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You'll notice a minor technical difficulty on the blog today. While making some improvements, I got busted for a BUI. I am going to spend some time Monday making some adjustments to fix it, which might require a new template and more pages to click on. I think I have been in need of a makeover anyway. If you have any suggestions before I make any big decisions, feel free to comment.

Recommendation: BTW- If there are any pro bloggers, or traders that speak html, I will pay top dollar for some help.

Long: A new blog template

Short: ideas

Sorry I can't help you fix the blog as my html skills are limited to this and that. But if you are looking for suggestions I wouldn't mind seeing a slightly larger font so it's easier for these ancient eyes to read. I'm sure anything you come up with will be fine.

Jeff, The blog is just fine by me, I just caught up on the comments this AM. And I'm really surprised someone would make a comment like that. I feel you're a very likeable, honest and compassionate person.

I agree with Karen on the bigger font!
Have a great Monday!

OK it's probably time to move on from this point... but over the weekend the more I've thought about it the madder I get. I've got the gloves off and I'm ready to take on all comers.

Even though Jeff handles more traffic in a day than most instructors at IT handle in a week, I just don't understand ANYONE complaining about him!!! I will write George Dubyuh if that's what it takes!! Tonya, we're with you.

I don't get it.

Amy and Doji Girl,

If you use Internet Explorer you can make the font larger/smaller by holding down the Ctrl key and moving your mouse wheel (assuming you have one).

I'm sure there's a way to do it in most other browsers but I've never tried.

Thanks for the font change idea Geoff.
How many votes for changing away from white text on black?

Just for kicks, I googled "angry trader" and this blog showed up as #3. I don't know why but I think that is super funny.
I think being disliked by some comes with the territory of popularity.

I would like to hear about the ascending trend line being broke on the DOW and thouhgts moving forward. And I already know there is not a new trend in place, just like hearing peoples predictions.

I'm a web developer by trade and like to dabble with stocks from time to time. Has helped me pay of my students loans in a quick manor. My aunt pointed me to your blog a while back, if you want some help with doing whatever to your site I can probably help you out. I have a blog engine i wrote on my own in my spare time, (still beta so be warned). Want help, just contact me at AT

Happy Monday everyone! I spent the weekend taking 21 kids from our church fishing, going to High School graduation open houses, drinking "Dead Guy, Rogue Ale", and washing my cars. The weather was fabulous. I actually forgot all about the beating my acount took while standing knee deep in lilypads retrieving a bucket mouth 5lb bass. Here's to great summer weekends and the one that did not get away.


Thanks for the help, no more straining my eyes.

The angry trader thing just makes me laugh. Jeff, we hope you don't feel unappreciated.


I have a web designer in my Networking group, everyone that uses here says she's great but I don't really know her limitations.


Hey folks -

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I've got a diagonal support line for both the Dow and S&P from pre-Feb selloff and to me it looks like both held those lines last week and are bouncing. The short-term trend did change, but it looks like the markets were just overheated and had a healthy pullback to support.


RE: Font Size. If you don't have a wheel, just hold the "Ctrl" button and hit the the "+" button to increase or the "-" to decrease. That should work for Firefox and IE. Don't know about Mac browsers.

--------Good Morning---------

Looks like PCU is bouncing today! Might be a nice entry point.

pasadena, ca

Check out AFLAC - AFL

Have a great week!

Brent in San Antonio

Good morning all. Does GRMN look like a flag breakout here? Potential $5 move if so...

Just received Orlando DVD’s. Can’t wait to see JK’s presentation.

Great call on GRMN, I bought on Friday.
For all those X traders that missed out- look at a nice 5 day trade...120/115 Bull Put Spread is sporting a fat 1.85.

Jeff, did you hear "The Angry Trader" from Lisa in Boston?

PHM is about to drop to $0.

Hey Brett:
what do you think as CEG as a bear flag?

I think it's setting up beautifully. It's approaching the neckline from the h&s reversal, offering a really nice entry if the neckline holds. 2 patterns in one is always a bonus for me.

You an Angry Trader? I dont get it either. Your voice sounds so thoughtful and sincere to me. Angry never even crossed my mind.

Swimming in the chicken soup of life, you have bumped a noodle.

Congratulations to anyone in CROX!! Still a winner!


What do you think of TNH? It looks like a nice uptrend and it's testing recent highs. I say if it breaks above 96.40???

What say you guys.

pasadena, ca

TNH is an awesome trend stock. To me it looks like it's got a little bit to go before it gets back to it's support line. Probably the end of the week. I'm putting it on my watch list.

Jeff, I think I've found the solution to the whole "Angry Trader" debacle. On Google there's a story about a trader that THREW A SANDWICH at another trader on the floor at the Dow and he was dubbed (obviously) The Angry Trader. Perhaps you need shake out the skeletons in your closet and look for a mouldy sandwich.

As far as changes to the blog... Lots of green would be motivating. Air Canada took delivery of it's first 3 777s and one of the inovations on it is mood lighting that can be changed in both color and intesity. Perhaps that would work and we could call you the "Zen Trader." Not trying to make light of the question here... it's just that the reason I'm here is all the interaction between us all and there's nothing I can see that needs changing.

PENN's needing a close eye this morning. Looks like it might be breaking it's trend. X is giving back most of it's Friday's gain. I'm glad I sold AKS at the peak on Friday.

PENN's holding support wonderfully. Sure, it's broken its trend over the last month or so, but long-term, it looks great.

I've made the mistake in the past of looking too short-term when deciding whether a trend had really been broken. I think this one's holding up nicely.

Thanks for the thoughts on PENN, Brett. Anyone who's holding GS should be aware it announces earnings on Wednesday. Because I value my head I won't ask what people think of holding over earnings on this one. Actually, I need a new head anyway. I think I'll sell tomorrow and get back in on the lower volatility. So far I've made 50 bucks on the bugger and I don't feel I owe it a thing.


Are you getting those planes that have the cool new seating in them. The rounded chairs that look like they're almost in their own cubicle?

pasadena, ca

Nice $13.50 descending triangle on WYNN. This is following up on the recent Head & Shoulders Topping formation. Could bear watching for a good PUT trade.

What say you all?


Yes we are, Liz. They're angled so that they are kind of on their own, too. About 30 degrees off of pointing straight ahead. I hear that they're very comfortable and come with all the amenities (115 V outlets, noise cancelling headsets, coffee maker, microwave... oops, got a bit carried away, there.)

Personally I'd want to see it break below $90 on decent volume before I'd consider it a true downward trend.

All you Bounce Addicts... have a look at STR. Nice confirmation of Friday's hitting of the trend line (a small ceremony, followed by a rise in price. Drinks and dinner at 5:00 PM. Void in the state of Utah.)

PH and GDI appear to be bouncing nicely off horizontal support.


STR looks nice. I think PCU looks pretty good today as well.

Those cubicle thingys look very cool. The seats also recline completely inside their own space. There are a few more airlines that are doing something similar. Very cool.

Another side note: we won't be flying into Calgary this time around but into Edmonton. It's only 2 1/2 hours from Lloydminster. We'll be there the 5th of July and leaving the 16th. 10 days of dial up!

pasadena, ca

RIMM is bouncing off support and up nicely on a flat day in the market. I am watching CME to see if it breaks through the resistance at 550/560 level.



I have WYNN on my radar. I was looking at it first thing this AM. It still looks like it's forming. Very nice.

pasadena, ca

Does the lack of volume today concern anyone?

Welcome LisaG... i'm the other "Lisa"... i sign all my posts with a small "L"... so you know it's me.

Anyway, I'm in SLB and it's broken out today. I've been buying time on this one, but it's been such a strong mover...

I started this trade on 3/30 with a 1 strike OTM order, then entered again (1 strike OTM) again on 4/25. I bought Nov. because I wanted to sell calls against it when it retraced a bit - which I did with the first order. Now I'm going a little further out, but still one strike OTM.

DECK has been very, very good to me, and I'm sorry to get out of the trade but it's expiry... I've added a position for next month though...

Has anyone done that? reached expiry with no sign of stopping and just continued the trade with the next month?


Tres: I am with you, I am concerned about the market as I took a hit with the sell off, I would expect some kind of chop in the near future so I am staying conservative until I see a clear indication on where to go.

Jeff and or anyone that would like to respond

STR could that be also called a head and shoulder pattern forming?

I see the nice up trend, but it definitely looks like a head and now a shoulder.

what say you?

DO is bouncing

Chris and Catherine,

Thanks for the comments back. You also Liz. Agree about WYNN and not taking the trade until a break of support and confirming volume. Just contributing and giving back to the blog by pointing out that it is a potential PUT play to keep on the radar.


if you missed SPF this could be a great chance to try it low risk entry


Does SLB lack of volume concern you? It does seem to have quite a bit of momentum. You seem to have had some good luck with this one!

I like STR and added it to my bounce watch list which is what I am trading now. PCU, PCP, TRN, GLBL, MSM, GLDN (too late) and BGC to name a few on the list. PLH I know and SPF I am doing business with so no one tell them if I short their stocks...please.


As far as DECK, I have a small position of July 85s which are doing great and would love to add as well, although I'm waiting for some sort of pullback. I'm not expiring, although otherwise, sounds good to me, keep your winner running! Hope that helps.

I have had to bail on a few stocks at expiry when I didn't want to. DRYS, PCP, to name but two. On all of them I just jumped back in and ended up losing quite a bit. The reason? I didn't treat it like a new entry. First you have to analyse it just like you're getting in for the first time. More often than not, I got out at a peak, and then re-entered at a peak and watched it re-trace and stop me out when I hit my 1%. Wait for it to come back to support and enter it as if it's your first time (remember your first love? It's just like that, only different.)

That's just my two cents worth. DECK looks to me like it's due to come back a bit. What an awesome stock, considering what the market's done the last 6 days. Just goes to show that it's a market of stocks... not a stock market.

I throw this out for general consumption, although I suspect it won't fit with most peoples trading styles.


This is a small Canadian company that has very low volume because most of the stock is owned by the CEO. He trades in a fantastic style and no one really knows why he even went public but last year the stock returned 150%. I've been in it for a month and it's up 13%.

Have a look. It's at a point that looks good to enter right now. I got in easily (I only bought 700 shares).

A friend sent me this link
looks like there is alot of good info here.....check it out

tres, chip and chris... thanks for the input. I hadn't considered the lack of volume on SLB, thanks for the reminder. The great thing about it is I can sell calls against my positions... and it HAS gotten passed it's previous high close... it's not the end of the day yet, but it seems strong.

DECK: "first love" what a great way of looking at it. I'll look at it through those "glasses" and see what I see. Don't want to lose money now!!

Nue came out with bad earnings, blamed it on the auto & housing Ind. Driving steel stocks down today. Picked CAT for a flag breakout doesn"t seem to have the volume. GRMN,VIP,SLB, holding down the fort!


You're just a big ol' softie...I can't see why Catherine would ever need to break out the hammers on you.

Regarding DECK, you said what I was attempting to say...although MUCH BETTER! Thanks

There really are some nice set-ups out there. FCX, PCU, ISRG, DVN

I threw out the idea of a nice easy slow mover last week of MCD. Sept option is up 30%.

This week I'll throw out AIG. It started an intermediate trerm uptrend back in April. It has found resistance at 72.5. Today it is reversing back up. A move above 73 would be a great breakout. Nov 75's at $2. Stop at 70. Great R/R....I think.


FYI ascending triangle on BOT... not trading it, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

I can't make out those symbols. Is that one stock or two?


I too did exactly what Chris did. Loved the stock so jumped right back in at the exact wrong time. I now have a big BOLD rule do NOT jump back in unless at support. It has to be evaluated just like a new trade. Trust me watching a stock continue to move up and I am not in it is much more comfortable than getting in at the top and stopped out at the bottom. Nicer to my account too.

Is UAUA trying to find support here and a higher low? What are your feelings option addicts?

SRCL HAMMER being confirmed.

Just type it like you sees it.
CA: is for Canada
T. is for Toronto
CKI is the stock.


Looks like UAUA is still in it's trend. It's just at the bottom of it's channel. There is some support there at $35 but I wouldn't be surprised to see it go up a bit to it's trend line and then break back down. I'd not be getting in right now, though.

Anyone else still in LCC? I love this stock! Not a good time to get in right now though.

Are you guys in Edmunchuck for any length of time before heading to Lloydminister? Or after? I could bid to be there and we could do wings and some real Canadian beer.

Anyone know where I can get a "live" US Dollar chart, or something delayed by 20 minutes. The one I have is a day late. Thanks in advance.


Thought you said "Live US Dollar Tree" and I was going to order one too.

Sorry the only charts I have are conversion charts for $Cdn.

All my puts are breaking their trends. I'm down to 2 puts. Getting me nervous. Anyone have any good puts they're watching?

PCU's doing it's thing today. Great bounce of support.


Thanks for the response, I have a profit in it and debating selling. Just wondering what others think and/or are doing with it.

ADSK should really be cuddled and loved.

How about UNFI to the downside?

Of course, UNFI held it's own last week during the pullback.

Chris and Catherine I think RMD could be a low risk entry for a put play

CT. potential desc. triangle break.....has volume, right at support. Keep watching...

A friend just pointed out CT has no options

Look at KOMG for a Put. Looks like a low risk entry.

Love the blog BTW.

Sam H

MSM looks like a good entry point, but the spreads are 3 and 4 points. Maybe a stock trade instead of options; unless, of course, you are the seller.

Did anyone get in on some AFL today?


Brent in San Antonio

Still liking STR!


I like RMD and KOMG. I think I like the way KOMG looks better.

pasadena, ca

I'll have to write later about Edmonton.

Amy, I like UNFI. My one concern was just as you said -- it's relative strength last week. Still looking at it though. Not sure yet. Pretty low risk entry point.

Anyone like WCG for puts. I do.

Am I nuts to LOVE CMCSA as a put play here on the triangle retest? It broke thursday, and has held 2 days in a row. nice $5 target too with cheap options.

Somebody stop me!


Is that a 4 month time frame you have on CMCSA??

Went long PCU and DO today..


We don't have everything completely nailed down but should have a better idea of our schedule within a week or so. I'll make sure to let you know.

pasadena, ca

Can anyone explain the volume spike on KEF? I can't find any news. Anyone in a trade on KEF? I was thinking about a long stock position for an IRA account.

Oooo I like DO too and joined you, Bob in PCU - today too.
Hey, the Blog format is back to "normal."


WCG looks like it broke trend around May 1 but has held its own, I would want to see it fall below 87.50 with some volume.

That is my $.02.

Yeah, Bob.

4 months exactly.

I looked at PCU but the R/R didn't work for me on the options. So I jumped into GRMN instead. DO does look nice. As does SLB, if the market holds.

Bob (and Pam)
Remember, "Normal" is a relative thing. I've been in PCU for a month now and it's a great performer. Even tempted to add to it today, but I'm wanting to get some more puts in play first.

Thanks to all for the put ideas. I'll peruse them tonight and amass my list.

liz... I have to bid for July's flying buy June 23rd so if you can let me know before that... please do. There are some great spots in Edmonton to have a bite and some grog. Aaaarrrrr me hearty!!!

No explanation on the volume spike. It's an ETF so I'd say there's a good chance that people are realizing that there's money to be made in Korea. It looks like an excellent trade for a long term account. I'd get in if I had any loose money in my 401k. I like the diversity of it and the fact that it was up (a bit) on such big volume.

I see CMCSA as a descending triangle with $25 as the base. It bounced off $25 yesterday and is now heading back up to the top of the triangle. Looks to me like it has a ways to go yet before it breaks out. You're the pattern dude (besides being the WM dude, of course) but to a bouncer like me, this is still a forming pattern.


Will do!

pasadena, ca

The puts we are in are MSTR, PAY, LCC, KIM, KMX, UAUA.

Hope that helps. Thanks for the thumbs up on PCU. Looks like a great trend. I got into CME today after it broke 550. I know there is the news, but I don't think that will come into play until next month. In the meantime, it is in a steady up trend.

Randall and Michelle

"Thank you, Chris...I think you're wrong."

-Ed Rooney

RIMM bounced off the 164/165 support today. Good entry point. Anybody still playing GOOG?


BEBE is breaking down from support around 17 which is has bounced off of several time this year.

Peter V

I would draw your attention to the last line at the bottom of this blog (ie: the last line of the disclaimer.)

"If you disagree with anything on this page, admit you are wrong." Let me know if you decide to get into it. This will be a part of my education. I will follow it and see what the Pattern Dude sees in it.


PS. With a disclaimer like that, no wonder they call him the Angry Trader. And I hear he hurls sandwiches at unsuspecting victims, too. Pass it on. (Who says there's no free lunch?)

GOOG and X

Still in them.


I see a 4 month triangle, some horizontal resistance at about $26.65, and a break of the triangle to the downside on volume last Thursday. Todays close right at resisatance. It might have some support at $25, though weak, and I dont see it bouncing off that yeseterday, I see that happening back in March. Am I missing anything here??

Bob, you are definitely missing something......

okay, I asked for that one.....


Tonya, There is a link Jeffs blog in the URL you sent out.
Jeff they didn't spell last name correctly!

Jeff Kohlker's Blog on Investing, NEW!!!

Alright, Chris, I'm letting you know. I got into it before the close. This one will require lots of patience but i love the gap holding, i love the triangle, i love the target and i love dairy queen.

2 yr chart. cup and handle.

Hi Jeff,

I am a branding/design pro and my associate is a consummate code guy. We can collectively help, or you can go directly to him. Let me know. This is my first day of viewing your blog, I am grateful, have already gotten a lot out of it!

Cheers, Constance

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