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If anyone by chance listens to the Daily MarketCast on the Online Education Center, we attempted a hybrid of two instructors conversing about market conditions and upcoming events. I would love any feedback, including criticisms. You all have been great about generating quick and reliable feedback. Thanks!

P.S. I figured I wouldadd this gem since it is an important change in how options expiration is handled...

Starting with October expiration, the OCC rules have changed so that the automatic exercise threshold for in the money stock-settled options is now $.05 instead of $.25. That means that all long equity options that are $.05 or more in the money will be automatically exercised. Cash-settled index options will continue to be automatically exercised if they are $.01 or more in the money.

I like the interaction with two traders has a nice flow. I would like to be able to see the charts as they are discussed. Perhaps different music...please.

Yeah, the two different takes and opinions are a plus. I just started listening to the market cast, great idea.

Do we need to axe the intro music? Or alternate it at least? A few have said it needs to go. I think it is hilarious!


Just listened to the market cast and thought it was awesome. I was not aware that I even had access to this until you posted the blog. The session was fast, efficient and effective and I liked the idea of giving a couple stocks to watch. Thanks again for your commitment to this blog and your students. I have learned a ton from you over the last several months. Not as profitable as I want to be yet, but I know I will get there. Thanks again
Yes Kill the music

I liked the music, it definitely got my attention. The information was good, especially the 2 different views. At work I need to keep the volume down. As a result I could hear Eric ok, but had a hard time catching everything that you had to say.


Great info overall. I think that a video would be helpful. Might look at using or to post a video along with your audio. Would not take alot of effort or equipment - just a small PC Cam and Mic. Just a thought - you asked for feedback. It will still be good as a audio only as well.

Thanks for giving your time to provide the info!!!


Thought the two instructor approach to the MarketCast was a great idea!!!


love the market cast in all its form, however the multi way conversation is my favorite. THANKS

YES! I really enjoy being able to hear your analysis of the days trading, possible set ups, and upcomming news that could affect market posture. Keep it up!

The intro music is great, but I recommend replacing it with an "Eye of the Tiger" sample.

Jeff, I really appreciate all the efforts that are being made to help us along the way. I really do like the idea of the daily analysis - it's a great resource to have. The music is fine. Thanks for this blog.

The market cast is great. The two of you conversing is great, but you alone was good too.
The Music....Uh.....I'd have to say it's pretty terrible. Reminds me of the bad highlights video from my high school wrestling days. Funny in some way, I suppose, but that's not exactly what I'm looking for when in "market mode."
Many thanks.

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