I have finished most of my slides today for Monday's class. Creating diagrams in powerpoint is a pain in the neck. I think I have just about everything covered, so I am going home for the weekend. It was a great week in the market, and it's nice to be back on my feet collecting good gains. I hope that all of you have been profitable in your trading this week also.

Next week I will be readily available to contribute more to the blog. The last two weeks between the Autism conference and this week with the enormous workload has created fewer postings. Next week I will hit it hard and have much more to offer.

Now, on to the homework assignment for the weekend. I would like EACH OF YOU that access this blog to send me an e-mail and give me a topic that I ought to address to the masses as a post. It does not need to be very detailed, but I am wildly curious about what YOU would like to read about.

In the meantime do something this weekend that will motivate you and energize you for an awesome week in the market next week. There will be money growing on trees next week, you just need to find those trees!

Take it easy....see you next week!

Nice to hear you had a good week. I've been an avid MT participant (PHD) but still not pulling the trigger with the real thing. Getting much better at the set ups though and I'm even getting the direction right about 50% of the time. Too many bounces turn into breakouts and breakouts that never consolidate back to the trend line. Maybe you could talk about how a newbie can get past that aprehension. Paper trading is nice, but some additions to the trading account would be even nicer. I wish this market would either take off or crap out so that there was a trend to follow! Anyway really appreciate the blog and the MT. Looking forward to the advanced stuff. Keep up the good work!

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