,,in every way,,thanks again guys for a great night.


Barbara, as you can tell by the POT comment from Chris I am still new at this and sure do not want to give out any pointers as I am not there yet. I will tell you what I do/did but after just listening to the MT (redo, thanks Jeff) maybe I should rethink using options.

I pretty much look for patterns, trends, support/resistance, even throw in a couple tech indicators and lately have been using FXY on the SPY. If I am thinking it will be a smaller move I go deeper ITM to move with the stock. I am only going for $0.20 to $0.50 per trade so in and out within 30 minutes (mostly due to my other business demands) normally. I know I get killed on commissions but at a $1.50/contract that is a $7 net per contract per $0.10 move. I am sure that this has stupid day trader all over it but it has been surprisingly successful. Also keep in mind I have yet to enter the land of emotion with real money.

Oh and I traded options before I traded stocks in IT as that is what I wanted to learn. Explains a lot I bet.

I have had no wine or POT and still see that short term REE on LEN. Yep that is just how crazy I am. Chris, the IT coach thought I was nuts too. Pam did say something about needing new glasses.

Liz, I think I understand the problem now! I just read your post on Hallucinations and the connection has got to be that desert. Funny thing I was out for a meeting where we were not real hungry between lunch and dinner so had desert. Then I come home and I remember that desert Pam made (Liz, she said to tell you thanks) and have it again. Hey, there are a few benefits to being an adult - two deserts!!!

Chris if I could figure out how to push it through the computer to you I would buddy. Already screwed up a mouse, DVD drive and some USB port and then the kids catch me licking it off the track ball mouse and well - use your imagination. What is in this stuff?

Jodi, Laney, add one more to your homeschool list. I homeschooled our 4 children until the oldest hit highschool.That was 3 years ago. Now with them all in school, I can try to shorten my learning curve and master the art of trading!

Laney, Jodi & Kelly-
Homeschooled last year. Partly homeschooling this year. And I've never traded a stock either. Though, I will be soon.


Glad you and Sue had a great time with the "Lovable Cuddly Option Addict". I also really love your descriptions of Ren & Stimpy. Very visual.


Hi, just a couple quick questions;

what do "LOL" and "LMTFA" stand for?

How did you guys know Jeff was having a conference call (other than the note with the clean cups), how do I join in?

Where can I find the volumes for the markets, not just the individual stocks? I'm curious to see how much the volume has changed from last spring through the summer and now after labor day.

My husband, Frank, and I are learning soooooo much.
Love the BLOG!!! (poetry is grand)


Glad you didn't lick the computer. You're not suppose to get them wet.

Grant is watching Ninja Warrior in the next room. Have you ever watched that show?!?! That's how I've been feeling lately about the market. Like a wannabe ninja warrior trying to maneuver through diabolical obstacle courses.


Bob (and Pam),
I am picturing Mr Bean licking the keyboard in his latest movie. I will have to ask Pam if that was really you. I had pictured you as a more... shall we say... "Visually apealing" type of guy. Not that I'm into the whole "appearances are everything" thing, of course.

liz... you're a Ninja warrior in my books, buddy. Or whatever else you want to be. Never mess with a woman who can kick the butt of every SmackDown wrestler in town.

Congrats to everyone who got involved in ELON. It looks like it could be a good STOCK to put in my RRSP. That's S-T-O-C-K. As in "Liquid normally consisting of water and some kind of meat... poultry, or beef. Used to extend soups, gravys, and small profits in slow moving, but steady, trading accounts."

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Pres. Bush to talk about helping the homeowner with bad mortgages....

Stupid politics is possibly going to ruin some of my good plays.

I see this as the same thing as when the Feds. payed people in the New Orleans area that didn't have homeowners insurance. (What about the guy that DID have homeowners)

If they are going to bail out the guy that got the loan he didn't deserve, What are they going to do for the guy that bought the $150k home instead of the $300k home. If I stay within my means and they bail the idiot out who is overextended, what does the idiot learn?

Thanks, sorry for the rant. I see myself losing 3-4% of the account today!

PS. I am planning on staying with my rules .. Repeat after me.

I will stay with my rules. I will not look at my account balance today. I will stay calm at all times. I will worry about the important stuff today, like fixing my youngest's bike when I get home from work.

It is interesting to see Bush come out with such news today.
My first reaction to the news is, he wants to counteract the bad news Bernake is about to let the market digest.
Maybe he knows ahead of the speech that he will hold and has to counteract that news.

It is all a guessing game right now.

Bernake speaks at 10:00am EST

Bush speaks at 11:10am EST

I have a feeling ernake does not have good things to say and Bush there to ease the pain. Just my thoughts.

I totaly agree flying-pro, I will remind my self constantly to follow my rules and do not hesitate to cut losses short and take profits early.

Futures are up $15.50.

It's still early but...

I'm putting on side 2 of Phish's 'Rift' album...

This market's on ACID.


"LOL" stands for Laughing out loud ot laugh out loud. Either way, it's a good thing.:-)

"LMTFA" I'm not sure. Maybe Doji Girl will enlighten us?


Take a breather, easy does it. got it right, rules...

I have paired back this past month in the size of my trades since this is a market I am not used to. That is the one of two things that have changed. The only other thing that has changed is that I have a little less confidence in these reversal patterns that are also close to a longer term support line...having not gone throguh a market like this, I simply do not trust them...does not make me wrong or right, just makes me cautious.

My rules have not changed, and regardless of what the news is, I still follow my rules.

And they still work....I don't care which way the market goes.

LMTFA is from Doji-Girl, she send in request for stock to be looked at last night to market cast

LMTFA means Leave me the F*&% alone

basically 3 choices for each stock and Jeff stand on them, buy, sell or LMTFA

LMTFA is indeed mine from a letter I sent to the guys last night after listening to marketcast. It was not a request to look at stock. I was commenting on how much I enjoyed the format because they hinted that it was something they were trying once and probably not going to do again. I thought it was great. That's all.

Here's the levels to watch:

S&P: 1480 & 1430

Nasdaq: 2575 & 2500

Dow: 13,400 & 13,000

A break out of these ranges should finally signal market direction. Until then, this is just choppy noise, and I believe a cautiously neutral strategy should be used.

Do not get whipped out of trades early in the day. Do not take trades early in the day. Especially today. Unless you can sit and watch the market all day, and even then, you should be very prudent.

President Bush can bite me.

I can feel it in my bones that my puts are going to get stopped out at my hard stops today because I'm determined to follow my rules. If I get out earlier than that I'm not trading my plan.

General question for everyone - In general how long are you holding onto your option plays when they have profit?



Thanks for the reminders on the resistance and support levels on the indices. I've drawn them into my chart to watch today.


Yep. I've had levels on there for a while now. I have to say, Fibonacci's are spooky. Spooky and accurate.

I wonder if this will hold though. It almost seems like a big shot of adrenaline, but soon enough all systems return to their previous levels.

Can someone remind me of what percentage the QQQQ's are of the NASDAQ. 1/10? 1/5?

Am I making any sense?



I have to answer your question on how long do you hold your option plays with a question first...

What are your rules for that, your plan BEFORE you got in the trade??

fair warning..I am bear hunting today...maybe today another bull will run the the one i have!

Don't listen to me. Listen to someone with a bit more experience. But right now I am taking profits whenever I can get them. This market it like a schizo whose meds expired last year. If you're profitable, shorten the leash. I have seen a ton of profit melt into nothing in one or two days. I used to be a proponant of holding and letting your profits run. Did really well with that philosophy until all of a sudden a month ago.... it sucked.

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." Be flexible. My timeline has shrunk. Except for ELON. Hold that one for a bit.

ELON on cocaine, getting high!!!!!

Maybe ELON is on POT.

I'll tell you I was flinching just 15 minutes ago as my puts have hit my mental hard stops. Like ATI. But I'm waiting a few more minutes to see if things calm down a bit.


Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic. Something tells me that this euphoria will be short lived. If things are still going nuts after Bernanke speaks...

then PANIC!!!!


I have my trades completely planned out from start to finish, .

Trend trades on options are just that, trend trades, so there is no profit target. It's about trading the plan until the plan changes. I've got all my stops in place-stock stop, option hard stop and option time stop.

Swing plays I plan out. For instance. ATI (which I just got stopped out of for a max loss) was a swing play put that I entered on 8/29. I got in when the stock was around 95.31. My intermediate trend line on that day was drawn through 96.80. Since it was a swing play my stop was set 1% above the trend line. Based on the descending triangle I had drawn the stock was showing a $10 move to the downside in about 20 days. I'll send you my chart as it's drawn out to your e-mail.

I guess my question is: Should I count on the stock to do what the chart is telling me or should I take profits sooner than what I normally would?

Chart is on its way.


DRYS apparantly navigating with GRMN equipment, LOL......


I'll look at it and respond privately..

I guess Bush has to try and save face some how. Enabling irresponsible adults and companies by bailing them out of troubled debt is one way to do it in the short term.

Is the lack of volume today because of the holiday or lack of conviction with the Bush speech or both?

Computer all cleaned up and ready to start a new day. I sure hope I do not look or act like Mr. Bean unless I can get his paycheck.

I did not see the news this morning so reading the blog really helped after seeing what is going on with my puts.

My positions sizes are so very small that I have no stress at all. That also translates to no money being earned though. I so wanted to get into more trades this week like ELON but did not have the time to evaluate and pull the trigger. Maybe Tuesday. I think I will try intraday trading today a bit.


ATI stopped out at 9:40 or so when the stock was up around $2.00. Sounds like our trading plan was very similar.


I'm in the same boat (DRYS... EXM) I have one call and two puts. Teeny tiny ones, at that.

Can't remember who brought up EXM yesterday but it has hit $40. If it holds above $40 today I'm getting in. This is a much better chart than DRYS, I think, for an entry.

GRMN has also broken 105 today. If it holds with decent volume, I'm gettin' me some.

Chris, I agree totally with your rant. It ticks me off to see the government step in to help those that screwed up. In California we see this all the time with uninsured motorists. They hit someone have no license no insurance and walk away while the tax paying, insurance paying licensed citizen gets legal actions filed against them and have to pay. Were did personal responsiblity go?

Yes, I understand why Bush feels he "has" to do this and the economic impact but what behaviour are we reinforcing here!

Hey, guys I can relate. Have to set stops because I'm running kids to school. All my bearish plays stopped out for a small loss (which adds up) and bullish plays not really making any money yet.
And who knows, the market may turn down. What do you do? Just try to pick yourself up and move forward.


This is why I'm playing with the "mini lego" set right now. I'm not putting in any hard stops because of these wild girations. I'm leaving my two puts alone for now. They're really small ones and I can afford to let them run until the end of the day. If they've crossed my line in the litter box, then they'll be on the BBQ tonight. Right next to the Salmon I'm going to cook up.

With Lemon Dill sauce.

Michelle gonna have the same thing on the grill tonight but I'm adding steamed lobster with garlic butter. mmmmmmmmm

Wahly, set an extra place for me I'm gassing up the car!


Oooh. Lemon Dill Sauce.

And garlic butter...

You guys really know how to make someone's mouth water.


Looks like Bernake had little effect on the market.

Now lets see what Bush has to say.

I'm with you... Grant and I (a long while ago) got pre-approved based on (at the time) my credit which would have allowed us to borrow a huge sum of money. It was tempting because we really wanted to get a house but decided against it because I was worried about the floor falling out. (It just sounded too good to be true) So we still live in an apartment because where we live the average for a two bedroom bungalow with a roomy 700 sq ft is around 600 thousand. This is why we want to move. Anyway... I could go on and on about other people I know... Oh and I could go on and on about uninsured motorists which has happened to us twice.

But I really just want my calls to continue to go up at a higher rate than my puts.


I got Grant to take over this morning for me so that I could concentrate on the market because I figured we might be riding Mr. Toad's Wild Ride today.


guys, here is a strategy i have been using that's worked fairly well (so far) in the limited trading i'm doing in these choppy markets.

that is, whenever markets open big in one direction, i start looking for the opposite type of trades. for example, markets open up big today so i start looking for bearish things that are going to hit right at their resistance levels (thanks REE!)

today i just sold a call vertical on ATI when it hit right about 98 which looks like good horizontal and diagonal resistance to me. i sold the vertical as opposed to buying puts only to keep my risk lower since it's a higher priced stock. generally i buy puts and calls.

Kim gas up the car and come on over as I always have extra and your more than welcome, btw could you stop by Virginia Beach and pick up my son, I'm sure he'd like to join us to.

I like that.


Brett, Arty, Jeff,

I bought The “Jane Doe” Edition on the way home from work last night. I have that and The Big Lebowski cued up for Ally and my anniversary getaway tonight. It has been 10 years since I have seen Fletch and I have never seen The Big Lebowski although it has been recommended several times.

Liz you and Grant can join us to, btw is Grant the one that sits on his hands? lol

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Bush is such an idiot - all this talk is just that talk. He doesn't have any strength in Congress to have anything passed. He is the lame duck and always has.

Venting on the worst president in recent history.

I hope that you are ignoring whoever Anonymous is. Obviously they don't have balls enough to own up to whoever they are. We love you.


MY senta0ents exact3y Laney.

Hey 0y f4nct56n 2ey 5s st4c2 any 6ne 2n6w h6w t6 f5x 5t+

Translated - my function key is stuck any one kn6ow how to fix it?


He is a little more conservative trader than I am which is weird because he is way more outgoing than I am. He's the social butterfly. Okay, he might not like that reference but he is. I'm the one that sits and observes and I'm a little more aggressive than he is.


Anyone who uses Prophet charts,
What is the best time frame to use when studying charts and price patterns?

still learning, VeroBarbara

Hey anonnymous...

Next time you look in the mirror and see your fat belly hanging over your belt and you cant see your willy, me and Laney will be laughing our ass off.



Liz no intention to offed there as right now I am sitting on my hands(WANTING to pull the trigger, but not going to) just always made me chukle when I see that, tell him not to stop.

PS: still welcome to the salmon and lobdter feast.

The FXY is not moving according to the market. Keep an eye on that as it could be a divergence to the move.
Hence it could be a fake

I have some fresh swordfish that I will throw into the barbecue.

You're out of your element, Logan...

OVER THE LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(that might make sense to you after you watch it)

FXY is going up. expect a pull back

I wasn't offended at all. I hope I didn't come across that way. I am sitting on my hands this morning. I want to SELL SELL SELL a few puts but they are sitting right on my stops so there really isn't any need to get out of them just because I feeling a bit nervous because who knows by Tuesday everything could plummet again.

I would love to join everybody for the salmon and lobster fest. The weather has been super hot (at least here), we've had a lunar eclipse (which is so cool) and now we just need to move this picnic to the beach tonight for a big 'ol bonfire. Oh, and I would like to find a babysitter for my children.


NP Liz

Wahly- I live in Virginia Beach. Where is your son? I live within walking distance of the Amphitheater if that means anything to you.

I agree, let's move the picnic to the beach. I can provide the sand and Dan is a sound engineer so he can provide the music. How about some Bob Marley to go with the festivities?


I think pretty much any style of music goes well when at the beach.



I start at the 6 month chart just to see whats whats then look at the 5yr, then 2yr, If there 5s long term support or resistance that is relative I chart it.

then back to 6 month chart. i do most of my charting on the 6 month chart I draw my game plan right on the chart w5th target, stop and date stops. the candles are easier to read.

i always use the same chart since i am use to it i reconize my patterns faster.

just my rount5ne.

Sorry ab64t the spelling %^%$ funct56n key


This beach thing has peaked my interest..

Wine, beer, music, beach, sand...addicts..

What could be better??

I wasn't aware that proficiency in stock trading was a prerequisite to homeschool one's children. I freely admit that I have much to learn and the good folks here are patient enough with me that I keep coming back.

Moron? Well, I've been called worse.

If you wish to logically discuss the pros and cons of homeschooling please e-mail me using the addy on my blogger profile. Let's not use the space here to hash out our differences.

Liz, Thank-you.

Raimo, All I can say is I'm glad I'm on your side. :-)

Clean cups..


I use a 1-5 year chart to map out my long term trend line, the 6 month or 1 year chart to map out my intermediate term trend line and the 3 month chart to map out my short term trend line. I keep all three lines drawn on any chart of which I'm thinking of making a play.

Hope this helps to have a couple of opinions.


Clean cups yall

Thanks, I have been trading for about 2.5 years, made bundles in the first 6 mos., then lost most of it. I am really trying to focus on Investools and Jeff's wisdom to see what can learn while I still have some capital. I appreciate the insight of you and the rest of the OA family. I have been reading this for the last few weeks and have been picking what seems like some very good rules and ideas.

Thanks, VeroBarbara

I've got get REE, but what is "clean cup?"


check out FNM

is that a pennant on BCSI ready to move

is EEM breaking upbove a H&S bottom or am I just seeing things again?

Clean Cups means Jeff has posted a new thread. Time to refresh your and you'll find us all there.

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