Memorial Day Weekend

Friday's are usually the days that I start to slowly check out of the market and plan my weekend getaway's, or events that will help me get away from trading and try to find activities to focus on the finer things in life.

I don't have much trading acumen since I think we have accomplished enough this week. Even if I were the great and powerful Oz and were responsible for pulling all the levers and pushing all the buttons that moved the market, I would have treated this week the exact same way. Especially the finish here. Ending on a good note and proving that "One day does not a trend make."

Finally I hope you all have a safe weekend over the next few days. Make it a point to release from the pressures of the market and money and relax and be with those that are important to you. Also, please observe the meaning of this holiday and do your part to pay tribute for those who have sacrificed so much to give us the freedoms we enjoy. I hope I will see you all back here on Tuesday, and thank you to everyone for all your support with this blog.
Recommendation: Have a great weekend.

Long: X

Short: e-mails

Speaking for myself Jeff,

This blog educational, informative, and always good for a laugh or two. I think we will all back. I may even go into withdrawel (did I spell that right)having to wait an extra day to be back.

Have a great weekend addicts! Let's go Yankess...


Have a wonderful weekend!

Option Addicts-

Have a wonderful weekend!

I know I'm really looking forward to 3 days. Since trading, weekends mean a lot more to me. It's actually helped me try to be more balanced.

pasadena, ca


Thank you for hosting this blog, this blog has inspired me to a very high level. Have a great weekend.

Everyone have a happy and safe weekend.


Where is everyone going the market is still open!!

Orbc is on fire, when I posted 30 minutes ago it was up 2 now up another 50c on a 14 dollar stock

crazy, I am glad I got in

Sorry David..I had cracked open a Yuengling...I'll stay and hang buddy, no problem.

Karen, I hear ya on the coffee spitting. Brett has cost me a few keyboards himself with a few doosy's...

A chat room would be nice!

I hope no one bailed on X yesterday!

Just saying my goodbyes early. I'm still here. There's still 30 more minutes... but my kids are bugging me to make lunch, can you believe they can't wait until closing bell?!?!


You've also caused me to spit coffee a few times. At least you and Brett keep it interesting. In a different sort of way. ;-)

pasadena, ca

Have a great weekend everyone. This blog slicker than gorilla snot on a pump handle!

Even HOG showed me a little love here at the end of the day getting back up above my line...

You guys have a great weekend.
My little girl turns 5 tomorrow and we are doing pony rides and a Clifford cake. She is in there listening to a Power Touch singing Christmas songs. I love the way children see the world.

Have a great break, and see you-all back Tuesday.

Saints and Soldiers is a great war movie (even the girls might like) if you guys are looking for something along that line.

Thanks to all of you in the Armed Forces who make this country a great place to live. Freedom is not free.

Randall and Michelle

Hey Bob:

Thanks for hanging, now ou can go and finish your yuenglin ( g-d knows what that is)

Have a good one and drink one for me


Yuengling...Americas oldest beer brewery...

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Randall and Michelle,

I agree on the Saints and Soldier's video - good without the heavy, bloody graphics. Good for even my son.

Don't worry bloggers, I'm still here, just been very busy with my real job. This has been another interseting week. Remember when you had 4 question quizzes in school and got 1 or 2 wrong and got a sucky grade...that's my portfolio - not much money so every hit hurts. Nice to see things end on a good note.

I'm still looking for someone who may have the capability of recording the playback of Jeff's Master Talk. I don't have access to the recordings but really want to hear the first part that I missed (that whole wrong time listing).

Anyway - enjoy the long weekend. I'm going to remember my grandfather who's boat exploded off the coast of Okinawa in the great war - he miraculously survived and was rescued! Also these men and women fighting over seas now! Take care.


Jeff (and fellow bloggers) -

Thanks once again for all the great learning material here. Someday I'll have more of a clue about all this & will be able to contribute some. Have a great memorial day weekend.

I want to echo the words of appreciation for all our veterans and all our Armed Forces. Our freedom isn't possible without their great sacrifices.

Dallas, Texas

We live in a world of opportunity, in a time of great wonders, and great changes. Thank you to all who have made that possible by your sacrifices. I hope all you addicts have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Thank you most of all to Jeff for his boundless energy, unselfishness, dedication to others and ability to make us all better traders. And all of that with a great sense of humor!

Anybody catch the action on CLF - more takeover rumors fueling this one...

Everyone have a great Memorial day weekend - I for one can use a few days away from the market :)


Joe (mountainjoe)

What a nice day. Great to have confirmation that our trend is still intact.

The more I get into trading, the more I appreciate the days that the market is closed! Have a great, long weekend everyone. I'll be building a big playset thing in my backyard for my kids and not giving one thought to Mr. Delta, Gamma, Theta, or Vega.

Though I probably will be worrying a lot about Rho ...

Tim, word to the wise (not saying I did this) but watch for missing and left over parts. Thats all I have to say! Well and that the result is not pretty if you don't or at least that is what I have heard.
Great weekend plus one to everyone, be safe!


I appreciate very much you remembering what this holiday is about. I came home from my adventures with all my fingers and toes but some of my friends have not. I was just checking in yesterday with a close friends wife to see how she and her sons were doing. Her husband has been in Iraq a month on his 3rd trip and they have lost six lives already. I know how each one of those lives personally weighs on him, sometimes surviving isn't so fun either. As we enjoy our weekend with our families lets remember those who can't be home with thiers. Thanks again Jeff, you have no idea how much your comments are appreciated.


Yuengling is a Pa beer isn't it? Are you from that area of the country? I do have a Yuengling on occassion when visiting my corporte office in Pittsburgh or when attend car shows in the Harrisburg area. A good brew...
Jim J

Three things;
Thank you to any and all veterans on the blog. Thank you for being there, where ever there was or is.
Thank you to Jeff and fellow bloggers, I read daily and selfishly grab all the education I can.
Lastly, I live in Orlando and while I am not attending the upcoming workshop on May 29th and 30th. It might be nice to meet any of you after the session Tuseday at the hotel. My email is or 407.920.2365 cell.

Well, late to the party as usual. Wish I could have written earlier but just got in and see my patience paid off today. Trends are intact and so's the account.

I have been watching a few shows with my 13 and 16 year old daughters on how selfless the people who are in Afghanistan, Iraq, and during World War II are (and were...) I am certain that the appreciation of how dear our freedoms are, is percolating down to the fruit our our loins. It is so very important to appreciate how very lucky we are to be able to do what we want, when we want to. As Randall and Michelle said... Freedom is not free. Let us never forget that.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make us better traders. Especially to Jeff for hosting this incredible learning tool we call "blog" (because we love it.) A very great weekend to everyone.

The Addict-O-Meter pegs a 10 for all you Option Addicts paying tribute to those who have put their lives on the line and provided us with the freedom we enjoy.

Everyone have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!!

Go Cubs!


As always you show your true self! You are able to step back a moment from what you do and pay honor and respect for those that have been the ultimate traders - our service men and women through all the conflicts and un-named events to keep us FREE. This weekend is about those that paid the absolute highest Ask Price for the greatest Return on thier investment - our fallen Heroes - men and women of the Armed Forces!!!

As a retired Army Special Operations Soldier with twin sons serving with "Boots on the ground" as Special Operations Soldiers right at the "Tip of the Spear" as I write these words of thanks I can not help but remember all the friends I had the pleasure of serving with. I know that they each and everyone would ask for no fanfare or headlines. They were the quiet professionals that "did their duty". My sons have now experienced those same events - the loss of true friends - comrades in arms who gave their all.

As Jeff has saidas well, I too urge you all to take a moment to reflect on our freedom and why and how we have it. Forget politics and agendas, just think on who and what we as a people are all about. As both a trader and as a veteran, I follow the ultimate trendline. One that leads to victory, freedom and true success. I also ask you all to thank a service man or woman the next time you see them in an airport or walking down the street. You will be amazed at their reaction as well as how you will feel when you do it.

To our Allies of Canada, the Britian, Australia, and New Zealand: I know many of your servicemen and have served in a few hard locations right along beside them such as Bosnia, Iraq, and other hotspots and I think of them as well when I reflect on Memorial Day.

Thank you fellow traders for allowing me to ramble on a bit but emotions are a bit high this weekend to say the least.

I hope and pray for Freedom for All to include the Iraqi and Afghan people as well as all those that are Oppressed around this globe. For the work is much and the workers few...... It will not be easy but it must be done!


Randy B.

"De Oppresso Liber"



Hi Option Addicts,
I'm just writing an FYI for anyone that may have wondered about color schemes or font sizes on Think or Swim software-based platform. I inquired as to whether colors and/or font sizes could be changed. I couldn't figure it out on my own & assumed they couldn't; however, you change it on the think or swim desktop by choosing "options" before logging in and then making your choices. Hope this helps someone.
A Safe & Healthy Holiday to all.

You do the world a big service just by being yourself. It must take a lot of energy doing trading rooms, mastertalk, marketcast, and everything else full time with Investools, and then posting this blog as a service for all of us in your "free time". (Oh,yeah, and doing a few trades here and there too!)

Also thank you for you comments on the purpose of this holiday. I sincerely hope that you and your family can have a wonderful long weekend.


Thank you to you and your sons for serving our country.

I come from a military family. My father was career USAF and my sister and brother-in-law were career USN.

I have a true appreciation for those who go to work as the employees of freedom.

Happy Memorial Day and remember those who sacrificed themselves for what we enjoy in this great county of ours, FREEDOM!


Hi all,

Back from a 4 day weekend Camping since thursday night with my wife and two sons. took Friday off (but I did spent 4 minutes checking the price of the underlying stock to find all my options were doing fine).
Catching up on the fabolous posts, very well done everyone.
Driving home yesterday was quite an experience. Seeing all the American flags flying makes me feel so fortunate that I live in the best country in the world.
Everytime I meet someone who has protected the freedoms that I so love I do thank them...evertime.
Lets have a great week..all 4 days of it.
Thanks all

Good morning everyone:

Brazilian shares are looking godd this morning

check out amx, sbs, and bbd (good bounce)
ewz, pbr

Energy stocks down today. Looks like GS is a good entry point. POT was, but has moved up big today.
GOOG is heading to 500. The put plays suck. Got stopped out of ESS, thank God. KIM and PSA not looking great today either.

Randall and Michelle

Welcome to the Avalon Bay Coaster. Children under 4 must be accompanied by a parent. This ride may experience sharp drops and unexpected twists and turns. Pregnant women and those with heart conditions should not ride.

Looks like GTRC (Jeff's watch list)
broke out today. I missed the move, but congrats to those in the play or watching and got in before it got up so high.

Funny, Brett.


Good Morning addicts,

My son graduated from college this weekend so I am already a winner this week. Only 3 more kids to go!

For you biotech. types, check out the bear flag on AMGN.


Funny disclaimer on AVB! So why did AVB & AIV gap up today? AVB going up still. I recall someone mentioning on the blog that there was a rumored buy out of one of these stocks but I can find no news. Rules are that I stay in until the end of the day but am willing to break them if there is a good reason for the gap up. Any comments? PSA is up also in this group.

Look up the story on Archstone Smith (ASN). They are being aquired. They are the second largest apartment REIT.


you are too much !!! you almost made me choke on my lunch !!! i needed that laugh after thinking about crying (when i looked at AVB)


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