Boxing Day

To the tune of Jingle Bells:

Calls & puts, calls & puts,
Options are the way.
Choose my strike, my bid & ask
And Expiration Day.

Calls & puts, calls & puts,
What else is there to say?
I can't wait to see my gains,
Come expiration Day. Hey!

Clearly I had time over the weekend to think up catchy little tunes like this one since there wasn't any trading to be done! Hope you enjoyed it. Fell free to add a verse or two on your own! Or, if you've got a strategy you'd like to share or any trades you're thinking about this week, post those and we can chat about them!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I look forward to your posts! I don't have the settings quite right on this, but I should have it down by the end of the week!

Thanks for the tune and thanks for keeping this blog alive during Jeff's vaction.
Market is slow, do you trade during such a time or do you wait for new year to see the direction?


Ps: postiing a comment is really a pain, I had to try 5 time!

I actually trade futures intraday, and when the market is this slow, it's better to sit it out. There's very little volume today, so I'm sitting on the sidelines.
Overall, I've been cautiously bearish, and Jeff confirmed that sentiment on Wednesday night in MasterTalk, so sitting tight for now to see confirmation is just fine witth me.
I'm happy to keep the blog around. Thanks for checking in!

yeah-it's really tough to get a read on the market when volume is light. I tried to trade during the light volume weeks and i always get burned! I am staying out and enjoying the week!

Hey, hope your Christmas was fun. I guess someone has to keep Jeff's job going.

Love the tune, I wish I could find something to trade. Not alot of volume and can't determine which way the market is headed. Jeff would say we are still in an uptrend......Thanks for taking over for Jeff. We have become addicts as well. I had fun visiting with Jeff last week during our 3 day class. He made us feel really important. Karen O.

Watch this LFC

As I know this is the only one keep going going going up up up!

Bear Call Spreads, Bull Put Spreads
Certainly are confusing,
If I understood them better,
Maybe I wouldn't be losing!!

Who's going to add the next verse?

I anyone looking to get in a support bounce for ATI or is the end of year market too scary?

Sean M.

I have been trading TWX for a while now and looks good

I agree that there is some weekness in the market now and we should wait it out. Nasdaq is the weak one.

Thanks Lisa for keeping this running. It is important during these quite time to have a place to discuss ideas with


POT had a nice move today, ready to break through resistance
LAMR is still uptrending
DE continuting to watch for a bull flag breakout.
Hard to read the market with such low volume this week.

Sean, I am also watching ATI, waiting for confirmation of a support bounce to get back in.

Lisa, thanks for keeping the blog going in Jeff's absence. Some of us have not only become addicted to trading but also to this blog.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas.
Hope everyone can still waddle over to their computers. A huge thanks to Lisa for keeping this going during the week. Like everyone else I'm scaling back my buying this week, but if anyone's interested ADM has been a wonderful Put over the past month. It's saved me from falling on my sword, as everything else I've been in seems to have headed the opposite way than it's supposed to. It was up a bit yesterday but that's just put it back up to the top of it's channel. Also GOOG has been a good put and looks to me like it's ready to fill that huge gap. Right down to $425.

Market's up, market's down
who knows what to do?
Wish I had a crystal ball
Can't decide, can you?

Hey, market's up, market's down
We need to find a ref,
Puts and Calls are out of bounds
I think I'm missing Jeff.

I trade like I rhyme. Not good. Happy Holidays, everyone.

Chris and Catherine.

Morning Lisa & Addicts

I have been watching GG forming a Flag for last three weeks and now startint to breakout with good upturn in Stocastics and RSI. Any takers. What do you see Lisa?

Happy Trading

i have been in GG for a week and i feel the also should stayup if the market has its jan downtrend....

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