Closing Bell

Recommendation: I hope you swing for the fences on the next trade as well.

Long: The firm minimum.

Short: The loving memory of being a broker. I mean, salesman.

Disclaimer: I've been tagged as a Salesman for my "Fever" in HANS. Hence the video.

You can "sell" me on a stock any time.

Catherine's ready to kill me. We have friends arriving from BC in an hour and my job is to vacuum. I'm sitting on the stairs (now, I should point out that the vacuum is on the floor and primed for action) just checking one more time on the blog. DG was right. When we're home, everything gets abandonned for trading. When at work, I'm thinking of trading. Although I do tend to keep an eye on what's going on in the cockpit, too.

Honest. Oh, oh. I hear the hammers rattling.

OMG Jodi-
You got blonder, got extensions and well... you're much bigger! Wow!


I think you nailed it on the head. When I'm here and I'm trading nothing else gets done and then when I'm rushing around trying to play catch up I'm still constantly thinking about stocks and charts.

You better get to vacuuming or your head will be mighty sore from all that hammering!


There were some great posts today. Thanks for sharing everybody!

Did anybody see BVN today? Very nice!


I have been struggling with exactly your dichotomy for months now. I realized one thing that can't stop working ends up being a limitation. Now I am not going to get too big for my britches here and quit working, but I continue to to move that (work) limitation further away. No better way to to that than cut losses short, and let winners run. Keep your chin up and stay as focused as you can on trading.


Not only did I see BVN today so did about 500,000 other people.



DG (and others),

I know exactly where you are coming from. All I want to do is trade, read about technical analysis, study charts, etc. It has, without a doubt, become my passion. I feel like I do everything else half-assed which so goes against who I am. It is a constant struggle. I left a pretty decent paying job at a mutual fund company here in Pittsburgh a few years back to become a Mortgage Broker so that I could have more flexibility.

Given the state of the industry right now, I should be giving everything I have to that job... But, I don't. I do what I need to do to pay my bills. Not the way I'm used to living, but I keep telling myself that ultimately, trading is what I want to do, and someday I will be good enough to do it full-time. But I have to sacrifice in order to get there. Which I am completely willing to do. It drives certain people in my life crazy--especially my father who can't imagine working on 100% commission, not knowing if you are going to get a paycheck. But, going back to the corporate world is not even an option for me. Right now, I have the flexibility to watch the market every day, stay on top of the blog all day, study when I want, etc. And I wouldn't trade it for anything at this point. Even a stable salary!

Fantastic video...

BVN & DRYS! Whoo Hoo!


Arty, C4, TAFKAA,

Wow, you have too many names. Did I understand you correctly in that you are going to full time trading or are you just quitting your day job or at least postponing the exit?

The Artistically Challenged, Presently Known as Sean M.

What a great week it has been! Great returns from last weeks watch list. I appreciate the patience which this blog has taught. I was trying to figure the value of such an education, and I don't know if you could put a figure on it.
Jeff, just how much are you paying these guys to make this the best financial blog on the internet?:)
(This comment based on the new readers comment from yesterday).
For you guys discussing potty training for the boys, they love to pee off the back porch.


Ummm... since we live in an apartment I don't think the neighbors downstairs would be too thrilled.

And thank you all for the suggestions. You'd think we'd have gotten it down by now with two older ones but each one is different and stubborn in their own way.

Anyway, Grant wanted me to thank you all as well. He told me that he wasn't expecting suggestions. He was just trying to make an analogy about trying and trying again until one succeeds. So he said he sees the suggestions as a bonus. ;-)


liz & grant

By the way Liz

That was a pretty nice comment Grant made on the last post, Jeff was right, you got a good man there!

Just back and have read through the posts about leaky people and such. I know that I am late to the topic but my experience is that other than limitations that people are born with or accidents during life most are self imposed. Many many people want to be the boss in the corporate world but do not want the pain and work to get there. I have seen this for decades and even tried to help a few that felt I was just lucky. In the same way Jeff, Brett and Raimo are just lucky. Are all cut out to be traders - no. Could they be if they were willing to commit to the work - probably.

Speaking of limitations I have had a full bull account that I wanted a bear trade today and only had a couple minutes to enter it. For reasons I will not go into I was really rushed and on the stop forgot to change to "if above" so it sold for a little loss - this really ticked me off. Good news is that Pam got back in and we are now up on the trade but talk about limitations!

Kim - GRMN!

Chris, hope you feel better soon.

Liz, so your new picture is your reaction to Grant coming home early?

I bought GNK around 62.50 at support. I notice the dip today has huge volume. Is that a huge sell, or is that volume buying also. Should I be ready to bail tomorrow due to the large volume on this down day.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

SCHN-the gift that keeps on giving.


Bob-Now we've had the talk about not mentioning "the stock that must not be named"

"Don't make me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry."

Signed, Bill Bixby

Bill ah er Kim,

I warned you this morning and as a good honest soul had to follow through, I just had too. But, if you notice I was not the first one to do it today.

Tip for the day: Stay away from that green food coloring.

Signed, Eddy (are you old enough to know...)

Raimo, I know that you are hunting
struggling with demons you're confronting,

when you shoot the little fawn
don't you think of your own spawn?

once you shoot at little dear
option addicts are next I fear,

I know that you live to shoot
are you compensating for something minute?

the size of your gun is not a match
and your manhood you should not attach,

to your success on the killing fields
no matter what the booty yields,

I can't argue, you eat what you kill
just don't shoot bulls, that gives me a chill,

'cause if your eating a fresh kill burger
you might miss an important merger,

that could push stocks like MCD higher
but deer meat, I'm sure they won't acquire,

'cause Bambi does not look good in a bun
and short brown hairs in your teeth is not fun,

so please, just shoot snakes, we all understand
we will study your stocks, we're in your command,

but don't put your sights on those in OA gear
except for C2, whose back is hairy I fear,

Did I forget to mention DG the RE-Agent
whose in competition with Jodi in the blonde beauty pagent,

they are up against the other beauty named Laney
who is dating the daughter of Dick Cheney (just kidding Laney),

So Raimo, holster your gun, pick the raw meat from your jaws
we love you including all of your flaws,

and continue your support to those who are waiting
for you to stop self-flaggelating,

we know why you escape to the forest
it is a cover-up because you're a florist,

and like pretty flowers, blue, pink and green
they make you feel like a beauty queen,

we realize your guns are just a mask
be happy,the blog policy is DON'T TELL, DON'T ASK!!!!

The Phantom Poet


GNK: That's a toughie!

Down almost 4pts on heavy volume. Trend reversal? I don't think so, but I, of course could be wrong.

Look at the "All" chart: GNK is at an ALL-TIME high. So those stock holders who got in at the very beginning are going "YES! I'm taking profits!" And they sold today.

Now, look at a 1-day chart. It seems that the majority of the selling came at the opening bell. One or two zealous sellers, maybe? The rest of the day, the stock basically traded sideways.

Now, you said that you got in around $62.50? So you should be sitting on some profits. You could take profits now, and look for reentry in the next few days if it seems that this little dip was in fact a false alarm. What you don't want to do is see your profit turn to a loss because you sat there paralyzed, right? (Ask me how I know about that!)

Also, check the news. They just posted something about their shares being priced at $67.00 (I didn't read the entire article, just glanced at it. How will that affect your trade? (This may depend on your time frame.)

So here's my advice: plan what you're going to do tomorrow BEFORE tomorrow. If you go into tomorrow without a plan, you might get emotional, scattered, and do who knows what!?!?!

What will you do if the stock opens higher? Lower? About even? Will you trade in the "amateur hour," the first hour of trading? Or will you wait a few hours to get a better gauge of the day's price action? What is your line in the sand?

Plan your trade, then trade your plan!

Hope this helps! :)


SCHN-very nice looking.

In regards to GNK--that is a lot of volume but the short candlestick indicates little price movement and consolidation. Usually a spinning top indicates indecision overall. Also, the stock just reached a new high and has decided to rest. It looks like it might be making new support around 65. But as with any candles, etc they all require confirmation. I would just wait until tomorrow to see what happens. You have pretty solid support where you bought in. I wouldn't worry yet just let the price action tomorrow tell you what you need to do.


I'm scared! You turned green!



Have you guys read the Market Wizards books?

Well, with regards to the obsession with the market that many of you speak of, it seems to be a trend among successful traders. That sure makes me feel good as a beginning trader because I am becoming more and more enamored with studying the markets! Many of the traders interviewed in those books claim that they are absolutely obsessed with the markets, many trading around the clock, through sickness, after surgeries, etc.

So hats off to those of you who literally love the markets and love trading. It may well lead to millions...I know I certainly hope so!


Liz, I think you meant Kim. LOL, that picture is funny.

YAY! I got poemed. :-) No offense PP, it's all good.

Very witty, as usual.


I think you're talking about me. I'm getting ready to open a can of whoop a$$ on Bob for mentioning "the stock that must not be named". All 4'11" of me. That'll scare him...right?

PP -
I confess to not being a huge fan of poetry but this time you've totally outdone yourself.
" It is a cover-up because you're a florist" will keep me chuckling through tomorrow I'm sure.

Raimo - you have your work cut out for you.

Whoops! I'm logged in as Dan. It's me! Kim! I'm here!

Okay. I'm back.

Did anyone bring up AKAM today? It broke down on nice volume.


I just noticed that BPHX has options now. But no open iterest yet on them.

May be we can generate some :)

In AKAM and enjoyed the ride down today.

va beach girl,

I took a trade on AKAM near the end of day. Target arround 23.7 (about 5.5 points down).

Kim, I thought you were trying to confuse me. Guess what? Pam asked that I make Key Lime Martini's tonight. What is with this green theme? I did not get the second batch right so I have had too many and so typ in g and tho ughts may be of f a bi t.

4-11? While I am not King Kohler size 6-3 is a bit larger than 4-11. To scare me you have to wait for the martinis to wear off. Raimo with that gun scares me! As a kid I used to drive the hunting party ( my Dad and cousins ) around as I was not deemed a hunter yet. Keep in mind on the farm we drove at 9 years old.

Sorry Laney and Kim-
My thoughts and threads got jumbled after being scared by that picture!


Thanks for you comments. I do have a good man on my side.


Driving at 9. Scary! That's only 3 years older than my oldest. I can't imagine! Though I'd like to drive some of these stocks I'm in higher. And about the picture... Grant did take them. Soon, I will have a picture of the both of us. But that requires me actually finding someone to take it first. My oldest doesn't qualify just yet. I've seen the pictures he takes. And though they are artistic in nature, I don't think it's the right style for the blog.

Missed AKAM. Looks good.

I've been mostly managing my account this week, analyzing other trades and studying the market but not really getting into too much because I'm at my personal limit. I've got to sell some stuff before I will buy anything more. In time I will also be able to multi task as well in trading as I do around the house but I'm not there just yet.


Another symptom of addiction is getting five hours of sleep per night (Mon through Thurs) as a result of catching up on the blog each evening.

A friend of mine from college used to say “you can sleep when you are dead!” Hmmm…

At this hour I have been unable to contribute much of anything except, sweet dreams of trading. And sweet it is!

Krystal and Liz
Thanks for your help. We will see what happens, I just had a tough time figuring that one. Have a good day.

Futures are down. Is today going to be a breather for the market?


Bob-Tell your wife I LOVE Key Lime Pie Martinis. It's been nice sparring with you. Now I have to find a new picture for today so I stop scaring people.

Mahmood- Gonna work on trying to get into AKAM at the open. I like your calculation of the price target.

Liz-Sorry! I'll find something more calming for today.

too early to tell,,there are a few economic announcements at 8:30 est

aug personal spending,,est. 0.4%
aug personal income, est, 0.4%
aug PCE core (YoY), est 1.8%

those at 8:30

at 9:45, sept chicago PMI,est,53

I've been at the office since 4:30 am. Actually, I've been here before 6:00 all week, but for some reason this morning i was just excited to get here.

Anyway, I have been listening to a lot of iTunes this am, and a song came on that I think everyone here ought to listen to.

When I was at my old job, working so hard to become a trader, I went through all the frustrations many of you are going through. I had days where I went to bed ready to quit, only to wake up determined to try harder. I felt like I was trying to break into a world that didn't want me in it. I worried that I was being naive and that all the people telling me I was crazy were right. I had to dig deep inside myself and use every spare minute of every day to try and master this stuff and speed up my learning curve. I realized the only thing that will get you to seemingly impossible places is to never stop dreaming and never listen to people who don't know what's in your heart. It's those moments when you're alone, driving or walking. Laying in bed or looking at the stars. Telling the world that, sooner or later, you're coming to grab it.

Music was a big help, as it always is. Sometimes songs speak to you and give you the sense of inspiration that you really need when you're attempting to change your life. Anyway, one song just came on that I think everyone here ought to listen to. I remember about a year ago it always kept me fired up about this dream. It's "Waiting for my real life to begin" by Colin Hay. Don't hold the fact that he was in Men at Work stop you from enjoying this song.

So listen to it, and hopefully it will keep you dreaming about conquering the odds and trading for a living. My real life has begun, and this song will always be a reminder that when you want something, go and get it.

(side note: It's actually a great CD and probably the best song on there from the movie Garden State is worth having too. It's called "I Just Don't Think I'll Get Over You.)

nice post Brett

Here is a link to the song that Brett mentioned. There is no video but it's a great way to listen to the song.

Great song, Brett!


Thanks, Brett. That was uplifting.
Good way to start the day.
If you don't mind sharing, what was your other job?

Sue, thanks for the heads up on the ecnomic news. I have been out of the loop a lot lately. This blog really helps.



Awesome post. Thanks for continuing to share this type of information.


with your husband's login,,,does he trade forex?

Thank you, Brett, for the great post and a perfect song to match. And thanks for your steadfast contribution to this community.


Very inspiring. Thank you. It is astonishing how we all go through similar events.

Great post! I happen to like Men at Work, I am a true 80's girl at heart.

Great inspiration for today.:-)


No, he doesn't. It's an homage to all of us. We've been told that Cpt 1Lot is how the market markers refer to non-professional traders. He has it on his license plate on his Ridgeline, too.

Thanks for the song, Brett.

Thanks Brett for starting the day with an inspiration.

Good words and good music.

In so many ways so many of us are inspiring to get to where you have reached and hearing the incouraging words are very helpfull. This has been a yoyo week for me but I much in a much better state then I was just a week ago. working on getting to the next level.

Thanks Jeff for having a forum like this.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are a true inspiration and I'm glad I have you as one of my mentors.


Hey guys Have a look at IBM. It does not have large sporadic moves but you cant deny the beautiful set up.

Keep it on focus. Also FSLR had a lot of volatility yesterday it was up six to end down 4. This morning is up 4 pre market,if it crosses 120 I think it could have a good move. anyone agree?

My grand daughter is on her way over and she always has some good picks for me, its gonna be a good day.

Kim check out Farm Fresh store #168 located at 3353 Western Branch Blvd. in Chesapeake,LOL just don't take the big green guy with ya, it might scare my son.

Have a grat trading day

fcx,,,enter on your signal


Don't say I didn't warn you!!


Thank you. I needed to hear both what you said and the song.


SPW, great call, Brett.

I know they mentioned this trade on the Market Cast. I am not playing it, just watching it. Anybody willing to share what they see technically? I see it moving up, but am having trouble finding support.



has horizontal support at 100,,but is also sitting at a diagonal support line,,forming a flag/wedge,,,,,plus it is a play on the weak dollar

AMZN looks to be at REE for anybody wanting to play this one.



at a very interesting spot

Looks like Whole Foods WFMI must be stocking and selling Monster Java now.

Thanks. I can see both of those.
I am just trying to make sure I am identifying support and resistance properly these days (kind of important.) Thanks for checking my homework for me (laughter.)


Hey guys, this is just a bit of trivial information but I just noticed the SPY is now trading in penny-wide markets like the Q's and the IWM. I knew it was coming but didn't know when. Nice.

WHR just retested the triangle breakdown, as well as the long term trendline. Down it goes.

FWLT is bouncing from support.

JSDA looks like it may be awakening from the dead???

Brett, listening now - thanks.

Liz, my daughter would take pictures without heads so I know what you mean.

Kim, me too.

Chris, I thought you would at least tell me how to change my picture if you were going to change yours.

Tim, thanks for the heads up on SPY as I have not been able to intraday trade it this week and did not notice the change.

Again, I am in meetings all day so will have to catch up tonight. Until then...waiting for my real life to began.

Oh and one thin Pam and I are doing to keep positive is finding at least one thing that happened each day that was magical that we can celebrate together. It is really surprising how many trully wonderful things happen during the day and at the end of the day we have totally forgotten them and did not celebrate them. Try it!

ELON, Broke Diagonal support yesterday (on good volume too). It is getting very close to stopping me out if it crosses the 30-day MA.

Brett, this is one you really liked too ... do you see it moving into a horizontal channel between 26 (support of last bounce off of diagonal) and 30?

Note: on Chap 6 of TA Analysis book :)


I see it rocketing to about $80/share in a year. But for now, that channel you described is pretty accurate for the short-term. A break either way is decisive for me.


Those are some very encouraging words. I am curious what your old job was and what your major was? I am assuming from your profile something in accounting or econ?

I would love to be a professional trader but I doubt that is likely right out of school(done this may). Ideally I'd love to work for some type of financial institution but the problem is I didn't really gain this intense interest until this past april so my major is Business and Marketing Eduation and Sociology(formerly engineering, haha). Most are looking for a finance background so I feel disadvantaged.

Could you give me any more insight into your journey or maybe some tips to getting a steady job that might actually teach me trading at the same time?

I don't want to pull this way off topic so if you have time and wanted to email it would be greatly appreciated. :-)



Holy Smokes Jeff

You've turned into quite the warrior!

Fellow Option Addicts

Many of you have given TOS a real thumbs-up. I've decided it time to move on from Ameritrade. Before I fund my new TOS thought it best to make NetCall on TOS performance. Any downside aspects I should investigate before I commit?

Assuming TOS is still tops... would also appreciate pointers on learning how to use it well - especially for options.

Thanks in advance. - Jim A

If email response is preferred -

Just download it and try it (set up a paper account first). View all the on-line tutorial videos rather than just playing around. I only have experience with it and Scottrade and there is no comparison.


Jim A,

I really like TOS. In fact once you download their software to your computer or laptop, you can click in the "Help" tab, and click any one of their many tutorials to learn about the different features of their software (tutorials range from 6 mins to 86 minutes).

I like TOS a lot.


Check out ACO... and ascending triangle with a 6 point move when it breaks out.

JP from OC

Something to keep in mind as you start job hunting... If you do choose to work somewhere in the financial world, there is a very good possibility that you may have some limitations on your trading abilities. As I mentioned before, I used to work for a mutual fund company in Pittsburgh. Any brokerage accounts had to be disclosed, and all trades had to be pre-cleared. However, I was in a position where I had access to trading/portfolio management information so my restrictions were a lot tighter than other peoples.

Also, a friend of mine just went to work for Merill Lynch. She had to move all her accounts to them. I am not sure what type of restrictions she has, if any. Just something to think about, and inquire about, as you are going through the interview process.

Brett, I just bought some ELON on the dip.

Jim A.,

Watch the tutorial videos. They are long, but very worth it. Also, go to the TOS website and find the "chat archive" and you can listen to a wealth of audio instructions on the software as well as trading strategies.

Get into the Analyze tab. It is amazing.

Try WCG At REE what say you

You're sure brave, Tim.

I'm watching this intraday inverse head and shoulders reversal set up on ELON, and then when it confirms over $28, it should zoom right back to $30.

Brett, where do you see a left shoulder? Maybe at 8:31 AM?



You're watching an ih&s on ELON? What chart are you using...just the 1 day?

Your comment is confusing to me. Tim said he was buying the dip, and you're looking for it to shoot up, so why did you say he's brave?

Can you clarify for a stay-at-home mom who's been up half the night with a newborn?...




What if the pattern doesn't materialize?

David ... WCG ...

It's on my radar .. I got in on the AT breakout at 101 .. got out at 108 ... Would like to see end of day on it and then decide .. but that's a hefty drop so far today and it is close to REE on my chart!

Krystal, he's brave because the IH&S hasn't confirmed, the 1yr chart shows broken diagonal and 30-Day MA support on good volume ... the stars are not lined up for this to be the best entry point until there is a confirmation of a intra-day reversal.

At least that's my take ... I have a bit of a cushion thanks to Brett alerting us all to this stock a few weeks ago, but this price action doesn't look encouraging at this point.



Hey there!

I don't know...I didn't identify it as a potential pattern, someone else did.

I was just curious as to what they were looking at.



Perhaps that is why he is considered brave?

pull up the 5-day on ELON. you'll see a downtrend, a left shoulder, a head and then what's going on now.

Also, since closing my WNR puts 2 days ago, I went long on it. I think refiners have gotten murdered and this one's at horizontal support. Also, the long-term trendline is just below. And if you need any more confirmation, Raimo took this trade yesterday. The guy's magic lately.

Just to clarify from my perspective. I don't see it breaking the diagonal yet. I see it pulling right back to it. I got in when it made the big pullback below 27. I knew that if it stayed there on volume or went lower I may be out by day's end with a small loss. But this has such a strong trend, I think there's an equally good chance it'll hold.

It isn't my absolute favorite setup so I took a smaller position than even my normal position, but I think there's a pretty good chance it goes up from here. If not, very small loss.

I do appreciate everyone saying that I'm brave, though. I feel like Jeff's picture.

VMI looks like a good entry today on the bounce (H&D support).
I'm going to close PXP today on a close above 43.6. Anybody agree? Stopped out of VRTX this morning by a hair.



It looks like a good call to close out PXP. I closed out my AZO this morning.

I had a paper trade on VRTX that I closed out...I don't know what's up with it. Consolidation? Reversal? Don't know, don't care anymore.




great post earlier. I'm surprised Investools hasn't tried to put you to work. And those in ELON, keep your eyes on the big picture(unless very short term). Strong up trend, nice pullback(which is healthy) and on a 6 month chart you could even see an ascending triangle setting up.

If today closes w/ a hammer, I'll be adding to my position.


I had the same thoughts on ELON, but I hadn't really noticed the ascending triangle. HMMM...



I had a symmetrical triangle on the 6-month, with the last 2 white candles the breakout.

Anyone else watching GT today? I think Chris is in this one long-term, but i love the double bottom reversal on volume and the retest today. Plus, back out on the chart and you'll see what the stock did after the last correction.

Love it.

I'll add a double bottom re-test on old Cohen & Steers (CNS).

Or we can call it a triple bottom, for whoever wants to challenge the details.

someone mentioned FWLT.

If anyone is in this, are you playing a cup/handle that broke out on 9/12, or maybe you're going shorter term and playing bull flag if it holds today?

happy trading!



Thanks a lot for the input, that is something I hadn't thought about much but thought could be an issue.

It seems like Jeff and Eric are in an ideal position, they can trade and at the same time talk about their trades.

Maybe i'll have to be a bartender so I work nights and won't have to watch the market at work, lol.

thanks again for the advice.


You doing OK on MON?

Am I the only person in the world the kept a position in WCC to "let it run?"




I see what you're seeing,but when I counted 3 touches at 30, I drew a straight line.

Jeff or gang:

What is your take on ZNH it seems like there is support there. What say you?

Also TRMB is at ree or close to it

Potential trade of the day setting up on USTR too. It's early, but if this triangle break holds, i'm seeing a target of $ LEAST to $45 support.

And it could be bombs away for NTRI as well.

No problem. I thought about the bartender thing too, until someone told me that I would probably only last one night before I would get fired from throwing a drink in someone's face! Unfortunately, I have a bit of a problem hiding the the attitude... Call it a personality flaw...

STRA ree

check out SINA, it is bouncing from support of last breakout.

POT and TNH are running not a good entry here but keep an eye on ot as tnh is coming to resistance at 133

People need fertilizer (POT) to go with the seeds (MON). Both on fire today. So much for POT retesting $100.

Joel R.

Retest of resistance on CNA


What's up with POT?


I am not sure what's up with POT but it sure is nice to me today, wish my other holdings would do something similar.


Clean Cups! Twice.

Is anybody else in OI? Raimo, aren't you? Are you smiling with me?...

I'm in OI ... looking nice.



Still wondering what to do with MON.

Jeff, just initiate an ACAT transfer and move your MON shares to my account.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Double down on MON I think that thing is going to be trading at about $250 soon.

I did notice something about some big gainers like MON, POT, and OI today. There has been some big profit taking over the las hour or so.

Is this something that is normal at quarter end? Trying to make the books look good for Quarter end?


I was thinking of adding to HANS???



VA Beach Girl,
Nice recipe on the 'Cast Friday. I think you should share it here for those who didn't hear it. Whenever we all get together for the OA meeting... you and liz are in charge of the drinks.

Prince TAFKAA, (aka C4) I couldn't figure out if your recipe was supposed to be a desert or a final meal before heading to the electric chair. By the way... I think the selling at the end of the day was definatly "end of quarter bonus time" selling. I wish I'd thought of it on Thursday because my RRSP got hammered. ELON is killing me right now, especially with it being down 10% yesterday. I have stock in it though, so my exit strategy is very different. I just wait until I've lost enough money and then run around the house screaming "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" and Catherine knows it's time for a benedril and she fires up the computer and sells something.

HANS and GLD are the two stocks I'm ready to kill some kind of innocent animal over. Raimo... teach me all you know. Find me a rattler and a chanisaw. Anything. Jeff... I should have listened to you on HANS and I came within a whisker of taking Eric's suggestion on GLD but I had no cash in my RRSP and I though "how far can gold go?"

Hey the canuck buck closed over $1.00 US today. Jodi and I are rich.

Should have got into MON on the bounce off it's 70 support about a month ago.

Lots of shoulda, coulda, woulda's right now. I'm almost ready to get back into the options fully again. We've done really well just trading about 4-$5,000 for the past month and a bit. We're up almost 100% (again... this is the second kick at the cat. The first one fell off a hot tin roof, and has slowly climbed back up.)

Well, we took our oldest daughter to a University yesterday for a tour. Made me want to go back to University myself. I suggested to Catherine that we sell the house, take one course a semester and move into residence. The food is awesome, and the campus has lots of great... um... scenery. Like trees and such.

Well tomorrow's a long day (Toronto to Las Vegas, then back to Montreal) but Tuesday I'm going to be around and we're going to make some money. I still haven't caught up on the days that I missed but I shall try.

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