I Believe!!!


I am amazed at how well they are doing in the series. If only they weren't on so late (for an East coast guy).

Let's hope the stocks end as strong as Warriers did!

Patriot's Randy Moss!!!!

Good morning everyone, It seems BEAV guided higher with great earnings if you are in the trade it should open higher and go higher.
I uploaded my picture to my blog but could not get it to my profile, I will keep on trying, in the meanwhile you can see me through my blog. What a great idea that was (pictures) I really thought Brett was the guy Jeff posted :)

Let's make some money, write it down make it happen.

Thank you Jeff!!!

David S

Thanks David,

That was very kind of you.

Jeff, congrats on the Warriors! About to knock off a 1 seed? Inconceivable! (princess bride) Any love for my Bulls????

Ok here we are, alive and in person. Catherine has just gone to pick up our oldest daughter (16) who just broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years... having a tuff day at school. Once she's back we're going to get to work sorting out our plan of attack for this week.

I can't figure out why I held onto NTAP on Friday. It's broken it's trend and I want out. I think LCC has headed as low as it will for a while. Any sign of weakness and I'm out today. Mind you I said the same thing (only the opposite direction) about DRYS last Monday.

Hope everyone had a good weekend (the Raptors did not... Why can't Canadians play basketball?) and we'll look forward to another excellent adventure this week.

Hey, and I don't need to sign this anymore. How cool is that?

Brett, that's one of my girl's favourite movie. Especially the part where he tries to poison the other guy. Hahahahahahaha!!!!..... Klunk.

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Seriously, man, give LCC a chance to go lower. You have a big gap there between thursday's and friday's action. why not use it?

Your post is exactly why i went out and got 2 boys. now i only have to worry about 2 penises.

(just kidding. i didn't exactly go out and get them.)

OK, let's have a look here. How do we look? are we still invisible? Speaking of invisible, WCG is going to take off today. It has to. But if it makes the smallest move down we're out of there. Very frustrating to watch almost a 100% gain turn into a 10% loss in three days.

I believe that would be "peni", would it not? I'll cut LCC some slack here but just because the WM Dude says so. If it kicks my butt like WCG did, I'm comin' after you.

Although you look bigger than me. Perhaps I'll just settle with giving you a stern lecture.

And the hairy eyeball.


you might want to use a picture that some of us can actually see!

OK smarta$$, is this better? Just 'cause I'm not as good looking as you, doesn't mean that I have to blow it up and show the world.

WCG... what can I say? A certain gentleman (well, right now I use that term loosely) said on Friday that WCG should just be sold off and that money used to get into something that's going somewhere. Today it's plummeting on no news. Whoever said "no news is good news" can go stuff themselves. I'm going to wait until I have to leave the house at 12:30 and then I'm getting rid of it.

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