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You'll notice on the right hand column, if you scroll down far enough, is a cute little photo that says "The Marketcast." In fact, it looks a little something like this...

If you click on this logo, it will take you to a page where I am hosting all the previous Marketcast episodes organized by date, going back to Dec 06. In case you ever miss a "Cast" go to the archives, where you can download them and take them with you.

Recommendation: Get long some Marketcast!

Jeff, thanks for this ... when is the current days MartketCast posted on your site ... later that day? apprx time?? I would like to listen to it as I work out the next AM ....

Let me know and thanks again for your work on this site?

Miss a CAST!!! Who would admit to such a thing. Thanks Jeff.

We are up on the site each day by 7:30 pm Eastern.

Bob (and Pam), THanks for the support!

Yay!!! I've been waiting so PATIENTLY for a downloadable 'Cast.
Thanks a million, Jeff!

Jeff, I think the support thanks goes the other way...Thank You!


what's with the crazy porn music during the 'cast watchlist tonight?


Uhh.....ever watch Jackass?

It's the "party-boy" theme music.

Wanna party?

Jeff, thanks for the nod on tonight's marketcast. Love the singing. Even at the most difficult times you always make me laugh. Your a great friend and mentor.

Hey guy's, I'm testing my login for MyBlog. I'm at the IT 3day live, and we just completed the 1st day. Very good stuff here. Finally got to personally meet Jeff, and he really is a great guy. Did I mention he is TALL?

Happy trading!


Thanks for posting the cast MP3s. What else do you have planned for the MarketCast?

Steve in Ft. Lauderdal

Question.....on a sideways channeling stock like NVT...when it breaks you set your price target the width of the channel ??? which is $7 ???

Which blog do you have to have the user name with to so you don't have to use anonymous? e-blogger or mybloglog????

Jeff...and/or everybody.....what are your thoughts on trading stock (or options on stocks) that are going to have a 3 for 1 split?? As I am going through my watchlist I see POT is going to split on may 29th. I have heard that stocks alot of the time will run up to their pre-split price shortly after having a split, but what about the 3 weeks before the split???

party boy music was a hit on the cast as usual keep up the solid work Jeff!

Tonya, I think one of the IT instructors taught on split trades I think in Las Vegas and is on the DVD set. I have yet to watch it as I thought I needed to get the strategies I have been working on down first. I found that I was just trying way too many strategies and did not get proficient with any of them.

Okay so this time I am going to just keep this blog post open until I'm done going through my entire watchlist....
Oh and by the way...jeff why is there a garbage can next to all my posts??? I clicked on it to see what it was and it asked me if i wanted to delete my post??? has it always been like that??

Anyways....I found something "neat" which most you you may of already seen....if you go to the 10 yr chart of AKS there is a huge inverse H&S pattern measuring from ~ $2 - $16...of course the price has already moved $14+ and it surely did not take 10 yrs to finish the move....I just thought it was kind of neat...and wanted to share it with everyone.

Well I guess I have no more questions, I have to be up to go to work in 5 hrs...yuck !!! and my vision is getting blurry...hope i can find my way to the bedroom....

The garbage can is a "perk" of being a blogger instead of just being anonymous. I guess they figure if you're smart enough to figure out how to set up your own blog site the least they can do is allow you to trash yourself. I have enough people trashing me, so I don't usually use it.

Nice call on AKS, too bad they don't have 20 year charts. I have found that stocks that split tend to go through a kind of post-partum depression, and drop off a bit before rebounding. But I'm completely clueless how options work over the split. I would think you would somehow get the 3 for 1 (or three'fer, as the 'Casters would say) but I don't know how the pricing works. Getting two extra contracts wouldn't do you much good if the value of them drops off a cliff.

Maybe I'll just plunk this post in the garbage can.


You need to use Blogger. Go to the main page for Jeff's blog, and up at the top, click on the "B" for Blogger. I clicked on create your own blog, the first step is to create a Google login. After that is done, I aborted the process of creating a blog. You use your Google login for posting.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the info eric.

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