No videos today. Here are my victims for the week. Play around with them and see what you think. Feel free to add to this list as well. I will be fairly inactive today, so if you need anything, I will be checking my e-mail occasionally. Have a good one.

APD- Cup & Handle
ITW- Ascending Triangle
KMX- Descending Triangle
MOD- Descending Triangle
UPL- Flag
USNA- Bear Flag
FTO- Flag
KFRC- Symmetrical Triangle (5 yr)
OXM- Descending Triangle
QSII- Ascending Triangle
RESP- Ascending Triangle
PTRY- Ascending Triangle
BRY- Flag
AEM- Descending Triangle
FTI- Ascending Triangle
AMG- Flag
COGO- Head & Shoulders
RDC- Double Bottom (5 yr)
ACI- Ascending Triangle
BRL- Inv. Head & Shoulders

Waiting for support to fail

Support Bounces

Resistance Bounces

C&C, congratulations on AKS that should make up for AH for you. Not sure how I never seem to pick the high flyers but at least I am in the ballpark. Yesterday was a pretty good day for us and then today we are giving it back. PUTS are just not rising as fast as my BULL trades are dropping...should be another educational day.
Jeff, thanks for the list.

Thanks for the list, Jeff!

Thanks for the list. I always look forward to reviewing the stuff you put on the blog.

Thanks again for the AH trade.

Got in X (your pick also) and doing well today.

Randall and Michelle

In X too and that is the bright spot of our account today. ISIL and VIP getting hit hard come on PSA, PLCE, the hedge.
Jeff, while I love the videos it was nice to be able to print out the list and add to my journal as a watch list - Thanks again as I know this takes a huge amount of your very value time. It must be a big challenge to manage between family, trading, addicts, IT, Warriors, golf...

Should PTRY be a descending triangle?

Grat list and thank you


I don't see a horizontal support level to qualify it as a descending triangle. But you can call it whatever you want, and I won't be offended.


Thanks for the list. Last night on the marketcast you mentioned EEP. I've been watching that one for awhile. It looks good today.

pasadena, ca

You know I would not question your analysis I could swear you had that one on the bear list for the market cast. Either way i have it on my radar. Thank You again

No worries


Challenge away buddy. I don't take offense to this, it reveals original thought. I applaud any other perspectives.

I did reference this on the Marketcast last night as a Symmetrical Triangle, but the outcome should be the same regardless of the name.

Happy Trading!

I entered AKAM yesterday, and didn't know it was on Jeff's radar. I love when that happens. thanks Jeff.

For all of you that take a little more chances on your trading keep an eye on CHD, Last earnings call the same thing happened it sold off at the start and it ended going up. Just an observation, you may want to consider keeping it on your radar.

I had a gain on the calls yesterday and they disapeared into whoever took my trade. I hate when that happens!!

Took a small position on FTO hoping earnings will pop it up.
Noticed that the June and July 30s were about the same price. Is that normal?

Randall and Michelle

Bob (and Pam),
Got stopped out of VIP and GS. Had stops to protect profits. Thank goodness for X to pull my account back up. But the market needed a little rest day. Might be a time to look for entry points and a couple of bear plays.

Randall and Michelle


Thanks so much for your professionalism, hard work and willingness to assist others.


Randall & Michelle,

Yes this is normal, especially for ITM options.


Here is how you need to look at that situation in the future.

If you can get an option with a slightly lower delta, higher gamma, lower theta, better vega, and more time until expiration for only .40 cents more, buy the July next time.

It pays for itself in the long run.

R&M, I did what Jeff said and went with July for some of the reasons he stated but did not use all the greeks. My evaluation spreadsheet that I use showed it as the best trade for Risk/Reward and Return On Investment. So I am still in VIP as I am a bit more long term (past May) and position sized for an ATR move. Hey maybe I am learning something here...could that be?


It would be great if there was a discussion on when to buy ATM, ITM and OTM options. I am sure I would pick something up for sure. What say everyone else??

I am letting GS run......I see no reason to bail, anyone else??

Hey Bob,

Been there, done that. Have you browsed the archives?

We could always do it again I guess, but I don't think I would say anything different.


No I have not...but you can bet that's what I'll be doing all day tomorrow..THANKS!

Also, and I know we all tell you this, but thanks for this BLOG.

Lot's of good people here sharing thoughts and ideas.

Purchased FWLT on 5/3 on the support bounce. Great move today with volume (yeah) but earnings tonight (boo). I'll make the decision later.


I bought May 220 calls on GS and am using the ATR as a stop. If I am stopped out I will look to re-enter into longer dated calls on a support bounce. Expiration is next week and I like the trend but don't like the premium evaporating on me so quickly.

I took a trade on CTSH on a (hopefully) support bounce off the 200 day MA. As far as I can see on the chart it has never tested the 200 day. I've got to believe it has to have at least one bounce in it. If not my stop is in place.

Jeff I heard you on Master talk last week about managing your entry. Limit your risk by buying as close to support as you can. The 200 day is there, the question will be is it support ?


I hate when this happens. The market started out down 60 pts and we had a nice (4%) gain on our account. Now that it's only down 20 pts we're breaking even on the day. Mind you a big part of that is the pull-back in AKS. I guess the buyout rumours were overstated this morning. Don't know if I should just grab our 75% profits and run... or wait it out through a pull-back and hope for more. This kind of stuff throws the trend out the window.

The other part of it seems to be that the market is undecided as to whether the puts will be winners or the calls. HOV should be going down in this market, but is pulling up a bit. Still in the trend... looks like a great entry point actually, for those looking for a bearish play.

Thanks for the list Jeff. Don't have time to investigate it today... that'll be my homework for tonight. Just like I was back at school. Only no recess.

Thanks for the explanation. I bought July just because it seemed like a better deal (more time at same price.)

Yeah, I would have liked to have held onto GS. Had my stop too tight protecting profits. If/when market heads up, we will probably get back in GS. It's a great play.

Going to be watching QSII in the next few days. Looks like a good play.

Randall and Michelle

Was looking at VIP and it seems to go sideways and pop up. Didn't have the patience to wait on it, so pulled my stop up and got stopped out. Hope you have better luck with it.

Randall and Michelle

Just some stuff I am seeing....
MRO trying to breakout of an Asc Triangle
TSO could be trying to make a support bounce.
Long :X,VIP, APPL (looks great), FWLT, DE, TSO (maybe shortly)


Anybody trade RIMM well ? I have never traded it. What a move today !
Jeff, thanks for the list. I listened to Master Talk twice from last week. I seem to be making better entries so far. Your teaching continues to move me forward...thanks.


RIMM. It looks like its breaking out with volume to me....anyone else?

Okay. I am going to try to post this again.
I am reading Stock Market Wizards and the interview with Mark Minervini. The question asked of him was buying stocks using relative strength. His answer was:
"One way to use relative strength is to look for stocks that hold up well during a market correction and are the first to rebound after the market comes off a relative low; these stocks are the market leaders." Do you have such a list of stocks, Jeff?

Randall and Michelle

No I don't, but the analysis of the chart should be an attempt to try and spot this.

Bottom line, I think this should be part of the selection process.

I don't organize my watchlist this way, but I don't argue that you should.

Hope that helps!

____________________STOP THE PRESSES!!!______________

Did anyone see Jeff's professionally taken portrait that has replaced the basketball picture of him? How can anyone take advice from this person? In my profession my co-workers complain bitterly when a picture of "Bubbles" is taken in our work place because it concerns them that the company won't take us seriously ( full of themselves can they get?) This photo is obviously a ploy to make us ignore his advice so the glory can all be his. And he will rule the world!!! Hopefully he'll hire a model to take his place. Preferably a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. But that's just a suggestion.

PCP going nuts today...

GS I have June calls on I am holding.

Hog is playing nice today.

GRP and ATI....H,mmmm

Don't forget to judge GRP by it's closing numbers. It looks to me like it's holding on to it's entry point beautifully on a bearish day. Don't bail on it. And ATI is bouncing off support nicely.

I haven't bought or sold anything the last two days. Everything (except OO) seems to be behaving. Hope the same holds true for tomorrow as I won't be at the computer.

Just an FYI to you all ...

Got into ATI at end of day .... and bought a little SLP - stock purchase ... Out of DECK and PCP (prior to earnings) with profit ... Happy not to hold over earnings at this point. Good luck to you that held - hope you do well.

A great day for X and WFR ... still trying to understand a couple of PUTS that are stagnant - AMR and AVB .. but time remains ...

Jeff, I join in thanking you for the list each Tuesday (missed the video but understand the chore it is weekly - glad to have the copy/paste list though). ATI was on my list but you woke me up with the resistance bounce play .. THANK YOU ....

Watching: PLCE, UPL, QSII and ITG.

What a strange day. The account started out down and ended up almost even. Yet another reason to wait to the end of the day. PCP, X and BNI did nicely for me. Everything else slipped, but not too much. Strapping in for tomorrow...

Bought a call on TSO and a put on PFCB today.

The IIG earnings play didn't work out, but since I risked the whole premium on a May option, I'm holding on for the off chance of a rally of a lifetime between now and next week. Hey, it could happen.

Short: the new face icon

Who will sign my petition to bring back the old Jeff face?

I know it really didnt show what a strong, brilliant, powerful amazing stupendous trader he was. Ah the good ol days.

I have to agree with ya on the photo. (laughter)

This guy Minervini has some great stuff to say. He was asked about breakouts and stocks at new highs.
Minervini: "..a stock going to a new high is typically a bullish event because the market has eliminated the supply of all previous buyers who had a loss and were waiting to get out at even. That's why stocks often run up very rapidly once they hit new high ground - at that point, there are only happy investors; all the miserable people are out."

Do you think that applies to X?
It is at an all-time high and on volume on a relatively down or flat day? What say you?

Randall and -- Michelle (the one doing all the reading)

Interesting day... zzzzz....

I've seen a number of posts over the last couple of days refering to accounts being up or down, based on 1 days activity. I rarely look at my account total. If I did this daily the white truck with padded walls would have to come take me away. I would go crazy. All I care about is how each trade is doing relative to my stop and target forecast. Why drive yourself nuts over daily market fluctuations.

A number of folks have been stopped out of VIP. Why? support is at 100. It barely moved 6% since it broke the pshycological (sp) barrier at 100. Seems like normal breathing so far. What am I missing?

Jeff, thanks for the amazing watch list. Lots to choose from.


We are long TSO too. It has been a great stock. It held well today even when the market was down a bit.

Hoping RS pops up. It was flagging and then it has just been inching higher.

Randall and Michelle


Nice post. I got your back on that one.

VIP- if you are not long right now, you committed what I call "trading suicide."

And never watch your trading account balance.

We were stopped out of VIP. Reason being, I bought at the top of a breakout and had to put a tight stop on it because it was in our small account. Hope that answers that question some for ya.
Yep, when I stay away from the computer, it definitely keeps me from stressing so much.

Randall and Michelle


What is trading suicide? How could I have avoided that? Maybe waited for a better entry point?

Randall and Michelle

R & M,

Trading suicide is when you lock in a loss subconsciously. This means that no matter the outcome, you were going to take a loss on this trade.

This trade wasn't given a chance to do anything. If it breaks the 100 level, and you have a stop above $100 per share, this almost guarantees a donation made paybale to the market. The trick is to keep that stop BELOW that level. Same thing when any stops are set above support. At some point they will trigger when the stock retraces and it puts most traders in a loss rather than a gain over a longer period of time.


I am fine with changing it, but I need some creative input on what to replace it with.

Coming from a mother of three who never gets tired of looking at babies, how about a picture of your newest addition?


P.S. Thanks for the input and taking the time to help us new traders learn.

Thanks for the explanation of trading suicide. Guilty of it, but not lately.
Tim, I took the same trades on PFCB and TSO.
Still in BNI, ARW, and MSM (another good entry point today on MSM).


I don't know if he's ready to go public yet, but here is a recent photo.

Oh yes, a photo of little Crash would be so cute. The little angel will be trading options in kindergarten.

Mike H. and Jeff, I could not agree more on watching your account daily and as one that did list my up and down today feel that for some reason posting it here let me forget about it and move on. Sorry for the distraction as I am just learning to not look at that daily account $ figure and am NOT there yet. Wish I could turn it off and only see % per day and YTD. Great ideas on the blog today thanks everyone.
Changing that picture gets my vote too. If Jordan is not ready to go public maybe a family photo???

That new picture has me getting out my Napoleon Dynamite DVD. Can you say "Girls like guys who have skills"

How about a pic of Kenny Rogers?


Oh, my gosh, he's adorable. We have a Jordan, too, but ours is a girl, our Princess. Thanks for sharing.

I was just looking at VIP closer. I see some support at 100, but I would call support 97/98. Do you see that, too?

Thanks for all you who contribute to this blog. I am learning, slowly but surely.

Randall and Michelle
(Michelle posting today)


I need serious help, like a million prayers! I had a meeting go long today and couldn't sell my PCP prior to the close. I was waiting for the run up just before closing, very nice, very nice BUT I wasn't there to sell at the close!

That's the problem with these low budget on-line trading accounts. (That reminds me, I'd love to discuss the different on-line trading sites that some of you use. I use Interactive brokers because of the $1 an option fee, I've also been in Options Xpress. Not sure if Think or Swim is any better/less expensive)...less I digress.

Anyway, I'm thinking Brett 2 White Moca's in the morning, Chris and Catherine overnight the hammer, or better yet come crashing down to Boston, and Bob work some magic!!!!

Let's pray for some great results because I'm in the money Jun 105 and not position sized properly!

Also long: GS, ETP, VIP
Short: PLCE,SPY and enough time to juggle both trading and work!


Sorry I was away today addicts. I was busy trying to keep Paris out of jail...

Gary, well since tomorrow is a day that ends in 'y' i'll probably be having a white mocha (there's no chance I'll have 2 since I don't want to be trapped in the bathroom during the market open). and it's also likely i'll be pounding a burrito from CMG too. By the way, I don't know if any of you noticed but in addition to BLOWING OUT their numbers, they've got the nerve to raise prices on everything in the place but the beer. Once that flag breaks i'll finally get even for that horrendous exit last week.

LONG: SPSS, KDN, TSO, DECK and about 15 others.

SHORT: CME, LCC, AVB and about 8 others. Also short 2 awake kids and enough time to watch 3 weeks of sopranos and 2 weeks of entourage so I gotta jump!

See you tomorrow addicts!


Yes there is another area of support on VIP back at 96ish but I would use the 100 because of the psychological aspect of breaking 100 plus the previous high was right at 100. If it breaks back down through 100 I wouldn't bet on that 96ish to hold.

A close below 100 and I'm gone. MikeH

For those of you who use TOS, turn Privacy Mode on. This will hide your "Net Liquidating Value" and "Buying Power" amounts. You can turn it on by clicking the blue arrow next to "Net Liquidating Value". Then you are only left with the individual P&L on your individual trades. It's a great way to hide your account balance.

Joel R.

Joel, that is what I was looking for - Thanks!

Thanks. They also mentioned VIP on MarketCast. I got into FTO today and gonna see if it pops on earnings. Got a stop at 34.50.
What do you think of RIMM. Got in today. Do you think it has more in it? USNA put looks good.

We'll see if entry points look okay for VIP and GS since I stopped out. Got overzealous trying to protect profits on those.

Oh, well.

Good night bloggers.

Randall and Michelle

Thanks Mike and everyone for the reminder about not watching the account balance. I am in total agreement. I have been getting better about that, but my comment shows that I'm still aware of it. Will keep working on that.

R&M.......It would only be normal for VIP to retest ~ $100 as new support after breaking out. (next time) if you miss the inital breakout you can usually hop in on the retest...of course this does not always work, but it is way better than getting in at the top of the breakout and locking in a loss. If you have to manipulate support to justify risk/reward then the trade is not worth it and you should just wait for the next entry signal (don't chase the trade)......just my thoughts

Gary D....I have an acct with both TOS and Optionsxpress
I love Think or was kinda hard to get used to at first, but there is a "help" tab that has tons of great "walk throughs"....I feel it is superior. Plus TOS offers free classes on option trading (live classes), options express does has webex classes, but i find the instructor boring (my husband has seriously found me asleep in the computer room chair twice while watching an options express class !!!) That is my 2 cents....i love TOS and option trading for investools students is only $1.50/contract, not much more than you are paying now.....hope this helps

PS. can someone pray for more rain in central florida, we are on fire down here and the smoke is choking us out !! thanks

Gary, my chart shows that PCP doesn't report until 10am eastern time tomorrow so you should still be able to get out first thing in the morning if you want.

Here's a question for those of you with vastly more experience than me. It seems to me that it would be less risky to hold a position through earnings if the company announces intraday rather than when the market is closed. It seems that intraday gives less chance of a gap and though the stock might still move big, you'd have the chance to exit at a better price.

Those of you with experience, is this true?

To All That Come to Feed:

How many of you can find a single trade that you can call your own? I mean with no outside influences or assistance. Can you trade from start to finish? Do you know how to develop you own watchlist and maintain it? Do you know how to build your own scans that actually produce results?

Please do not think that I am against Jeff... I respect him with great revere. He is attempting to do something here that is honorable but the problem I see is that most of you are not learning to do this on your own. Jeff is a great teacher but there must come a time that you need to leave the classroom and go to work!!! How many "career" studnts have you known that just will not leave the school to go out into the big world and work?

Just some thoughts to chew on while you are here fishing.....

Bob S.

Miami, FL

From an Investools PHD Graduate that trades on his own because of what he was taught and what he decided to learn.

Has anyone else noticed that CAL looks like it may be trying to form a H&S.....head @ ~ $44, shoulders @ ~ $40, and neckline @ ~ $36.....currently stock is just above $38, so there is a little ways to go to get confirmation.

FPL looks like it is setting up for a support bounce.

I would be carefull w has been in a sideways channel for a while, it needs to break through resistance before i would consider a trade here.

well bon soir options addicts, once again 5 hrs `til i've got to get up for work

Bob S.-

I think I know what you're getting at, but you have to understand that 1) people go through a progression and 2) everyone's time contraints are different. Your comments could be taken as discouraging to some people just starting out.

Eventually, you are able to compile your own watchlists and do your own searches, and that's when you really know you've grown as a trader. But at the beginning, there's nothing wrong with taking Jeff and some other traders' picks and breaking them down yourself. I don't think it's fair to say that most people here are not learning to do this on their own. In fact, I think that's EXACTLY why they're here. It takes time and experience. Trust me, I know. You've gotten to the point you're at through hard work and trial and error, i'm sure. Others will either find their way there or find that it's not for them.

I do agree with you that's it's better to cook the steak than to just eat it, but sometimes it helps to get a few winners under your belt to see and feel what it's like. Most traders fail at this, and we should give them every edge to succeed. I feel that if I put some extra money in their accounts via some winners while they learn, so be it.

Do you agree?

I agree with you. We are new traders and had a hard time of it the first few months. Don't want to lose all our capital while we learn. I have learned more on this blog, MarketCast and such than I can say. I think the guy up there is just warning people to use this as a tool and not some fast ticket to make money.

I had gotten so discouraged a few months ago that I had stopped trading, watching the market and such for months. This is helping me learn exit and entry strategy, position sizing and diversification.

Thanks, Jeff, for helping us babies along -- and thanks to all the bloggers for their input, too.

Happy Trading today.

Randall and Michelle

Oh Bob! You are sounding a little cynical right now. Are you making the easy money? Then good for you. On this blog, I am seeing ol' Jeffy boy get many sincere thanks! Its true that there are people who refuse to take classes or study and just want you to make all their decisions for them, but just the mindset of "I only want the quick money now" creates a lot of trading problems, n'est pas? (I hope you can speak French). He is creating community, and space for a picnic, and even some potato salad. Its up to you to open the lid, bring your fork and not get it all over yourself. Il est la creme de la creme, et magnifique. J'ai besoin de Jeff. Ferme la bouche maintenant!!

Bob S: Think you are missing the point of the blog. I am not answering for Jeff but just giving my opinion. It is a blog on where people trade ideas. Jeff makes a point not to trade for you, but just gives you his analysis on what he sees. He builds confidence in people on how why and when to trade. It is similar to attending an investools seminar, why do you attend? Most of us attend to figure out how a professional trader thinks before he makes a trade. There have been many discussions outside Jeff's watch list's on this blog. Being successful is not about being the discoverer, but about copying successful people. Jeff gives an opportunity of a lifetime, how a professional trader rationalizes a trade. He does not trade for you. For that I thank you for reminding me of what a great addition this post has been to my trading.

Thank you Jeff and others for participating.

Hwcc bear flag?


Looks like PCP has made it through and so have I, albeit a little tired from the kids and chirping birds outside the window at 4:30am but the extra cash will help me get through!

As for this conversation about the Blog, sometimes you just need a little yellow bus to get you there!!

OK, not to insult anyone, I have my fair share of trades that I have personnally found and executed. However, the blog is a great place to get your sea legs and have some support.

there are times when, due to my busy schedule, I rely more on Jeff's watch list to find good stocks but ALL go through a thorough analysis before I make them my own.

I appreciate the lack of ego and the willingness for everyone to chat and share ideas. As I know Jeff feels, it's about helping each other learn and make money.

Happy Trading!


keep an eye on Leap.

Also NYX I think it broke neck line, if it goes beyond 80 we coudl have a good fall.

Anyone like to comment?


I too am a PhD graduate who found this blog a few months back and lurked for a while. I was working very hard on my own and not moving forward much. In fact, I burned through a sizeable portion of my account. Jeff and this blog have helped me apply the knowledge I have gained. To be specific, this community has brought me back to basics.

I fell into the trap of reading too many books, reading too many blogs, and joining too many groups.

Interestingly, I have still used primarily my own picks while being part of this blog. But, and as Dr. Pee Wee Herman would say, "It's a Big But," I sure wish I had been on the AH, CMG....and other trains.

Very Happy Trading to all of us,


Bob S,
I was going to take the time to respond to your comments but it looks like others have done so nicely.
Jeff Kohler, I absolutely love the blog that you have created and the community and learning that happens!


for those of you who missed the LCC trade, RYAAY is retested the double top right now successfully.

Also, tee up SEIC as a potential double-top candidate.

Bob S - I get your point ... well taken and Brett I agree with you totally ...

This blog to me (stock trader for 7 years - options trader for 9 months) is a 'bridge' and a very helpful one I might add! I get ideas here and probably use 20% of them to research and trade.. The community is what makes this thing cook! Gary getting uptight about PCP and earnings - been there - done that! (almost lost my shirt on HWCC but got out just in time) ... Team approach works best for me instead of being in this multi-thousands of stocks to pick alone! I am working hard on resistance plays right now and our friend and experienced dude - Mr. Kohler is showing us how it he has done and is doing it. That works folks and we're blessed to have it!

Some will be more dependent on this blog than maybe they should; others may need to pay more attention but no one is making us CLICK HERE .. and we're adult enough to have capital to invest that we can make smart decisions on how to invest it.

Thanks for everyones help ... This is a positive piece to help us get where we want to go ... Continue the great input ... I miss very few of the posts ...

Good trading today everyone!

Thanks to all who contribute! I have learned so much from people willing to share their ideas. Currently, I am just bringing my fork to the blog. Although, I do my own analysis on each trade, I rarely bring anything extra. That time is coming. This blog and Marketcast have made the biggest difference in my trading. Being apart of this trading community has been wonderful.

Anybody else take the support bounce on FWLT from 5/3. Holy %$#3@.

Brett, I am looking at ITRI for a support bounce off the breakout from 4/5. I was trying to interpret that mess of Long candles and volume. Like it ?

Jeff is clearly taking charge to help us along. But I see growth in many people here and there are plenty of ideas flowing thru here besides the List. Thanks Jeff and nice job fellow bloggers.


I don't know jamie. that selloff was pretty steep. i think TSO is probably the best bounce out there right now. just a perfect, incredible trendline.

i do like CNX today.

Not sure what I can add on the Bob S. comments that Brett and others have not already said but as an example - last night (when I analyize my watch list and trades) I decided to get it to the TSO bounce and thought I would read the blog. WOW, I saw what I was thinking others were too and then I found PFCB which was not on my watchlist. So I evaluated and liked that too so made both trades. This Blog is a community that helps each of us make it through this new venture we have all started. With fork in hand please pass that potato salad...

Jumped on the train late in the day yesterday in RIMM. My thinking was that on a down to neutral day, it had such volume and price move, that I thought it had more left in it. Bought a cheap out of the money option and watched it close. It is moving nicely today. Go, baby, go.
I am thinking TSO will bounce today, too. I added to my position, (appropriate position sizing and stop in place just in case the Fed moves the market the wrong way.) Hope your TSO trade goes well, too.

Randall and Michelle

Care to be a Deere (DE) in the headlight ? Entered on a support bounce on 5/2. Now breaking out to a new high. Earnings on 5/16 so be careful. This has gone thru a 3 month consolidation since the gap up on last earnings.
MTW, BUCY, CAT, CMI industrial equip has had great earnings. Do your own homework.

CMI, BUCY, look to be breaking a bull flags. On my watchlist.


Everyone seems to have left some really great comments this morning. I know that I look forward to reading this blog every day. I've been a PhD student for about a year and a little while back I started getting really frustrated and didn't do any trading for awhile. I studied, kept listening to trading rooms, the marketcast, etc. And I kept reading this blog. I eventually felt "ready" enough to start trading again. This blog is just another layer that's helped me build confidence. I don't use all of Jeff's picks, I take the time to make my own analysis and some trades just don't jive for me and I have my own watchlist as well. And I get really excited when stocks on my watchlist match the watchlists given out. It makes me feel like I'm still going in the right direction. But I've been able to take what Jeff and all the other great people on this blog have said and I'm able to "see" trades better now. My analysis is quicker, not always right (still have problems with head & shoulder patterns-don't know why) but this is a great place to help with continual trading growth.

Long: EEP
Short: PVTB

These are the only ones doing what I want them to do this morning. ;-)

pasadena, ca

ARW take a look at the june 45 options I think they are cheap. It is coming off an ascending triangle and a 1 or 2 dollar move will make these options move.

I own them for 20 cents.

What do you think?

a Quote from the FWLT earnings call. CO says that it is in unchartered territory, a "perfect storm" in market opportunity that people in the company 25-30 years have never seen in the E&C environment.
I am not a fundamental trader, but I have never in the Sarbane-Oxley Era heard a conference call like this. I guess look for this to flag. I would think this is just the start.
I'm a little bored waiting for the Fed announcement on how they are saving our lives from too much growth or too high inflation. Like raising rates controls the price of gas, education or healthcare the highest things that affect our lives. Oops I'm ranting like Alan Keate (my other favorite Master Talk speaker).


Wow! What a night and morning to be away from the blog!

I may be beating the dead horse here but as for people out there just fishing for good trades: I feel there are those. Reality is that there are always people out there looking for a free lunch. It is my belief, and as you can see from so many of the responses that it is the belief of a lot of other peoples’ that this is the greatest place to put your ego aside and learn from what other people are seeing and know. If that means trading postions you are in or watching, so be it. I also believe that the people seeking the free lunch don’t have the same passion to succeed at this and will not be here long term like I am hoping that so many others will.

I have learned more about patience and see a trade to the end, my biggest hurdle, from this blog and I couldn’t have done it without knowing that patience seems to be the biggest hurdle of every new trader.

Long: X, VIP, SKS, MSM, NVTL, KMP and others.
Short: MAR, PVTB, GYMB, AVY, LVS and others.

There seem to be so many bullish and bearish trades right now. It is a great time to be diversified for the ups and downs of the market.

Today is a great day and so will everyday for the rest of our lives now that we know how to trade.

Bob S.

There's no question I get some great patterns to watch from this blog. All these eyes make a huge difference on the quality of my watchlist. However, I still have to determine support, resistance, target, diversity, position size, strike, option month for entry and when to get in/out. No one here is holding my hand on that. (Personally I would love to see more of that level analysis as I think this would help me identify more clearly where I may be making mistakes.) Unless your a genius I don't know how you could cherry pick good trades out of the firehose of information here.


How do you learn to let your winners run? I like to shoot myself sometimes, it seems that I sell them early thinking they will retrace, to see them go higher.

Leap, WCG, BBD etc. if I keep on typing I will start to cry.

David S


Overpriced White Mocha..Check.

(Newly) Overpriced Burrito..Check.

the things i do for my fellow addicts.

Hi all, I have a question... I'm toying with the idea of adding a rule which requires me to sell an option that did not move in the forecasted direction within a periof of time. For example. A stock breaks out of a pattern but simply moves sideways after the break for 7-8 days, sitting right on old support. I'm inclined to sell the option and look elsewhere rather than keep holding and waiting while time value erodes (regardless of the strike month).

Anybody else have what I would call a "time failure" rule for ending a trade? MikeH

Why is no one discussing the beautiful bounce on RL this week?


are you referring to BBY? I just had this talk with Jeff yesterday.

Mike: I do not like to use that rule unless I am pegged against expiration, also I think if you use support and resistance, you will do better. Classic example was VIP look at the consolidation. I bought the call at the first breakout and then it fell back in the channel. I did not sell it because it did not break support, and it finally broke out.

Brett: BUD can you call that a head and shoulder?

I think this blog is host to all levels of traders. Nothing wrong with exchanging ideas, trades, and more importantly having a forum to meet new friends that are like minded. The wealthy socailize with other wealthy people, not poor people. Why not as a trader socailize with other traders?

I'm still liking HOG, and GRP is looking good too.

I am not sure what to make so far of todays price action on PCP...???


What I see on RL, although a beautiful bounce, is still a DOWN trending stock. Until it changes patterns, it is not in my trading rules.

Randall and Michelle

Anyone watching BUCY? Nice move today, and if it can break through that resistance up there, blue skies.

Randall and Michelle

BTU...BTU...BTU...broke out of flag on 4/20 moved 4 points.Now has consolidated since 4/25. Watch for a breakout at 50. This is what we are supposed to be watching...move up....consolidate...move up....etc. Let's watch.


Susan from Manhattan,

I loved your comments.


Bob -
I'm watching PCP too. Got out yesterday at the close due to earnings. Was thinking about getting back in, but this price movement has me unsure - so I think I'll just wait a bit.

:-) Pat


How do you define a downtrending stock?

Generally it is lower highs and lower lows. When you turn the chart of RL upside down, that's what you have.

I'm just kidding, but RL is probably the most uptrending stock out there and you really need to understand that concept. Please learn it. I'm being serious now.

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