Next Week's Watchlist

Since I don't go shopping for next weeks victims until Monday mornings, do any of you have some interesting things to add to an existing watchlist? If so leave a comment and let's take a look!

I will work up a better post after I record the marketcast.

Thought you'd never ask!

Today's victims (still okay for tomorrow):

HUM (GREAT bear flag breakdown)

Bearish candidates:


No, i'm not bearish on the market, but when you're loaded to the hilt with bullish breakouts, you have to try and balance them out!

don't forget about POOL..looks like a breakout!

A couple of Bull votes.

ATHR also possible retest of triangle or pennent

PQ Nice bounce this morning

CXW - good uptrending stock, I have it on diagonal support

Closed my Dec $50 Calls on DKS just before the closing bell today. With 2 down days and letting the option melt over the weekend I decided to take the 250% and run..

Was home from work today and watched LVS real time intraday...... good thing there are rules for me not to trade until the end of the day. It looked like junk at lunch and made a great recovery. I stayed in my stock trade for it.

All you intraday traders must eat alot of rolaids and tums

I like SHLD bounce off support of $170.



Your bearish candidates bring up a question.

With the market continually headed up, I've not had much luck with bearish plays.

They are not hard to find, but can be difficult to stay in.

Is this a case where you size your position so you do not use a stop loss - risking 100%?

As always - thanks for keeping the most informative and helpful trading Blog going.

I'm not sure what i'm looking at with athr. did it break down today or are you looking at it for a call? (new to price patterns)

I have an unrelated question
for the community. Do you use
paper and pen trading journals,
or computer? Do they sell a
trading type diary?

Don't know if anyone sells a trading type diary, but you could easily make up your own journal sheets for trading, customizing the information to the way you trade. By creating your own journal entry sheets, you can create one for your option trades with spaces for specific information such as price patterns, target price, exit, support/resistance levels, reasons for getting in a trade, out of a trade, etc. You can create a separate journal entry for those stocks you might want to acually buy, where info about fundamentals would be important. By creating your own forms, you can easily go into the computer and alter any entries or create new forms as you learn new strategies. I have found that when the forms have entries that are structured so that they are workable for you, then you will be more apt to use to them.
I adapted an original form I received from one of the coaches and customized it to my own needs and consequently have discovered that it is a great tool for learning, because it forces you to
look at all the parameters like stop losses, exits, volume, etc. for all trades. Once the forms are made, you can make tons of copies and fill them out by hand, or enter all the info on the computer. Oh yes...I also made up a master of ideal numbers or parameters that I often refer to.
Hope this helps...



with ATHR, you should see an ascending triangle breakout with a retest. Today the stock closed right at the horizontal top of the triangle, which was old resistance, but is now support.

Danuta, thanks for the time you
spent in answering my question,
it did help out. Sal


I watch your blog few times a day, this is very helpful for me.

Can you please post here what you are watching/looking for the break outs any give day 1 or 2 hours before closing the market?

I'm waiting for EBAY to break 34 with some volume. There is some prior support / resistance back in May & June.
Thanks for ATHR, Always like a good bounce. Let's see what happens.
Look at RMBS, made a nice move w/volume on Thursday.
Have a great weekend.

Forgot to sign.


CHAP completed an ascending triangle breakout to on large volume. What do you think about CHAP? Thanks.

Jeff and Fellow Bloggers -

Here are a couple of potential triangles that I have been watching:


I am struggling with a pattern such as OIS. It is just starting to be bullish.


I was home watching Cramer's Mad Money yesterday. He killed some guy from Kansas because the guy wanted a read on PEIX. I looked at the stock and see it has possible reversed it's trend bouncing off of diagonal resistance if you draw a line connecting 12/1/04 - 10/24/05 and 10/5/06. After the bounce it started to make higher highs and higher lows ;-)) On Wed it broke through $18.00 where it has seen some support/resistance in the past. has come back down to most recent resistance of about $17.80. I may look at this as a play on Monday..... I realize that Cramer may have a much different time line than I do, but, This looks like a good set-up to me

tom degroodt

NSTC broke out Friday with HUGE volume. Not sure of target since this is new high territory but it's a strong stock with good fundamentals in a great sector.


clb - support bounce
cal - bull flag in the making
gild - ascending T
ctrp - support bounce
lvs - bull flag in the making/ if you missed it the first time
lcc - bull flag in the making
mdc - bull flag
ma - ascending T
mstr - support bounce
dsl - bull flag in the making
nyx - bull flag in the making

thanks for your answer on athr. i see now what you were talking about. This blog is great, i'm learning so much, with so much more to learn.


Hi all,
This blog is awesome! I feel guilty harvesting all the stock picks without adding some of my own... so here are a couple that are doing well. AAPL continues to perk along... making about 100% every couple of weeks. Cramer (the man's a lunatic... but he sure can pick stocks!) predicted that apple would simmer a bit this week with Microsoft bringing out it's "ipod buster" but that next week it'll explode. The ipod buster ended up being a bust (it's no where near as good as ipod) and AAPL didn't have a down day all week. This week should be good.
MS has been doing phenominally well and ICE just broke out on Friday with huge volume. My Dec contract was up 54% friday alone.
Again, Jeff, thanks for all the work you put into this blog. Can't wait to meet you in Orlando. And to everyone else who's contributing... keep up the good work. Together we are making a good team, I think.
Chris and Catherine Brown... 'way up here in Toronto.

I know it's early but i just couldn't resist buying some NEW puts based on the descending triangle breakdown and retest friday. very low risk entry with a decent reward.

What do you guys think about IPS today?



I think there's serious resistance around $97, but if it can close above it on the volume that's exploding today, i'd consider taking a trade.

Great trade today on MLM. Successful retest of ascending triangle breakout from a few days ago. Targeted $8-$14 move, depending on where you measure the triangle.

BOT - brokeout of its flag
NYX - huge breakout of flag
Checkout SLB - ascending T
LCC - bullflag
EOG - wedge breakout
ESI - ascending T
COH - bullflag

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