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I've got nothing on the watchlist. Just a white square. I'm on windows and i've never had a problem before.


Try to close and re-open the Internet Explorer window. I watched the video, and although it paused a little bit early on, it worked ok for me.

BTW - Anybody check out those CAL puts today from last night's Master Talk? Up about 25% today...(might be due for a little dead cat bounce from the hard hit today)


It's working now. Great watchlist.

I'm already in WCC, but thankfully I don't need any of those trades. Why? Because thanks to you, I've developed a system where i always have a backload of trades waiting for when i free up money from other trades. Thanks for everything you do. I am proof that it can work if you take the time, take the lumps, take notes, and most of all, ALWAYS take the trades when they're there!


Thanks for everything you contribute to the blog. I have been trading for almost 3 years. I left teaching to stay with my children. I knew absolutely nothing about trading before then. I know I still have a lot to learn, but the last 5 months have been a turning point. I am not as profitable as I like, but I have taken more trades, managed my risk, and stayed emotionally in control. This blog, along with the Market Cast, have made the difference.

To all who contribute...THANKS!!


Brett and Amy,
This is like our own secret room. No one else around. Have a look at BG. It's in a really nice trend and today pulled back a bit. I think it needs to come back a tiny bit more, but I'm going to dive in either tomorrow or Monday, probably.
Brett, I'm kind of in the same boat as you. Right now I need to dump a trade before I get into a new one and virtually all the ones I have right now are trending well. A bit of an expected pull back today. Funny... we were up so much the last 7 days that I was starting to feel that a pullback would be welcom... just to prove that the "ebb and flow" was really there. Who ever thought that I'd enjoy a loss? I'm just hoping that it's the calm before the storm.
Keep on keeping on, folks. Thanks to everone who's contributing. It makes this whole learning curve thing much more palettable.

Chris and Catherine

Hey all, Thanks to Jeff first
and the faithful second, your
great.Does anyone have a search
they can share? I want to come
up with some plays on my own, I
have played around with the power
pro search, but could use some help.Thanks in advance. Steve L

Right back at you guys. This blog rocks.

I'm in some unreal trades. To the point where even on a day like today i had a nice day. And the funny thing is: I know you're supposed to diversify and I know it's risky, but i've been in all bullish trades. I've tried trading some reversal patterns (like BSC) and the market just pulled them back up. So I'll stick with what works. Can't fight the trend (though i wanted to trade that damn CME or BOT and missed em both).

I've been through the worst. My account has been shelled. My confidence has been shattered. And you know what? I've been too stubborn to quit and I dragged myself back time and again and forced myself to learn from my mistakes. I brought myself back, both financially and educationally. I will be doing this full time by summer and i know i'll be ready.

Again, this blog kicks ass. Jeff, i don't know why you do what you do, but we all appreciate it and one day i'll be thanking you in the foreward to my trading book.

Here's hoping tomorrow finishes the week STRONG.

Jeff, a question for you:

Now that CME, BOT and NYX have all cratered, is that a bad sign for ICE?


go to strategy searches and select 'momentum' searches. then try both anticipating the bounces and the searching for a bullish breakout ones. there are others to try but those should help get you going.


along with what Brett said, what I have done is take the strategy searches and customized them to exactly what I look for... i have a search that I can run that brings back roughly 20-30 stocks every week that meet all of my fundamental requirements (I am pickier than Jeff and some others are). Then all I have to do is watch the chart for entries... Play with the PowerPro tool and look at how the strategy searches are built to develop your own...


I created a Pro-search playing one day that I call my Flag search.

Todays vol betw 100 , 20000000
Stock price betw 20 , 999
Stk Rel Perf. 12 wks betw 105,200
Stk Rel Perf. 1 wk betw 99,150

I seems to work good for me to spot flaging stocks. With all of the earnings going on now it has been a little weird of late. It also tends to pick up about 1/2 of my bullish trades at some point.

Tom DeGroodt
Ankeny, Iowa (near Des Moines)

I also have trouble veiwing this week's watchlist. I tried to close Internet Explorer, restart, and still I just get a 3/4 black square with the swirling circles. Also shut down the computer and restarted, same result. It has come through well on every other posting. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!

Thanks, Brett, Tom and justin
for the search info. Does anyone
have the price pattern search with
prophet, from the 4 day live class?
If so how is it?
Steve L

Hey guys and dolls,
I have never shared my finds, due
to the fact that I had little faith
in myself, and some wierd superstitious beliefs.Here are the
best I could come up with, and I
welcome feedback.
flags: 1)mhk 2)anss 3)dnex 4)gild
5)ctsh6)joyg(earnings 27th)
bounces: 1)coh 2)pcar
I appologize if any of these are
jeffs picks, Steve L

hi steve and all....i recently went to a 2 day option class in atlanta and the instructor mentioned a bull flag search that he liked...
power pro search
stk perform-stock price-b/n 20&120
stk perform-stk rel perform-12wk high as possible
stk perform-stk rel perform-4wk high as possible
stk perform-stk rel perform-1wk low as possible
volume- average vol 30 day b/n 600,000 & 99999999
be sure to select the optional stocks only box

it is designed to pick out the strong stocks as they are pulling back....and of course you can always add your own criteria if you want.
does anyone like MGM ?? i got in today as a support bounce play, the stock moved up nicely today $2.5) despite the down day that we had..

HI Everyone...

Great Video - Great Blog - Thanks for your time and knowledge Jeff.

WE are watching the following stocks:

JOYG - breakout with volume - earning next week
VMC - Watching to see if it turns into a flag - possible $12.00 move
ANDE - sideways channel - possible ascending traingle
CNX - breakout on Thurs with volume
DO - ascending triangle - bouncing up off support
GVA - breakout on Thurs. ??

Would love to hear any comments....
Bill & Kay

Chris & Catherine,
This is def. not your private little blog. Other eyes are watching!
Am I the only one that seems to be getting this later post after mkt. close or the next morning?
I live in the east so I expect a 2 hr. delay from Utah, but shouldn't I see a blog sent at 1:30 by 3:30?
Is anyone else in VIP? It seems to get close to the 85 threshold and bounce, but nothing definitive. Thoughts?



i'm in from 1/22's flag break, and i also added some on the false breakout 2 days ago. i'll watch this area carefully, since it looks like there could be a Bollinger Squeeze very soon.

As a side note, i've got $84.30 or so as support.

Does anyone play index options? If so check out $OEX. Nice Ascending triangle forming... Looks like it may bounce off of support on Monday?

I have absolutely NO idea why BONT has completely lost its mind in February, but this little trade i thought would be nothing special has become my trade of the year. anyway, there are a few good lessons to learn here:

1) don't be willing to settle for minimum targets unless the stock looks weak.

2) if you miss the original breakout, it's never too late to jump on another.

3) you never know which trades will be a huge success so don't pass up good opportunities.

A special thanks to tonya,from
steve. that search is just what
the doctor ordered.Much appreciated


My account is down today and I have to say this is one of the most exciting days of trading for me......WHY? Because I took profits, and all that is left in my account are the stock that are retesting and starting to come back up. Jeff, knows about my trading meltdown, I had a while ago. He was firm on what I needed to do. The biggest turn for me is I don't look at the numbers in the account ( this caused the meltdown). I have learned to understand the trade and know what the stock will do, knowing my support and resistance. I have to say, the way I learned this was by spending a lot of time, in front of my charts during the day watching movement. It was my way of learning how to stay in the trade. When Jeff says he is willing to loose profits to get the next gain...I GET IT! I have more confidence than ever. What a ride. How many times do I have to say...Thanks for being a fantastic mentor.

Karen - Thanks for sharing that information. I too have trouble watching the changes in my account. You say that you are paying more attention to your suppor and resistance now - and this has given you more confidence? I am struggling with my confidence on knowing when to getting in, staying in and getting out. I will try doing what you are doing. I am hoping to one day say "I get it."
Thanks again.
By the way - how long have you been trading? - if you don't mind me asking.
Bill & Kay


Spot on! Last monday my wife caught a glimpse of my account value and freaked out. I told her, you can't watch those numbers. All you can do is Plan the Work and Work the Plan! 2 weeks later, my account is up 30%. Follow your rules and the money will take care of itself.

The last 3 days have all been great for me and the market hasn't been. As Jeff likes to say, it's a market of stocks not a stock market.

Karen, I am with you and working hard to GET IT too. I read some of Jeff's archives last night and am evaluating it may not be my exits but my entries that are the issue. Please keep up the mentor program here I for one need it.
Bob H.

ISE just broke out of a symm triangle that formed since Dec - 9 point move ahead? I am watching KYPH -- it is sitting right at support and when it breaks out it should run 10 pts. I am glad I held LOW over earnings -- anyone else still in?


I held LOW over earnings. I was struggling with the decision yesterday. Of course, I am glad I stayed in but in some ways and think I just learned a bad lesson. There is no predicting how the stock will move after earnings and LOW is a good example. They come out with poor earnings and the stock shoots up because the CEO had one upbeat comment. I am in KYPH also and I hope you analysis is correct. I have been waiting for a significant move on KYPH for some time.
Karen, I agree with you completely. I wonder some times if it is a blessing or a curse to be able to work from home and follow the market all day long. I made some costly mistakes intially because I did not let the market play itself out during the day. I now follow Jeff's advice and rarely make decisions to stay in or get out until late in the trading day. " Amateurs open the market and professional close it" is a phrase I try to keep in mind. I usually go to the gym to unwind mid-day and then drive home fast to see if I should have stayed home. lol
Anybody else still in QCOM. My plan is to get out at $45. How about ATI. It shot up this morning and has come down about 2 pts. Love this blog.

Sean M.
Simi Valley, CA

I got in ATI 2 days ago....Same with VIP (it has not hit my stop, though came very close)

I too am home to watch the market, and have made the same mistakes...not letting my stocks play out the entire day. Ice is a great example...i stayed in against my emotions and followed rules, and it is still doing well for me. Emotions are tough...especially when you see your account down....

This blog surely helps me keep some of the emotions from making poor decisions. But it is tough...

i too run this from home although im looking to get some office space by years end. emotions are one of the toughest things to handle but forums like these certainly help. the more we share, the more we can learn. really enjoy this blog.
if anyone lives in the east bay of the bay area and wishes to join a mastermind group, pls let me know
thx, brendan

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