LVS Follow-Up

I hate to admit, but yes I did close out on LVS today. Since I was not near my computer I had a stop in at $8.00 and I was stopped out. It was unfortunate to see this one end, but this was all I wanted to risk on this trade. Luck would have it that it will likely rally strong tomorrow on a good CPI report. Ah well... a 8.00 on a 1.50 investment is not bad. I hope you all enjoyed this gem we discovered last week. Nice work!

What I am really wondering is what will happen to WYNN tomorrow. Since it was up $4 in the morning, I walked away thinking I didn't need a stop in there. Whoa! Is that what they call a gravestone doji?

Sure looks like the star of death aka - tombstone doji. However, I am sticking to having my stop set at 89.30. If I get stopped out I have a tidy profit from entry on 11/8, if it keeps going I keep the ride alive.

The payout of $6 a share is for share holders owning on 11/23 - how do you think this will influence the price movement?

Hi Jeff.
Great exercise. I'm curious, if you had been able to watch LVS (instead of being away from your computer) would you have exited on 11/15, and what is the thought process and/or probabilities you're employing (e.g., at what point would you have reasoned LVS is pulling back and isn't likely to close even or higher)?
Many thanks,
Honu Mike
(Formerly -Mike...choosing more colorful handle since Mike is a common name. Honu is Hawaiian for turtle)

We are also wondering whether our "WYNN"er will end, but so far so good. I just keep moving the stop up, but am seriously considering selling one of the contracts. Take the money and run!

oops - forgot to add the symbol WYNN to my question about the $6 a share payout on 11.23 and impact on the stock. Thats what happens when you get giddy with the big winners....

XMSR looks like it's retesting a double bottom breakout that was on good volume.

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