Look! It wasn't the end of the world afterall! That doesn't mean that it didn't totally suck in the meantime.

It is great to see things stabilize, but don't ask me today what the market will do going forward. I am somewhat comfortable with my initial feeling that we will drift higher and likely re-trace 50% of that drop over the next 1-2 weeks. It looked like it was just an over-reaction and a trigger of a tremendous amount of electronic orders.

But like I said....I used the word "feeling."

I am going to be drifting in and out of the office for only a couple hours each day for the remainder of the week. Next week I will be back to full time employee.

In the meantime, if you have found a gem out there, feel free to share it.

PS- We decided on the name, Jordan. It was either that or Cramer, Dow Jones, Ice, etc. Here is a small photo I took with my phone.

Welcome to Crash Kohler. Considering the day he was born on it seems fitting. And besides, how cool a name is Crash? He could be race car driver and never have to make any excuses. Hockey players crash the net (as do basketball players) but lawering would probably be out.
Anyway, had a bit of a rebound today but still got stopped out of a bunch of stuff as I was flying all day and didn't want a repeat of yesterday. After taking the hammer away from Catherine, I'm now searching for our next group of winners.
I'm with Brett, I see a very nice looking H&S on AAPL. Don't want to put the hex on GOOG so I'll leave it alone. Who knows what'll happen with ICE? I'm away most of this week and then we're going to Mexico for a week on the 9th, so I think I might just lick my wounds and step back for a couple of weeks. We're going to learn some spread stuff too (not like peanut butter, but Iron Condors, and Heavy Metal Eagles, and stuff like that.)
Take care, Jeff and enjoy the rest of this week. If you say it often enough Crash Kohler sounds ideal.
Chris and Catherine

Welcome Jordan-Cramer-Crash-DowJones-Ice, Kohler!!!!,
I can not believe what you did to the markets on your birthday. I hope you continue to have an influence on all those around you. Since your dad is busy......any suggestions for a watch list this week??? Well, when you learn to talk, please post.



I would say a "chip" off the old block but I have met you..... I gotta believe that this handsome young man is a splitting image of the proud Mom!!! Ha! Ha! Just kidding. He is so handsome!!! I know you are so proud and can not wait to suit him up for some Saturday morning hoops....

Great name as well for a future BBall star!!!! :)

Enjoy Him. Market? What Market?

Randy B.

What a handsome dude. Takes after his dad. Can't be any more clever about what to name your son on a crash day for the market. He will have a legacy to live up to. I am sure you will teach him well. Congrats again!
I got lucky to be in ABT and EGN, weathering the storm pretty good. Paper, of course, but the rest are lousy. Getting the hang of it little by little. There will be a surprise at the office for you this week.
Take care and spoil your wife!
Brent K.

Congrats and thanks for sharing the photo!

Only a perfect face like that can make you forget a 415 point drop by the DOW! Enjoy..he is perfect, unlike our volatile market right now.

He's beautiful, and thanks Chris, the moniker is perfect. I don't think any of us will ever refer to him by any other name!

"Jordan" will work though, if he becomes a trader... I mean who wants to hire a trader named "Crash?"

Congrats to the whole family!


you're not a Bulls fan, by any chance are you? Something tells me Michael Jeffery Jordan played some role in this name! Anyway, with a name like that and a dad who's allegedly 6'5" he should be dunking by kindergarten.
Congrats to the whole family.

C&C - That AAPL put looked great until the upgrade today. Looks like more selling, but this one will be up early. Hopefully the market drags it lower.

Jordan looks satisfied with his execution of Mom's long anticipated EXIT strategy. But there's still a question on this young trader's furrowed forehead. I think he wants Dad to go over those sneaky IV effects a few more times...

Thanks for sharing....

Jim Ahern

Oh my goodness....what a beautiful baby!! are looking for a "gem"? I'd say Jordan is the gem of the day, you don't need to look any further. You do realize, none of us will ever forget his birthday. Not only that, but you and Amber may have named him Jordan, but all of us in the blog will call him by his real name....
"Crash Kohler". What a great has a certain ring to it....very hip and modern air about it....kind of rolls off the tongue real easily too....'s definitely Crash Kohler.
Thanks Chris and Catherine....

Congratulations again Jeff....and...really.....why don't you just spend time with your family right now and worry about the blog next week. We'll all still be here.


Jeff - Did you forget to tell us it was twins, just 2 days apart???

Is this another tumble?


Oh Jeff, he's adorable! Look at all that hair! He doesn't even look like a newborn. Congratulations. If you enjoy your 3rd half as much as our family has (ours just turned 1)- you have a crazy amount of fun & special times to look forward to. Something extra magical about having 3 - watching them all together is the best! Enjoy your 3 babies - they grow up so fast!


You are a beautiful reminder of what is truly important in these crazy days...truly beautiful.

How CUTE he is! Welcome to the world baby Jordan!

What a sweat little guy you have there. As i see it, a nickname like "crash" is great as long as he's not trading. Now if he grows up to be like daddy, how about "ice" ?? It was of your best picks for 2006. With a name like ice he can be a trader, hockey player, pilot, heck just about anything. Either way, cangrats and enjoy him
daytona beach


Congratulations to you and your family. I have to say that he is the best looking 1 day old I have ever seen (except for my own children and grandchildren). He is a great reminder that family and friends are what is important, not what a the market is doing for a couple of days.

You need to update your profile to father of three don't you?


Evening all,
Another luke warm day on the markets. Everybody may applaud us... we made 300 bucks. I TOLD you we'd claw our way back.
Has anyone else (besides Brett) noticed that AAPL has a very very strong support line at $85? Brett, as you like to say "$100 here we come!" OK so I said I was going to sit on the sidelines for a couple of weeks as we're headed to Mexico for a stress releiver in the sun. And I refuse to worry about what's going on while we're away.
As I'm typing this I see in the right hand column on the blog, below the 1 year chart for DIA a news item written on Feb 26 in Forbes which says "Market set to party like it's 1995." Did I miss a crash in 1995? Must find out who wrote that and send a nasty-gram.
Brett... Jeff's 6'7". Believe me at 5'8" I noticed. I think Jordan's taller than me already.
Take care and Jeff... enjoy your time. When we get back from Mexico we expect big things (if you'll pardon the pun) from you.
Chris and Catherine

What a GORGEOUS baby!! Congrats! He looks so much like you it's amazing. Enjoy the next few days with your family.


Hey Jeff, Congratulations to you and Mom!! He is a cutie! Talk about a day of mixed emotions for you, eh? There is certainly something special about coming home at the end of the day to kids racing to you yelling "Daddy's home!". Kinda puts it all in perspective after a crappy day.
Here's to health and prosperity for the ever-expanding Kohler clan.
Mark P
p.s. you realize now you have sentenced yourself to more DisneyWorld vacations?!

Congratulations!! He's darling!! Thanks for sharing.
Peggy J

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