Hell Week

Happy Friday everyone. I am getting all my equiptment packed up to start heading towards Orlando. I am glad it is finally here. Too all those who will be attending, see you there. If you are not attending, don't worry....we'll be doing this again in August (Chicago).

Again, I appreciate your patience as I have not had much time this week to devote to the blog. When I get back on Wednesday I will try to get a video uploaded that will review a watchlist for next week. I will post periodically to update everyone on how the conference is going.

Have a safe weekend,



Best of luck in Orlando, I am sure you will be a hit. Unfortunately I wont be there.

John O'Shea


I'll for sure be there in Chicago, seeing as that it's my hometown (lived there 30 years). You have to let me buy you a drink there.

I wish I could be there. Maybe by the end of the year I can make enough trading with your education to attend a convention. Have Fun!
Brent K.

We just spent the last 14 hours at the airport in Toronto and are now home again. The storms have backed things up... and tomorrow's not looking too good either. There's a chance we might not be able to get to Orlando and we're CRUSHED!! The DVD will be available but we were most looking forward to meeting our fellow bloggers and sloshing back a lager or two (or a glass of California's finest) and trading (pardon the pun) some good stories.
I'm running on 7 hours sleep over the past 3 nights and can't see straight, so I'm heading to bed as we have to get up at 3:30 again tomorrow morning to try for one of the three flights out of this hell-hole to Orlando.
And here I'd hoped to play in the golf tournament. I'd have a huge advantage as 60 degree weather is perfect for golfing when you're from the Great White North.
Chris and Catherine


Have a safe and a wonderful trip!!

--thanks, Meena

There were a few 6'7" men in that huge room, Jeff, but not one of them was you. I know this because I asked each one of them if he was Jeff Kohler.

Just kidding.

Helen Avalon

We made it! We finally got out of Toronto at 3:00 PM and arrived at the hotel just in time for... cocktails and dinner. How perfect is that? And while we were registering Catherine says "Hey that big guy looks just like the funny guy on Jeff Kohler's blog." And sure enough there he was. Large as life (if you'll pardon the pun.)
This conference is amazing!! We have met a number of like-minded people and it's incredibly well organized. Truly, truly worth coming to. And we have only been fed, liquored up, and talked at. The courses all start tomorrow. My goal now is to make enough money next week to pay for us to go to Chicago.
By the way, Jeff doesn't look an inch over 6' 5". Some people always feel they have to exagerate.
Hey did anyone else hold on to MHK over earnings? (by mistake.) I bailed out of it on Friday because I was afraid it might re-trace on Monday/Tuesday during the conference. It's a good company though and worth a second look, now that earnings are over.
Sleep well and happy trading the next couple of days.
Chris and Catherine.


Hey Brett. The drinks are all on the house (at least the first night) so you can buy Jeff a drink and look like a big man on campus... and it doesn't cost you dime (except for the grand to get in, of course... hmmm)

I finally met Jeff today at the Orlando conference -- it was great to finally meet the man behind the microphone! This is a great event and I never stop being amazed at how many talented people I am meeting. The wife, kids and Mother-in-Law are over at Universal Studios today so I am enjoying being able to focus on my education uninterrupted for a couple of days. I haven't met anyone else from this blog yet but then again there must be 2 or 3 thousand people here.

Where is everyone??

Breakout today on ZMH ???

Bob R.

Where is everyone??

Breakout today on ZMH ???

Bob R.

I'm here Bob...and on vacation with the kids! Just not in Orlando :(

ZMH looks very good. Just bought PVH and it's breaking out as well. Also GRMN bought this morning and appears to be doing well.

Happy trading!


I am in ZMH as well. Also in WHR, like the trend...

I took the trad on GRMN as well. VIP is on track for the breakout today.

Joel R.

VIP is looking strong. It started out slow but has taken off. I know the industry group is cooling, but there's quite a bit of volume so it could break out.


Sym Triangle, CME......getting close to signal....

Bob R.

I am new to the blog and do not know how to sign up so my post is not anonymous. Also I will trade APR 90 VIP C in the morning - thanks. I just got back from Orlando but wish I had been able to make it to the Investools conference, just too much travel lately.

Bob H.


Don't worry about the anonymous thing. It seems to be easier to sign up under anonymous but be sure to leave your name in the comments section so we can identify with you. It is one of the rules of the blog to leave your name and it is fun to have you leave the state you are from as well. Happy trading.
Sean M.

Thanks for the heads up on VIP and ZMH -- they look perfect. Does anyone know why there is only April 80 strikes listed for ZMH? I want to buy April 95 but I guess I will buy the June 95 instead.

Myrtle Beach SC

I just signed up with Google....

Bob R.
Landenberg, PA

CROX...Breakout and good earnings..??

Morning all - another vacation day!!!

NYX is resting at good support with lots of upside potential!


APPL to $100....here it goes...

Has anyone been able to hear the market cast from yesterday???

It's not loading from my end. I know they said it would be live but figured we'd get the recording after the fact.


ATI is at resistance and flirting with a new high today.

Sean M.

FDX - Fedex is sitting at a 1 year high and a major resistance point. Could be a lot of upside potential if it breaks the $119-120 mark.

Joel R.

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone enjoyed their stay in Sunny Floriday. It sure is lovely today.

Just wanted to mention one of Jeff favorite's VIP.

VIP broke out yesterday with good volume
and if you like to enter on pullbacks (I DO!), today's the day!

Valerie W

I love ICE...

And this blog too.

Hope everyone that went to Fla. had a great time..wish I could have gone. Off to Canada next week for some sonowmobiling, so at leat I am getting my vaca. in....

Sean M. Thanks, I will just keep using anonymous then. Well, my VIP trade that I entered this am is not doing well. My stop is at previous day low maybe that is too low, thoughts? $2+ drop ouch! The hotline coach loved this trade with me last night and probably has some colorful words for me today. I cannot get the Cast either.
Bob H.

I jumped on VIP at the end of the day yesterday just before the close.....getting hit hard today as well..but...going to hold onto it until it closes below my support line, which I have drawn from the bottom of the candle on 1/10 to the bottom of yesterdays candle....

NUE looks to be heading for a break-out of C&H pattern today, so keep it on the radar. Volume appears to be picking up. See what the afternoon session brings.

IPS had a big day yesterday pushed slightly over previous resistance on large volume. It has continued today with another big move and theres at least another $10 left in it if you measure it as an ascending triangle.



RUTH is breaking out today, but it reports earnings after the close.

Well VIP hit my stop and I am out for a hard hitting loss.
Tonight I hope you all have some good trades to get me back in the game in the morning. Gotta run to meetings.
Bob H.

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