Missing The Million Dollar Trade

I cannot believe oil is down again!!! Despite this unbelievably cold weather making it's way across the country, there are no bidders out there. At the moment oil is down a whopping $2.29 at 50.70 per barrel. It's like a bad dream or something. Can it go lower? Didn't I ask that at $58, $56 and $54 per barrel? I can't believe I am on the sidelines. I want to throw up.

So much for the comments that filtered in a couple weeks ago about oil being a good "long term" opportunity. I always use the words "long term" as a code word for crap, since its root is not in my vocabulary.

Recommendation: A flute with no holes, is not a flute. A donut with no holes, is a danish.

So much for the cheerful little boy we saw this morning. I am one of those who saw cold weather pumping up the price of oil over the next few weeks. No one's tried to make music with me for a while, but I am a flute with no holes, it would seem. Meanwhile GOOG, which I predicted would fill it's gap on the way down, has rebounded and is at new highs.
I think I will go stick my head where buddy (three or four postings below) has firmly planted his. I never EVER would have predicted $50 for oil.
BXP has done very well today. It broke out of an ascending triangle a couple of days ago, although volume has been average.
Chris and Catherine


This cheerful little guy can only say...Dust yourself off and keep going. $50 oil was not probable, and this is ultimately why I missed it. Lesson...Anything is possible. Sell what is weak, buy what is strong. That's what keeps me in business.

Keep up the good work!

Be the ball, Jeffrey. Be the ball...

when did the option addict mug shot go up... THAT's GREAT ! ! !

PS Do those numbers mean something..... Maybe an account #....Social security # ..... Just made up # ......

I made a killing today. all the longs went long and all the shorts went short. Maybe I am the one in a good mood ;-)

Thanks for all you do. I feel smarter than all of my buy and hold co-workers (for today at least)

Tomorrow is another day, but let the winners run.


It's Leonardo Fibonacci's phone number. I couldn't think of anything more creative than that.

I am glad you had a good day in the market. Go celebrate! Drinks on Tom...literally (for those who took a beating today, I'm standing up for you :)

hooo raahhh.. Great start this week if i might say.. Im with Tom ill buy the second round!

sometimes I get happy as hell being right only 20% of the time :)in base ball terms i might be batting a .200 but when i get ahold of it. It will be on ESPN.lol

Danny DR

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