Trade, Trade, Trade

I am headed out the door to go golfing this morning. I need to relax after that game last night.

I wanted to create a new post to try and organize all of todays comments. Feel free to leave them here.

I plan to make a little more progress today with Tim's situation. If you not left a comment to him yet, offering your it quick.

See you all in a few hours!

Wow Deck is off and running good call, along with many others. I hope everyone is making money.

MIl is looking godd

I am trying to get into GLDN but the market maker keeps on changing the price. I hate when that happens, but that could be a good indication.

Look at the spreads on the bid and ask that is nuts

Play of the Day:



p.s. does anyone know why I cannot log in so it shows my picture when i post? i see my picture on jeffs homepage (the one with the bulls in pamplona). i signed up with, but it wont let me sign where we post.

I've been watching an interesting story with DJ. Rupert Murdoch is trying to buy the Wall Street Journal and the owning family doesn't want to sell. Thought I would speculate on the deal failing by getting some far OTM puts this morning but the prices have gone crazy. Wild spreads and wild pricing. Must be lots of speculation going on.

Anyway it's an interesting news event. MikeH

Oh, and boo hoo on HWCC. I'm 50/50 on holding over earnings this month.

Here's something scary to ponder on: I was going to increase my position in MLM. Only, when I went into the trading screen, I accidentally typed in MSM (I must have been thinking about politics and the media at the same time), and without looking a whole lot closer (big difference in price of the stock), I bought 3 contracts. Well, I'm up 40% this morning on a trade I made by accident. MSM is making a nice bounce today. One of the better trades I've made lately. Scary.

John M.

John M,


Jeff talked about MSM on the Marketcast last night...nice move on the calls!!!


Take a look at CENX, CELG, CHK

these look good 1st twoo need to confirm.

David S

VIP - is today the day it finally breaks 100? MikeH


What do you think about STJ

John M. that is scary. I did that twice with pretty negative results that I am still recovering from. As the saying goes "If it wasn't for bad luck..."
Well looks like USG just stopped me out for a small loss. Amazing the move it has made already today.

BBD may be poised for a move

David S

I missed the Marketcast last night - watching the Stanley Cup (Go Ducks!). It must be ESP (or is that ESPN?). Sometimes it really is better to be lucky than good.

John M.

Sniff, sniff....
Just unloaded TSO. 250% gain and I'm not willing to risk it over earnings tomorrow. I just know that it'll skyrocket... but I was pretty sure HWCC wouldn't do much over earnings today, and I've turned my 50% gain into a 20% loss.


Those who still have TSO can now hold it over earnings knowing that it'll soar tomorrow.

Wish I could have waited until the end of the day... but I have to pack my bags and head to Edmonton.

Strangley enough, the Dow is up the same that it was yesterday and I'm up the same amount that I was down yesterday. Let's call it financially neutral.

I don't want to watch TSO tomorrow.


Congrats on your first Home Run! Your persistence and patience have paid off!

John M., The MSM gods smile upon you! Good job!

C & C
I am with you on TSO.. I bought a cheaper call on VLO so that I wasn't as exposed and held over earnings, worked great. TSO calls were high enough I couldn't justify holding over... Hope to catch the next dip, or just get back in with a tight stop after TSO announces. Couldn't justify holding CMG over either....


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