We All Have Weekends To Attend To...

For some reason this seemed like a never-ending week. I hope those of you in LVS are still doing the happy dance we talked about yesterday. If it were not for that trade I might be in a bad mood today. Of course when you see these feelings coming, it is time to create balance. If anyone else is feeling worn out after this weekend. Find a way to participate in something you like to do and focus on something else other than trading and money. For example, I am likely to go blow off steam on the basketball court in the morning and take the kids on some type of an excursion over the weekend. We'll see how that goes. Anyhow, have a great weekend and thanks for all that you do. I know trading is a mentally and emotionally taxing career. I am right there with you. We need to make sure we are making decisions that generate the least amount of these stresses in our lives. Perhaps a smaller trade size and more conservative plays?

Anyhow, we'll pick up where we left off on Monday. As always, if something is on your mind...speak it here or send me an e-mail.


Check Out TDW; A confirmed triple bottom retesting support with an $8 target

Some Saturday food for thought:

The Long Road Back

%Loss--Required %Gain to Break Even
100%--------------Night Job at 7-11

Running the Anticipating the Bounce search today I noticed there were a fair number of stocks in the results with prices low enough that I might not be inclinded to trade them. I didn't want to have these squeeze out the higher-priced stocks I'd be more interested in so I experimented, creating a search with prices greater than $10 (actually between 10 and 999999). The price range values are the last two numbers so the URL can be easily edited for your preferred price range.


I gather this may not work for everyone. First, this is through the old toolbox and second, it may not work for you if you access the toolbox through another portal.

While I was trying to replicate the search in Power ProSearch I think I noticed a very minor error in the original Anticipate the Bounce search. One of the criteria is described as "Acc. Dist Current Between 60.0 [and] 99.0". I was able to set it between 60.0 and 100.0. (I'm not being picky here but just wanting to provide the into and have someone double-check me on this with the goal of making a great search just that much better by getting that last one percent.)

- Mike

Hey Mike,

When you are in PowerPro Search and you select Accumulation/Distribution current, take a look at the criteria definition. It says...

"The current value of the accumulation distribution ratio. Values range from 0 to 99."

Perhaps the original search is based on the correct range for this search parameter? Jeff...what are your thoughts?


Thanks TJ. Good catch.

I noticed the link I attempted to post is truncated on my browser. I was able to take the criteria I'm listing below and append them to the end of URLs (i.e., web addresses) for existing searches.

To filter on price ($15-99999 in this example) add this to the end of the URL:

To filter on 30-day avg volume (100k-999999k in this example) add this to the end of the URL:

I was able to add both to the Anticipating the Bounce to tweak it a little.



This week's MasterTalk was excellent. Hope you will get a chance to interview successful traders in MasterTalk's future sessions.

Thanks, Meena


Good eye!!! Yes, the acc/dist scale is 0-99, so it was not an error.

Mike, I would leave the volume indicator out as well. Heavy volume is a requirement for breakouts, not support bounces.

Plus, leaving out the price requirement gives opportunities to purchase stock rather than just options.

I vote we leave it as is.


Played golf this weekend with some other professional traders, and I want to thank you for the posts about the similarities between the two activities...

I played like crap, but still had a great time, and each hole was a new one for me, and past mistakes didn't matter. I simply concentrated on the ball and the hole in front of me... I quoted you a lot on the course...


I am Watching a nice ascending triangle on BBBY. I lost some money on this guy when it spiked up in June. It shook me out of hte trade and then continued down. I will be good to use it to make some money again if it breaks about $40.20 with volume.

Tom DeGroodt

I am Watching a nice ascending triangle on BBBY. I lost some money on this guy when it spiked up in June. It shook me out of the trade and then continued down. It will be good to use it to make some money again, if it breaks about $40.20 with volume.

Tom DeGroodt

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