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Yesterdays video was just approved. Wow!

Keep an eye on GS and ESRX. Looks like the flags are confirming today.

BTU low risk trade

Take a look

David S

What are your thoughts on AVY today?

Big volume but not much price movement up. At least at 2 pm. May retest 63ish area.


i'm good with it.

For everyone else...

You down with NVT?

Yeah, you know me.

Hey Brett-
Yes, my brother from another mother, I am down with NVT.
What option do you like?
What's the target and exit?
Peter V

Just a reality check...
As one that was in CMG and exited prior to earnings, the pain of $1200 profits/per contract today is tough to "think of what could have been". Anyway, the profit on the exit prior to earnings was decent, it is hard to say that it was a successful trade (even though my plan was followed successfully). So, back to the grindstone and making this work.


Travis, let it go. Move on. Seriously. I let it eat me up until i went to bed last night and today i'm over it. Too much opportunity out there to be upset about a gamble.

Peter, I can't speak for you, but i like the July $40's.

Brett, I want to get into PENN with you (as you said it is the last day) but does that decreasing volume concern you at all?
Why is volume so low on all the good bounces, breakouts, etc.?

Is anyone back in or getting in MLM today? Looks like a decent bounce on close to average volume.


The pains of earning announcements...I've lived it with you! You hear about these unbelievlable gains and wish it were you because the gains seem so easy to come by over earnings.

Until I have more capital to take those risky moves, I'm real careful about earnings. I hate having such a small account and don't want to risk too much.

I took RS over earnings for a nice bounce but sold KMP prior to and it worked out well. I'm preparing for Brett's prophesied Short Squeeze on IIG (just kidding Brett - I'm taking full responsibility!) and haven't taken any other trades with earnings in the next little while.

Travis, it is all about the grindstone...unless you're Jeff Kohler who blogs and trades while playing golf!

Jeff, don't get too emotional on the Warriers - you've got a long position and need to be paitent. They're just consolidating right now waiting for the break out with volume...pump it up!


Jeff: Check out looks like it meet all of the criteria.
Don V
Greer SC

Nobody talking about VZ? Nice resistance around $38.30. BO on good volume....

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