Quiet Storm

It was pretty interesting to see Water Transportation make such a wild move yesterday. We were out in front of this group by 15-20% at least. If you are not quite sure what I am talking about, I did an industry group spotlight on this group a month ago. Stocks like TK, GMR, OSG, NM, DSSX, OMM, FRO, etc. Despite a little retracement today, I still stick by my original thesis that these stocks make decent investments. Keep a few on your radar.

The video finally rendered last night during Mastertalk, so I hope a few traders found use out of it. I want to do these more often to analyze a particular stock. For example, last single trade we analyzed was X. Nice call by the way. Next time I do this I will produce it in video format.

I have a project deadline today. Creating some content for the Nasdaq website. Could be interesting! I'll be back after lunch!

Go make some money!!!

I took on NM near the top of the flag a month and half ago and waited it out. Finally above water yesterday.

NM is not optionable but would have got creamed on it if it was, since I don't usually buy more then a couple of months out. I wouldn't have had the luxury of waiting it out this long.
Something to be said for buying just the stock at times.
Ready for this ship to sail!



I was wondering if there is anyone here who has studied with Investools and is trading very successfully with a short term system they've developed. I am not sitting across from you trying to copy your homework, but I definately would appreciate some insight as far as indicators. My mounting frustration leads me to believe that I will soon be introducing Mr. Mac to Mr. Reverse-SnapDragon-Roundhouse-Karate-Kick.


Stephen I trade with these indicators, the fast stochastics and the slow stocahastics and volume. I set up the fast sto. with k period set @7 and the d per. set @ 3. The slow sto. K per. set @ 20 & the D per. set@ 7 . You'll have two crossover lines one @ the top @ 25 and one @ the bottom @ 25
on both indicators. You set your vol indicator chart with different colors red neg. black pos. When you get pos. vol better than 50% than the prior day (black) and the slow sto. is turning up past the lower 25 turnover line and the fast sto. is shooting up in the middle of the turn around lines. Pull the trigger.Now I recommend paper trading these indicators so you get comfortable with them . Also back test these on prior charts. Please don't trade with this until you feel confident! These indicators are optimum to get into a trade, but use your own judgement.

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