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LOL I'm backing up the truck as we speak....

OK, Addicts. Is ICE a failed H&S pattern?

Thanks for the watch list. It's good to know that I wasn't just seeing things with all those stocks looking like inverse H&S formations. I still have a harding time when the formations are upside down. ;-)

Been in GRMN for 3 days as well (not including weekend).


I'm obviously still having a difficult time spelling... "harding". Should be "hard".


You are killing me and T-Bone. We are also have a truck load of GRMN paper.

For those of you that don't know T-Bone (Teresa) is my better two-thirds. You may have heard me make reference in the past.

We were both dying laughing on the "any longer" comment.



GRMN, DAKT, NVDA, nuff said.

Oh yeah and some fool downgraded RIMM so the pullback may offer some entry point for addition. Waiting to see.

Keep an eye on VSEA for when it breaks $56.80 - will be 52-week high at support- stock has been on a roll, strong semi stock.

James H.

Yes. But... it's now touching trendline support.


EXM, BSCI, VIP, all look great.

AKAM, is quite a nice Bear Flag breaking now!

Know about it!

ATW and THE PHOENIX AHHHHHHHH, I do not know if I can handle the tax consequences.




No, it is not a broken H & S..I felt it needed more volume on 8/15 when it confirmed, so I avoided it.

It had a target when it broke it's nechline of about a 25 - 30 pt move, which happened when it hit $117 on 8/16...you needed to grab your profit that day when it hit its target and bounced off support....all that same day.

ICE has recently bounced off that trendline again on 8/28 and 8/29..

For me, right now, there is no trade on ICE...

I hope you are all in NVT. Looking really fine today as is TSL.

For those of you in the same bullish trades I am in, you can see I had a very successful bear hunting weekend.

Big guns always work on bears...

Arty, it's about time you posted, you were quiet there for a few days....

TSL looks great, soon time to add(already).

AMZN..at my REE...and holidays approaching...

BCO...know about it....


It had already hit it's target long ago. Instead of calling this a failed pattern, consider it successful and completed already.


You make me seem so wordy....(ICE)

Alright, thanks gang.

GRMN more than makes up for the little loss.

BIDU-breaking above 214 resistance. Looking for volume.



BCO...been on my watch list

AMZN...Been watching this one also, is your REE 80ish?


VSEA broke through $56.80 - now at 52 week highs - depending on your rules - watch it - its at support and at 52 week high. I'm going to buy it if it stays above $56.80 at close.

James H.


the description about REE must be after Jan, 07 blogs because I have not run across it yet. I am reading through Jan ,07

the anticipation is killing me? my guess is the butler did it :-)

Any other REE's? I have to wait to watch video later because home inspectors are here and have to vacate. Already in AMZN. Any bearish REE's? Mine all stopped out last week and we'll probably get a pull-back day here soon. Just don't want to miss good entries for trades because I can't watch video til late afternoon.

Thanks, all.


What do you see in BCO besides a triangle that could go either way?

Bearish at or near REE = ABC, CVH, NYX and VMC.

AMZN...yes, a thick line at $80, I might even give it a little more wiggle room, but I like it..

REE...I tried to hammer that point home coining REE a few months ago I guess, not even sure exactly when. I hope it is helping.....

BCO....you got it DG....you are with the program!!!

BTU...for the bear in you, getting VERY close to a REE...

Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups! Clean Cups!


Go to the new post for directions to the free Price Pattern Trading Room. Help Jeff do a retake.


ARTC from Marketcast breaking out - probably already been mentioned - but I hadn't seen it yet.

James H.

ARTC Do you all buy this the day after the breakout or wait for confirmation?


Breakouts are self-confirming. That is the event you are waiting for to take a trade. The longer you wait, the worse the risk/reward.

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