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So I must admit, I like the way the market is trading right now. I am trying not to let my mind wander here, but I like the way things are holding up today. I am going to add on a few more stocks to the weekly watchlist. Here they come...

All breakouts. Some I am waiting for volume, one (VMC) waiting for price & volume to confirm. We'll see how the day closes before I get myself carried away.
PS- If you are unable to click on these charts, here are the symbols in order... VMC, MRO, DWSN & DE

Recommendation: Trade defensively

Long: MLM thank goodness.

Short: ADBE when/if it breaks

FNM and BAC are retesting an old support (now new resistance) on light volume. Could be a good time to enter some puts with low risk. Both are from the same industry group, so pick one or use the ETF.

Oscillators are oversold, so there could be a little more buying.


Oooo oooo ooooo. I wish we were sticking around next week. Look at ICE, GOOG, MSFT. They are all reversing nicely and look like excellent put candidates. ICE in particular has taken a real turn for the worse (ie south) and AAPL would make a really nice spread right now. Mmmmm Apple Spread. See how it's trending sideways? Unlike Honey, it doesn't run off the bread.
The Dow's giving back almost everything it started the day with. Looks to me like the bears may be winning for a while. Tomorrow I turn off the computer until the 18th. Can't wait to see what happens. Good luck everyone.
Chris and Catherine

shorties- OMG and CAL both performed nice today.
So Jeff, Are you going bearish on goog now?
How could you possibly turn off your computer until the 18th?

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