Late Start As Usual

It's Wednesday, which means I don't typically kick things off until the day is halfway over. I will be teaching Mastertalk tonight (Session 1). Anyhow, market is dull as usual, exchange stocks are back up offsetting my losses in casinos. It's funny how these two groups offset the account most days.

If you have any trades you want to post, please feel free. ICE looks like it might be popping out of a flag today for those who missed it, or were begging for an add point.

I have a few things I need to get started on, but I will return. Eventually.

felt good with LMT and Casinos yesterday.... I am not in such a good mood now. I will still buy the drinks, but only from the low quality booze today.

As always we will need to wait until tomorrow to see where we are going...

So, what do you think about Apple tomorrow? One of the things that truly baffles me about the market is how a stock will go down after they announce record profits and earnings. Right now it is trading down almost a buck twenty in after hours, although they say it went as high as $99 before profit taking set in. I sure hope it takes a run up in the morning before it tanks.

John M.

Looks to me like buy the sizzle, sell the steak. Look at the runup AAPL's had up to earnings, including the spectacular unveiling of the iPhone (in a glass case like the Hope Diamond). Unless they announced an iCar there really wasn't anything more surprising they could do.

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