Better Late Than Never

Happy Wednesday! Like I mentioned last night, today would be a long day. I saw a specialist and it looks like I have torn my meniscus. I have an MRI scheduled tomorrow, and after that it looks like I am going to have to get my knee scoped. I have a big phobia when it comes to needles, doctors, and especially surgery. If any of you have any recommendations on how to get over it (besides intoxication), please share.

I had my radio interview just a few minutes ago. It was fast paced...and was a drag not knowing what he was going to ask next. Hopefully I didn't botch it too bad. If any of you feel in a supportive mood the interview will air this weekend. Click here for a PDF that will give you all the local radio stations, or even better you download this by adding Forbes to your podcast feed. To do so add this address to your podcast Thanks again to all of you for all of your support.

I have seen a few e-mails fly by telling me what is hot and what is not. AAPL has made a nice move today, and my favorite is TS. I took this trade as a breakout in early November and was hoping to take it as close to resistance as possible. It has broken out again, so make sure you have this added to your watchlist. What else do we have out there?

I have a couple good posts lined up for later today. I will try to throw them out as soon as they are done marinating.

I'm looking at all my winners become losers today. SMG big ugly bear stick today just to mention one. No bull rescue.

DLB popped its flag 4 days ago and had another nice move today.

XOM confirmed its bounce.

Praying for some follow through from just one of these.


By the way, am I the only one to have trouble with this stupid word verification to post on the blog? Takes me 3-5 tries sometimes. Grr.....


I am having the same problem with the word veification. Three times now I have posted comments. I see them posted and then when I check back the post is no longer there. Anyway, I was in DLB also and was happy to see the move today. I was going to get in AAPL for the bounce today but played golf instead. Prioities!
Sean M.

Have always asked for a relaxer before MRI-drs. understand! Works like a charm. They can do wonderful things with orthoscopy these days-better than knee replacement. Take care.


Sorry the comments portion of this site is such a pain in the neck. A lot of tools on this site are a pain. I hope you dont find this too discouraging. Sooner or later I will spring for a new site with more capabilities. Until then keep posting.

I forgot to mention the follow up move today on IIG. That flag has been rockin!


I had my meniscus repaired and my achilles. The meniscus surgery was easy and I had minimal pain. Barely needed crutches and only took advil. I hope and suspect yours will go as well. Plus, you are younger. Aging is not for the weak. Just don't rupture your achilles because that is another story. Thanks for all your insight and help on this blog. It is an integral part of my everyday trading experience. I have gone through all the advanced options courses but found I did not enjoy spreads much at all. I like to keep it simple using support and resistance bounces and price pattern breakouts and the reinforcement I get from this blog is invaluable. I wanted to pass on some advice on to everyone that has helped me alot. I tab every day and click on chart patterns. It is an excellent resource and helps me review patterns daily and helps as a reminder for setting entry and exit points.
Sean M.


No worries with the knee. My mom (70) just had it done. Up and doing yard work and shopping.

Are you on Master Talk tonight? Were you ever able to find how to post videos to the site? I know you mentioned that you were planning on doing it a couple of months ago? Would be a nice addition if you are able to.




I am still struggling with this. Give me a call or contact me sometime about this. Any insight you might have on how to actually create the video would be helpful.


I think snagit is a program that let you do videos, and it relatively easy to share.



I too just finished advanced options and feel the same way as you. I have heard though that the most consistently successful investools students are the ones that are spread traders. They also said that advanced options are great for when the market is not trending.


When, not if, the market trades sideways, then I may re-visit spreads. I hope to find price pattern breakouts in any market but I may just be naive. If you try the website, please let me know what you think. It certainly helps me. Good luck on your trades.

Sean M.

Jeff - Did you see the news today on TS? Do you think that may have affected it here as well? It will be interesting if the trend continues tomorrow.

John M.


I will be happy to share with you sometime when you are "not too busy" - Ha! Ha! Maybe when you are sleeping.

Please send me an email or I can send you one with my cell number?

Sean M. - I used to subscribe to I left after 90 days and was glad I did! I found it to be very disorganized and "clickish" especially in the Live Trading Room. It may work for you and I hope it does just did not for me. I also found the chart patterns to be vague to really determine anything of regular value. I have now migrated to my own personalized scans that I developed from learning what really was important from people like Jeff. I do not subscribe to any other service and am enjoying regular victories in my trading with minimal controlled losses. I wish you the best.




No words of wisdom on how to get over the doctor issue. Just look forward to no more pain. An MRI is totally painless. I've had multiples. I've had one knee scoped and I was driving 3 days later. I just had my MRI on my other knee. I expect it to be scoped early next year. No fear. It's like magic.

Dave B


I don't actually subscribe to but I enjoy reviewing the chart pattern section that is available to non-subscribers. Did you have problem with this section as well or just to access to the subscription? I am interested in your reply.

Sean M.

As a new trader, I think bull put spreads are great while I am trying to learn. I took a Dec. trade on 12/7 on TS and exited today on a .05 for a nice profit. Today I entered a Jan. ATI well out of the $$. I see the potential for greater rewards by taking breakouts and bounces, but first I must take the baby steps. Thanks to all of the people participating in the comments.

Investools new partner, ThinkOrSwim will be releasing a new version of its platform soon that includes a new pattern recognition scan module. At least one member of our local Investools user group joined trending123 for a short time in 2005, but was not impressed. Keep up the great work Jeff!


No the free chart scan worked as they projected it to work. The paid area was the problem.

I think that looking at what they are showing as potentials and then doing your own analysis is an acceptable way to locate candidates but..... I think the ultimate goal for us all is to become independent of most outside influences on our trading candidates by learning to build our own personalized scans and a personally developed review process to make the trade your own.

Speaking from experience I suffered greatly by allowing myself to follow a myriad of "suggestions" from many different and "untested" sources. I enjoy this blog because it limits the specifics to most of the suggestions which allows for personal analysis and ownership. I rarely take any trades directly from the blog but often notice many of the same candidates popping up in my scans and reviews which in turn acts as a bonafides to my process from a trusted source.

Hope that helps?



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