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You know what, trading really sucks sometimes. Ever feel that way? The reason this post comes late in the day is that I golfed this morning with Alan Keate and Mike Turvey. We played 18 holes. (PS- If you talk to Alan, tell him if trading doesn't work out he should be a golf instructor.) He helped me get my mind right this morning. Anyway, I hacked pretty bad on the first nine, but played very consistent on the back nine. What was interesting is that the market didn't even cross my mind. For sure it was going down, duh! What a no-brainer!

When I finally arrive and saw the affect in my trading account, I contracted what seemed to be a rare case of terrets syndrome. Funny thing that the market is closed, it went away! To tell you the truth, I am totally stumped...and I have frozen like a deer in headlights. I have not closed anything, but still considering getting out of the market until the conditions decide to be tradeable. For right now I have about 4.5 hours left to come up with a topic to speak about tonight. Hopefully I can find something interesting...but if you have any suggestions, float them my way. By the way, I was told that I cannot use company resources to advertise this blog. Until this morning, I wasn't really worried about it, since this page came up eaasilly through google...but after trying to Google it again today, it didn't show up. I'm sure I will find a way to advertise eventually.

I'll post after I decide on a topic for tonight.

You show up just fine when I google "Jeff Kohler trader blog".

I share your pain in today's market. What should have gone down went up and what should have gone up went down!

I took a quick profit yesterday in WHR Put and after seeing what happened today, I'm glad I did. I know you're supposed to let the winners ride but with this choppy market I am tired of seeing my profits evaporate and turn into losses. There's an old sailing saying for when you encounter choppy water or rough weather...
Sheet in and sail ugly.

I had no problem finding you on Yahoo search. Thanks for all your effort to help us.

Jeff, I love the image on this post.

Karen, nice comment on "sheet in and sail ugly." I'm a board-sailer/windsurfer and the saying applies there as well.

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