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For those who follow the Marketcast last nights recording was finally uploaded to the website. We have had server problems and I think we have nailed down a solution. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you. I figured you knew what was wrong with the Marketcast and didn’t want to bother you with emails.

What do you think about the merger news keeping CME afloat today?

I notice that merger news can make stocks rally. Typically, how long is it before they normally cool off, if at all in the short term? I’d imagine that all merger rallies are different and I will take the wait and see approach without giving too much back.

If it doesn't break with the market by day's end, will it be time to reevaluate the $510 target or just let it play out and exit on weakness? Although considering it usually drops like a brick when the overall market does the same and it is doing the opposite might be considered a weakness.


I too figured you'd be flooded with emails. However, Since I work during the day, is there any way to keep both yesterday's market cast and todays on the website so that I can listen to both?

I noticed no one has asked (or just haven't read on air) about the MP3 capability for the marketcast. It sounds like a case of the company maybe trying to protect the cast.


Hi Jeff,

How about making both your video and marketcast as a podcast so that we can listen while take in the great outdoors :-)


This is one crazy day...

What a nail biter we have today.

Will the Dow hold support at 12?

Will CME start moving with the market?

Is Google finding support at $440?

(All rhetorical questions)

Anyone see any good setups? Traffic is a little light on the blog today

Joel R.

i don't think the 510 target is going to be reached in two days. Yesterdays bearish candle cut in half should give some new resistance on the upside. The $550 support held preety well. I would wait until 3pm or 3:30 to see how the pro traders treat this action. A lower low should make you stay with the trade.

Any thoughts anyone?

David S


Where did you get the 2 day time target?

I was just responding to John's post on were he was calling to re evaluate the $510 target. I was trying to explain to him that he should be patient.

David S

What are your thoughts on CME? Is this up day nothing to worry about, or should we consider exiting the trade as it has not followed through to the downside since yesterday?

Also, I got into a put on SNDK at the recent resistance bounce but the last 3 days, it has moved higher. It was giving it a little breath room, but I don't know if the past 3 days means that it will probably not continue down.

Any thoughts on these?

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