I'm only seeing part 2, am I missing something? Btw If anyone has suggestions on uploading a photo from a Mac to the blog,would love some help.

Am I the first to comment? Sweeet! I've been lurking for a bit here and listening to the Marketcast for about a month. Thought I'd drop a line and say howdy. Well my trading has been fine until yesterday. I got stopped out of most of my positions...oh well. Hopefully, the ones I'm still in will work out and with the help of Jeff et al, I'll find some other places to make money. I'll also set up my photo etc... Be talking to you...


Did anyone else add to the BBY position on the retest today?

I may have a couple more goodies to share in about 15 minutes...

Jeff, mucho thanko for the awesome list!!! They are all great and fit my present comfort level of playing bounces. I have actually found that if you look at it in the right light, most flags actually are bounces of diagonal support, too. And chickens can dance as they cross the road. It's all in the perspective, my friend.

Today I learned another lesson (well.... actually I learned a lesson again.) I got all in a tizzy about BBY and PLCE this morning. They both opened lower and I just KNEW that they were going to head even lower during the day, so I bought early. Those two are accounting for 80% of my $750 loss today. WHEN WILL I LEARN?!?! Please don't tell Catherine or the hammers will hit the fan. Which of course will mean a trip to Canadian Tire for new fans.

So yes, Brett, I did take the re-test as an opertunity to get into BBY. Just the re-test the wrong way. But the price action is great. PLCE is still at the top of it's pattern and I'm very comfortable with it.

NTAP is starting to head lower after a bit of hesitation. Still a great entry point.


COL triangle breakdown.

Get in.

Congrats to everyone who had the brains to stay in the CMG trade. This, of course, doesn't include me, who exited on yesterday's wicked candle. Stock's over $68 in the aftermarket.


Over $69...

yeah, brett. just checked out the release and looks like they guided higher. noticed the bump. here's hoping this can be my first "homerun" if i can now just figure out how to let it run.

this definitely adds some positive spin to the day.

Sarah I found part one here

Really enjoyed the vid Jeff. Thank you sir!

Brett, I didn't stay in CMG either. Wasn't happy with the engulfing candle. I've been eaten by some earnings releases before so I think I've got a personal rule now to not trade over earnings. Anyone else have this issue also? I'm sure so.

I'm trading KIM bearish and also in AVB still.

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