The End of a Long Day

Recommendation: Don't go anywhere just yet, I plan on writing later today. After all, I am a long ways out from my presentation tonight.

Long: GNR

Short: China

Disclaimer: It has been a long day

Aren't you too young for that song Jeff? :)

Stopped by the convenience store to gas up and get a drink on the way in from Atlanta today. Thought I would get me a MEAN BEAN for the ride home. Man I hate paying $2.49 for a drink...Oh wait a minute. We are getting paid to drink this stuff! How much would a full truck cost?


Are you doing Masterstalk tonight?

You're name is not on the list so I didn't think you were.

Anybody besides me in NTRI puts? Check out it's after hours trading.

Ooohhh, bad grammar. Its, not it's. Sorry kids, I'm really nuts about grammar.


I am a GNR Band-aid.


Yes, I am teaching. Any requests?


did you see that boggers choice awards? are you in the running or want to be?


I don't have any puts on NTRI, but I now I wish I did. Did you see the news on NTRI... their earnings will not be so great, so it seems.

I hope it gaps open in your favor in the morning! Have a plan in place for profit-taking!!! Whooo-hooo.

Hmmmm...Let me think on it.

Are teaching in Kelly's spot or Pat's?

Oooh! Laney I am so jealous if it stays down there! But happy for you too! I was waiting to see if it was going to break through $47.50. I think we've got our answer.

Um...yeah i've got a LOT of NTRI puts, and i believe we had a discussion about it on the blog Monday was it?


Yeehaw, you're the come-back kid, just like the bloggers said would happen. Congrats to all who took it.

When you were holding me down twisting my arm to short NTRI on Monday. When I was crying about not being able to find any good shorts and, I was busy buying more GRMN. I didn't buy puts in NTRI.

What an ass I am! And nice job on loading up on those NRTI puts.



Can you go over trading flag patterns tonight? I'm spent some time explaining them to Dan but he wants to hear it from the master.

Thanks, Kim


Fill me in...I haven't heard of this, but would be interested.

Wow. I think I have to give up golfing. I had to catch up on about 300 posts once I got back.

Matt, I paper traded for a full year before risking real money which I now know was a huge mistake and a waste of time. Paper trade long enough to become comfortable with navigating your on-line broker's site or to briefly test a new strategy and then get in the game. I traded a lot of 1 lots first to improve entry and exits and to minimize emotion. That worked for me.

David S.- I couldn't remember if this site was posted to keep track of advancers and decliners in the Dow and Nasdaq. It is a lengthy discussion but once you set it up on TOS charts, it is there until you remove it.

NTRI-----YES! for once I am on the right side of a gap (that is if it is there in the morning). Thanks to whoever pointed that one out on 9/28.

Jeff, thank you for DAKT on the watchlist.

If my account has its better days on the days I am golfing, do I worry or just golf more??

Jeff, I saw it on another site. but your blog seems like the obvious winner.

Um Sean

Are you kidding? Isn't your account doing better while your golfing just a win/win?

Clean Cups

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