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Thanks for yet another great posting. I am very tempted to jump into a couple of the trades but no, no, no... I have made a decision to increase my education whilst away and trade upon returning. I will gladly (well.... maybe not gladly, but I will not cry and stamp my feet if I...) give up some profits to prevent creating the losses we took last week. We will come back and slowly amass a fortune and in Chicago when we turn to our neighbour in the breakout sessions we will be saying "Hi... we're Chris and Catherine and we're going to make way more money than you this year." And mean it. But not in a snobby kind of way, of course.
We find this new video session very appealing. It keeps things fresh and we find ourselves getting excited about jumping back in, again. Great work. Jordan's homework will be the best in the school, I'm sure.
Chris and Catherine

Hi Jeff,

Congratulations. Wishing baby and mother are doing well. Glad you are back to guide us to further profits.

Wondering when you will be incorporating the MarketCast to your blog site or perhaps get a downloadable version to .wav or mp3 version.

Thanks for all your hard work :)


Hi Jeff, and everyone else!

I just returned from Canada (a great snowmobiling trip. I left last Monday and returned last night. Boy did I miss alot. Jeff, a huge congrats on the obvious!! I wish you and your family all the best. For those of you who lost money last week, I share your pain. This was the most expensive trip I have taken....very expensive, and good thing I had stops in place. OUCH!

I look at what happend as a learning experience, and as a new opportunity to get into some good trades....

Time to get my money back from the market...

Thanks for not forgetting about us!! GREAT suggestions, just as I was learning the new style of taking the breakouts, it's time to go back to buying the pullbacks...what goes around comes around.
I particularly appreciate the more steady constant suggestions at this point. What's left of my meager portfolio needs some slow and steady rebuilding.
But, this has helped me redefine my rules which I am now carrying with me!!
Could you comment on your "watch list" that you share with us vs. the marketcast? Is this just more comprehensive, or do you try and be ultra-conservative on the cast and share more with us on the blog?
I'm also watching:
NKE - retest 100?
WFR - 8pt channel close to bottom
ESI - not sure but looks good
CI- consolidating but not breaking any support
ANAD- same as above
AHG - finding support ready for bounce?


Nice calls. I'm thouroughly not convinced that the market's going to do anything predictable but all those stocks look good. AHG is the only one down today but that brings it right back to it's support line. NKE has massive support at the $100 range, but I don't know if it'll get back that far before it heads back up (as it's doing today.)
ICE is bouncing back nicely today, too. Too bad we're not in it any more. I'll post my list of everything I sold over the last week. It's pretty much guaranteed to skyrocket while we're away.


Chris and Catherine.

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