Phew! What a great way to end the week. Speaking of a week that has ended, if you are going to spend time reflecting on what you have experienced, get it out of the way quickly and spend more time focusing on recharging your mind, attitude and spirit. It will better prepare you for Monday.

I realize during times like this there are a few casualties along the way. I have lost a lot of readers over the last years that wish I hadn't. But as I have discussed in the past, your career is far from over. This is one small bump on a lifelong road. While it is important to learn from these types of events, it is most important to get back on the horse and focus on the next trade. Keep focused on the fundamentals of being a successful trader and the rest will come.

I also want to thank all of you as always for your support and readership.

Have a great weekend.


Recommendation: BTW- I heard through the grapevine that I have been nicknamed "the angry trader." Hilarious! Any comments?

Long: R&R

Short: Trading

"angry" at whom?

While we've not met yet in person, experience through e-mail, here on the blog, the Marketcast, Mastertalk, etc, you don't come across that way. You're always very polite and of course we all know here that you're extremely generous with everything you do for us, your Option Addicts!

You're Swell! >:-)

Thanks for all you do, we really appreciate it!!!

Ok... Long time reader, first time poster.... With the exception of providing a comment or two to Jeff when soliciting feedback on a mastertalk presentation, trading room presentation, etc.

I've been an Investools student since April 2006 (masters program). Began live trading during the summer of 2006--with credit spreads on the SPX. What a time to begin trading that strategy... Pretty much blew up my account between then and December. Stepped away from live trading for a little while, got back into it--still with credit spreads (this time on the RUT), made up for some of the losses, then gave it all back! It finally sunk in that I needed to step away from that stategy for a while.

I've been reading this blog for a long time.... Probably almost from the beginning. I would venture to say I have learned more from here (from Jeff's posts, along with the interaction of everybody else) than anywhere else! Besides his trading rooms, mastertalk presentations, marketcast, etc...

I'm finally to the point where I am starting to feel like I can actually make this work. That I can be a successful trader. My account has actually held up this week, in spite of everything that happened... All of the diversification talk over the last few weeks has helped tremendously.

And, I'm a Pittsburgh girl, so I have to love X and the 87% return that it gave me! Of course, given my past experience, and the fact this this is my first time doing any directional trades, this was a paper trade!!!!!!! But, that's ok.... I'm building that confidence up, which is key for me.

Just wanted to make my presence here a little more "official". And wanted to say thanks to Jeff for all the great education he continues to provide, and thanks to everybody else for the constant interaction that adds to that education!

Congratulations to Brett on his venture into the "trading for a living" world... As with many other traders here, that is my goal as well. Considering my original plan was to be trading full time by July 2007 (not sure what kind of drugs I was on when I came up with that), I am now revisiting a more realistic timeframe!

Btw--my biggest mistakes?? Money management and letting losing trades run....

Jeff--I can't say my perception of you is that of an "angry trader". I actually give you a lot of credit! I've been in quite a few mastertalk presentations where you must get the same exact question 15 times, and still manage to be patient and polite! Meanwhile, I'm just sitting in my house, shaking my head and swearing at the people because they don't listen! Somehow I think you are much nicer than I would be.... Anyway, thanks again.


Let me be the first to welcome you LisaG. I guess this is one of the benefits of being on the left coast and I beat Liz or Grant to it. Jeff, someohow I felt like that woulda coulda shoulda segment on the Cast was talking right to me. I am not a WCS person normally and so it surprises me about my reaction to X even with my 176% I think that and the hit we took did it. I am back on the horse that kicked me (have really done that) and ready to ride. Maybe on a slighty different path to a brighter destination.
All have a great weekend and hey if you have been reading Jeff's blog for more that two weeks it is time to say hi to the rest of us. I promise it is not that bad at all! Oh and if you cannot figure out how to login (not be anonymous) or get your picture up Tim is great at that...thanks again Tim.

Hi LisaG - Fellow Pittsburgh resident here. Great to hear about your experience - sounds familiar! I would bet the "drugs" that you were on when you set your timetable had some Iron City in 'em!
I only post occasionally here, but I am a confirmed addict and faithfully listen to the 'cast, follow the blog and try to find the time to actually trade - paper trades mostly. We have a Pittsburgh group if you're interested in becoming involved. Let me know and I'll email you our info.

Jeff - "angry trader" what's up with that? If you're angry - then I really need some therapy!

It is this simple.

Whether it is your life, your family, your love, your job, or your trading,
There is absolutely no time for angry..negative...pessimism....nonsense!

Angry, that is silly!

I would not even give that the time of day Jeff.

We have much more important things to discuss.
As always, thanks for the blog and your time Jeff (and everyone)


Bob and Pam--thanks for the welcome.

And Brian--nice to hear from another Pittsburgh resident! I am interested in the group. You can email me the information at lmgiov@yahoo.com. How about that email Jeff and Eric got about the sign being posted on top of the USX tower?? I cracked up. I can picture it....

I know there is another Lisa that posts as well-hence the LisaG.

Go Steelers.
Life long fan

Hello Jeff,

And everyone else in the blog. I am from Waterbury, Ct and love your site. I am focusing on directional trades myself, but I have learned a lot from this blog.
I'm only "angry" that I didnt find it sooner :) Have a good weekend ...



I've never felt your wrath, seen it addressed to others or seen you angry. You have always been helpful to me when I have E-mailed you or called for assistance. You are very patient when the same questions are asked over and over again on your trading room talks. On the blog your comments sometimes can be very direct when someone asks you to trade for them or worse if you believe that they want you to except responsibility for a trade that they made. Nothing wrong with you expressing your own opinion on your own blog. I believe that you have made it very clear to us that you will NEVER EVER tell us what to trade. As a direct result of your rules I know you will never have to take any responsibility for our trades. You have never allowed yourself to be even remotely placed in that position of responsibility. My experience of you is that you are a compassionate and caring person, a teacher, an example that the business world deserves to follow, a giver and not a taker, a person that is willing to assist others to become what you are. This is unheard of in the money world today. I give you honor. I respect you totally. I thank you for all that you do for me and for the other option addicts.


Bruce Staggs

I can almost hear Michael Buffer introducing you...

"Hailing from Concord, California by way of Saratoga Springs, Utah... Jeff....The Angrryyyyyyyyy Traaaderrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

That's funny stuff. If you're the Angry Trader, I want to be known as the Gamma Guard.

Jeff K. is...confident, helpful, knowledgeable, direct, to the point, articulate...but "angry trader"?!


Whoever might be saying that about the Chief OA is obviously small minded, jealous and insecure.

my .02.

Have a GREAT and relaxing weekend everyone. Go Cubs!

Steve K.

Maybe Jeff is like Walter Sobchak, calm most of the time but passionately angry about certain issues like vietnam.

Jk, from my limited time here and interactions and observations if that nickname is serious it couldn't be farther from the truth. I am sure Jeff doesn't need us to tell him this though.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, what should we be watching next monday for market indication? Bond yields? I want to start some positions again if the market is favorable.


Well the shuttle launch was great, i thought i saw a piece of X fall from the sky (you know, b/c it soared so high today) but then i was informed that it was just the boosters falling off.

Now i am just reading some of the blog before i go to bed (and yes i am reading it backwards) i missed so much dialog today that i want to read the most recent stuff first....

Let me just say that Feb 27th hurt bad and this week i barely felt and i owe many thanks to jeff and eveybody here in this blog community. Jeff you really are superior !
Not so sure what the "angry trader" has to do with you.....sounds like shinanagans to me !!!
I swear sometimes during mastertalk i do not know how you keep your composure !! i shake my head and roll my eyes so much that to the untrained eye it may look like i am having a seizure....
okay, the best example i can remember was some lady whom asked your opinion on a stock which you had just discussed for like 3 minutes and then she said that she doesn't listen to the whole mastertalk, she just signs in at the end to get the trade ideas !!!! holy s%!$, is what i thought .....how disrespectfull could a person be...you handled it well, very well.....oh and how about "should i hold over earnings ?" jeeeeeepers !!!
i say, don't worry what someone says if it is negative...we all look up to you here and sometimes tough love is the best love....hell the market will never sugar coat the situation for us, it just lays it all out on the line and says love it or leave it !!!
so my ending thought on this saturday morning at 3:11 am (love that band) is this.......angry web ex user, maybe..... angry trader, i think not....awesome teacher, absolutely ......what other instructor takes the time to go above and beyond like you do???

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought"

The Angry Trader.

Read between the lines.

Someone is jealous of Jeffs true demeanor, attitude and willingness to help others.

Jeff, be happy that someone or some group is calling you that. I see it as a form of compliment buddy.

You got something they don't...

You got........


I agree with Tonya,
Compared to last May and Feb of this year, this correction or whatever it was was relatively painless, thanks to this blog, Market Cast and practice. Thanks for putting it all in perspective, Jeff.

Angry trader -- unless you throw stuff at the office, I don't know where that comes from. Oh, well.

Randall and Michelle

Morning everyone,
Just an add-to comment. I've just started posting. I took Investools training in Oct, started trading real money Jan 1. Feb 27 my emotions went to panic mode and I sold everything I had in a half hour. I felt fortunate because I broke even that day. This week was so different. I was calm, made choices, am still in some trades and I actually made money. I know the difference comes in large part from listening to the Marketcast and being part of this community. I am so very grateful! And so impressed by Jeff's willingness to give and give and give no matter what's going on in the market, with us on the blog, and in his personal life. It' easy for me to forget that he is a new daddy with a young family. Jeff, please say thanks to your wife for me. She deserves a lot of gratitude for sharing you with us so much. I'm off to do other stuff and enjoy my weekend. Do the same my new friends!
Katherine from Molalla, Oregon


I agree the “angry” comment is hilarious! I agree with Bob. It is a complement. Tonya is right “All that we are is a result of what we have though.”

I too am looked at as an angry person to some, a shadow reader of this blog tells me this almost daily. I take it as a compliment because I know why I am labeled as such. It is being straightforward with people even when they don’t want to hear it and being really obnoxious most of the time. In a good way of course.

All in all it was a decent week, a special thanks to X. I just wish I didn’t cut back on my position size yesterday morning. Woulda, coulda, shoulda….

I think I drank too much wine last night… it was fun.

Have a good weekend.

There once was an angry young trader,
whose father in law was Ralph Nader,
he seemed nice enough,
but he really was tough,
'cause his father was really Darth Vader.

Ooops, wasn't supposed to send that first bit without the second bit.

Jeff, you are an inspiration to us all. Your humour, your patience, your height, all give us something to aspire to. Especially the height thing. There used to be a TV show called "Grace under Pressure" and that applies to all you do. Not that you look like a girl named Grace, of course. Mind you I haven't seen you in a skirt.

We know your life is very full and constantly ask ourselves how you do it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ok, it was called Grace under Fire.

My bad.

Great to see all the new posts and those shadow readers coming out of the shadows to comment on the blog. Jeff, my experience in this angry trader thing is this - it almost always about is them not you! I was just able to listen to the Mastertalk from this week and that was another jewell - thanks! Made me wish all the more I had heard the week before. You make it look so easy.

Jeff you "Da Man", angry or not, who cares as long as you are making money and throwing out great ideas!!!


Great point. I am not concerned to the point where I am going to do anything about it because I am what I am. I was mostly concerned it my straight forward approach was considered by the majority to be offensive. My track record on the inside of the company I work for is that the audience either loves or hates me. No middle ground. In fact, I think I get the most complaints/hate mail out of any other instructor. My approach is different than what is taught, my ideas are too simple minded for people that dwell in complexity, and I am quick to discredit ideas or things I don't believe in.

On the other hand, perhaps that is why the traffic has blown up around here.

Maybe I am on to something ;)

My guess would be that you are on to something! Your approach isn't offensive at all. It's called being direct--which is awesome! I appreciate the fact that you don't have to read between the lines with you. As far as I'm concerned, there is no other way to be! Probably because I get the same kind of comments directed at me..... Oh well. Like you said--you are who you are. Can't please everyone! Glad to hear you aren't planning to change a thing.



Here's my take on your "angy" label....

When you first started this blog (and I've been here since day one) you got a lot of flack from the Investools big muckymucks. That probably made you angry. Then when you started Marketcast you had a lot of technical issues to deal with. That probably made you angry. Then you can't get your video's to load properly or on time, through no fault of your own and I'm certain that made you angry as well. Add to the mix additional technical difficulties with Mastertalk either not recording or breaking down and we know that should make you angry as well. Finally, you get some nasty emails from selfish ignorant people who blame you for their bad trades. Of course that would make you angry.

But you know what? All of that anger is justified and NONE of your anger is mis-directed at us, your humble students who think you are the most generous and caring individual to ever grace the halls of Investools. They are lucky to have you, as are we.

Most sincerely,

We love you because you get straight to the point and don't hem-haw around like some do. I think it is important to be honest with us. We are here to learn. Keep teaching. You are great.

Randall and Michelle

Hey, Jeff how were those ribs? Wait until your kids grow up and you will have competition for that food my son now eats more than I do. So are you watching the blog traffic while fishing with Eric?

I do not want to dwell on this angry thing but one more comment as my family and staff that worked for me have all called me direct, that I have a mean tone of voice, short, impatient... I think some may be true as you stated if the idea is not for me I evaluate it and move on and I normally do that faster tham most are comfortable with. I have noticed (been educated) that there are those that are more intuitive and those that are more driven by their senses that require more details. The later has been found to be the majority of the population (Pam is of this type). Your style probably does not fit them the best but for those of us that it does it is almost magical.

As I told you last week I would much rather be told direct and have hurt feelings (not likely) and be successful than feel all comfortable and safe and have no or limited success. I had to have sensitivity training in my corporate world days and basically learned it was my tone and to give people a bit more time and detail. From my view (and I bet all on this blog) we see your heart at the core.

My $0.01 based on hard earned experience. Hey, if your were doing something wrong would we be coming to your site and to your defense on a Saturday when you clearly told us to all relax!

The long and the short of it is that "e of the Blog"are here because we like Jeff's style. When I was learning to fly I had an instructor that everyone hated. The FAA allowed us to fly an altitude with a maximum variation of +-100 ft. This instructor allowed us +- 10 ft. And if we were out by 11 ft he didn't say "I'll give you a chocolate bar if you stay within the 10 ft." He said "I'll F@#&@'n kill you if you don't get it right!" Today I fly better than most in my business because of this man and I remain indebted to him forever. As Brett has said... "Tough love."

And to be honest I don't even find Jeff's love tough.


I find it's far better to be polarizing than trying to be all things to everyone. Maybe INVESTools should own up to the fact that they're not creating traders, they're just making people smarter investors. Granted, I fully support what they do, and I find it EXTREMELY invaluable toward building a solid foundation. It's great for the part-time investor and trader.

However, they should appreciate the fact that they have at least one person in that company who can raise the bar for those students that really want to move well beyond the basics and do this for a living. You never know what you have until it's gone, and apparently the morons at INVESTools will learn that lesson the hard way.

You,an angry trader is so far from the truth.I always admired you since I started listening to you how polite & patient you are.You have such a kind, giving heart.You are such a blessing to us.Thanks again.We love you.
Connie R

hey Jeff you suck! lol (jus kdn) who gives a rats ass what people think Brett said it best if they give ya any sh*t pull a "half baked" ....( f*$k you, F*$k you, your cool...f*$k you Im out)haha love that movie.

All the greatpeople in this world who have truly given of themselves to better others have undergone the type of comments/ criticism you are talking about. You should take it as confirmation that you are well on your way to making the record books.

You are truly one of the most dedicated and giving individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting if only through the net and emails so far.

I guess too Jeff for any one of the comments you may have heard like that you only have to look at a single day of comments from this post to see where truth and reality lie. And it is by far on your side.

Because of your willingness to be candid and upfront with all of us and not just give us pat answers we can all find in the course manuals, we have all grown and are moving to achieving our goals. You haven't let the establishment or convention stop you even though it may have been easier. We all respect and value what you give to us each and every day. And will support you as you have supported us. Honestly Jeff just laugh of comments like this as they would only be coming from people who don't really know you.

Have a great weekend and look forward to checking in on Monday


You did tell us to relax didn't you. I did give it most of today.

Grant called me up from work because he read the blog and wanted me to take a look so I was reading it and I think my jaw dropped at you being called "the angry trader". I think that's one of the most laughable things I've ever heard. I agree with what everybody has said on this website about you.

There's nothing wrong with wanting perfection out of what you do no matter what it is like the Marketcast and Mastertalk and the videos on your blog. That's justifiable anger. That doesn't make you an angry trader. I get angry every time I can't listen to a Mastertalk because it didn't record. I get upset when there's a million blips on Marketcast. I'm putting time and effort and money into learning all of this from Investools and I want it to work. I think it's okay to get upset over stuff like this but it doesn't make me an angry person because I expect things to work properly. That's just ridiculous. Seriously.

Now, I've never gotten upset about your blog. I view all of this as a BIG BONUS! Your commentary especially on this blog and the commentary of all the "option addicts" have helped me tremendously. We signed up for the PhD program under a very charismatic instructor and have had little to no contact from him in the little over a year since we've been doing this even though he said he'd be with us every step of the way. That's been frustrating. But I didn't stop listening to the trading rooms or master talk or reading the manuals and I just kept plugging away but nothing really clicked until I came across this blog. I sat on the sidelines for a long time just soaking up information. A light went on for me. I liked the approach. It works for me. It works for my husband. It makes sense to me. I still haven't stopped learning everything I need to still learn from Investools and I'm really excited to take the 3 day live this summer but if it wasn't for your blog and community of "option addicts" I would still be frustrated and struggling with trading feeling like I understand the concepts but I just can't replicate them. I have been able to bring my account back up to where we started a year ago and most of that has been within the last few months. I'm very excited about that. I think you're great, my husband thinks you're great and so does everybody on this blog. We all support you and are SO grateful for the time and effort you put into everything that you do.

pasadena, ca

Okay, I know that was way over 200 words. Sorry Jeff!

I'm a girl! What can I say? You're right, nothing more!

pasadena, ca

If Jeff is an "angry trader," SIGN ME UP!
I have met Jeff, talked, emailed, and listened to Jeff and I must say I enjoy his easy style, his humor and his respect for everyone he speaks with. Everyone on this blog knows how much Jeff gives out and we all respect him for it.
Jeff, remember the book I gave you and, "don't take it personally."
Maybe it has something to do with those shorts!!!

Another note...
I read "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" about J Livermore but I found "How to Trade in Stocks" by J Livermore more better. Livermore writes about "reading" the market, charts, emotions, timing and money management. All good stuff. Check it out.

Jeff, thanks for the nice reminder to let go and enjoy life outside of trading. I think the fact that you understand the need for a balanced life and encourage us that direction is a great quality. Definitely not the trait of an "angry" man.

And, thanks for the marketcast encouragement to those of us who exited X early. I really needed to hear it. And for everyone out there who exited, I'm there with you and it's ok.

Yes, I too was almost brought to tears when I saw it make its move. That only added to the emotional strain of an already stressful week and made it hard for me to make good decisions on Friday. That's the reason I'm disappointed in myself. Not because I took the exit but because I let the emotion on Friday affect the way I moved forward. We can't afford to let that happen.

I have to remember that I'm proud of my trade on X. I actually entered it during the day, before I heard it mentioned as trade of the week. I was so excited that my analysis had matched the "cast's" and that I pulled the trigger and entered on my own accord.

Emotions are a hugely powerful force. Thanks, Jeff, for reminding us that we can't let in the remorse . And, guys, unless you somehow reenter (which I am not willing to do right now), X is going to continue to sting us as it keeps moving higher. Get prepared for it. Let's celebrate with those who had the good fortune to still be in and let's keep moving forward.

Liz, how eloquent you are! Reading my mind completely! I am a lurker, but I want to be an active participant. I've been reading the blog and listening to the cast for months, in order to bring a human touch to my Investools education. I have put a great deal of time and study into all of this and made every mistake possible; and THEN, Jeff will somehow discuss that very mistake-- too late for me then, but I can always take note.

I am determined, however, and not alone as long as there is a blog! There needs to be a sign at each workshop so that the Optionaddicts can meet. What say you?

Debbie in SC.

The "angry trader"...that had to make you laugh.
Jeff, when I become a successful trader, it will be because you gave your time, patience, wisdom and support. It will be because you invited me into your world of trading and stayed with me through the tough times. It will be because you knew what to say and when to say it.
You have a gift for teaching and an abundance of patience. Thank you for sharing your life with ours.
Sticks and stones...

P.S. Happy Anniversary, Greg! Thank you for listening to me, learning with me, and loving me while I learn to trade.

Here's a thought....if you get more complaints than any other instructor at Investools then why is your master talk always the one with the most attendees ??? hhhmmmmmm
some people are not happy unless they are complaining or blaming someone else.....

I bet out of all the insructors at Investools, you come in contact with more students than any one else (between the market cast, trading rooms, mastertalk, etc). So it is just a matter of numbers.....if you only did one trading room per week and delt with 50 students per week.....then i bet you would get less complaints.

How about you tell us who to contact at Investools and we will all write in and tell them how much we love you and how you have helped us advance in our trading much faster than anyone else.

All in favor say "I"

"I" ... and ready to write ....

If this blog and Jeff was any other way than no-nonsense, I wouldn't have time for it. Let's get down to business!

Some just don't get it ....



Jeff, You probably don't remember me but I contributed a few times very early on in the blog, and emailed you a few times, but then dropped off for a while.
I have been reading your blog again recently and reading some of the articles. I have been studying my failing trades over for 2007, and some of the articles have helped me a great deal in identifying my faults, which is basically Lack of Patience, and being too aggressive.

Anyway I appreciate the time and effort you put into the blog!
I will try and contribute more going forward.


" I" all the way Tonya. I have emailed some people at Ivestools a couple of times who have been very responsive about improving and acknowledging the people on the team who do a stellar job. If Jeff wouldn't mind or we could all email and let them know who has really stood behind and promoted for real the philosophy that investools tries to realize.


* I *


You hit the nail on the head regarding complaints in relation to exposure. Sample size is important.

Maybe a trading room entitled "No Nonsense Options" should be considered by Investools. The TR would feature straight forward trading education, constructive feedback and designed for serious traders with high level goals and motivation.

It's easy to take the path of least resistance, but when we do, we limit ourselves from reaching our true abilities and goals.

That's what's great about JK. Straight forward, to the point and no time for nonsense (this doesn't mean you can't have a sense of humor). That's why he has a following. If someone does not like Jeff's style, they can "change the channel" and find a learning style and personality they can click with. There are plenty of options out there (no pun intended).

Let's go get'em on Monday. Happy trading everyone.

Steve K.

ps: Tonya, great comments!

The only time Jeff was a little angry that I remember was when there were 50 questions a day for two weeks about holding over earnings. I feel he handled it way better than I would have.


For Pete's sake y'all... Of course, it was a joke. Many of you got the fact that it was a "play" on Jeff's no-nonsense style.

And I think it was probably good for Jeff to get a "measurement" of the audience, to see if his "plain talk" was being interpreted incorrectly.

Keep it goin' Jeff... This is the best blog out there... it certainly has the most active audience of those I've seen!

im a native new yorker so even if you were angry(which your not)im not easily offended. you do a great job all around and pls know your greatly appreciated. your not the angry trader...maybe the "tall trader"
stay well!


Starring 5000 units of crude oil, one hell of an angry CDF trader....

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