Orlando Conference Finalized

I must thank Chris & Catherine for the recent comment that made me physically get out of my chair, walk down the hall, and ask what date & time I will be presenting in Orlando. Here it is folks...

Tuesday February 20th 8:00-9:15 a.m.

If you are looking at the conference schedule, I will be the segment that says "Live Trading Rooms- Stocks." The topic will be "Technicals for Stock Analysis." Honestly, I would probably hit one of the other classes if I were you, but I will try to make it as interesting as possible. It will involve technical analysis (which is good) but I was told not to go too advanced.

Sorry about the wait everyone. See you at the "after-party."


Two things:
1) Look on the bright side, you are teaching a class, you will be in Orlando and your bloggers will be joining you. It's all about how you look at things.
2) Today I'm looking for a good bearish breakout search. Got one handy or anyone else have a favorite?

Thanks Chad

See ya there!!!


Well, since Jeff's not here yet, let's get this party started for him...

MA - saucer and handle breakout today on strong volume.

RIMM - so far it has clawed its way from the jaws of the double-top but there's a lot of time left.

CROX - confirmed the saucer/handle breakout today.

DE - breakout continuing over $100.

Anyone else?

By the way, i only had to enter the word verification letters 400 times today to get my post in, so great job blogger! you're improving!

Why would there be such a huge difference in the Feb option prices between MA and DE? Stock prices are close but option prices are way different. Any rational there?


Avg I.V. for DE- 30%
Avg I.V. for MA- 48%

This is why MA options are so pricey compared to DE.

I was looking at Crox today, but didn't see a "handle" in this pattern. I was thinking of waiting for the pullback. Or, do these patterns not always form a handle? And if it does form a handle, what is the average pullback/sideways trading range last in such a pattern?
I'd appreciate your thoughts - or anyone's thoughts.

As 'newbies' we've learned that we're not supposed to apply logic to trading - but it's awfully hard at times. Lennar (LEN) announces in their earnings today that their business plan is being held together with "scotch tape and band-aids" and that's how they are going to meet future EPS - yet their stock goes up?! Go figure.

We loved that phrase from the CEO, so we had to share...
Diane and Andy

Hey Diane,

I think a handle is nice, because it's a little bit of a shakeout before the next move up, but breakouts come in all shapes and sizes so perhaps I should have just called this one a 'cup'.

Also, when a CEO basically says his business plan is a mess and the stock (and the whole sector) goes up, generally it's safe to assume the worst is priced in already.

Thanks Brett!
So it's like a chinese teacup...

But teacher, if I ask a technical question you have to answer it, right? We can make your class as technical as we (the paying students (or "studs" for short)) want to... right. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
Looking to get back in to ICE when it retraces back to it's support part of it's channel.
Chris and Catherine.

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