Don't Set High Expectations

I doubt you'll see anything worthwhile out of the market this week. Keep that in mind as we move forward. However, since some of use still need to make a living out of this, and have Holidays coming up to pay for, let's talk about what is out there....

Watching for a bounce (market permitting)

VIP- Turning slightly higher today, watch for a better confirmation
PCAR- I was stopped out last week, but watching for another ride. If it goes too much lower, forget it.
ATI- Might try to use old highs as new lows. We'll find out very soon.
GS- Took this down this morning.
MLM- I might have jumped on this a little too early, but I am in.
BIDU- Hmmm...doesn't look all that pretty, but if it gets a quick makeover, I like the moves it makes.

Patterns (forthcoming) I will add them tomorrow morning.

My pattern list is three times as long, but I noticed if I release these prior to my Tuesday morning class, the attendance suffers. Someone is calling my name to get this MarketCast recorded, duty calls.


Some Flags: EFX, PLCM, CYT, SWY, and EFX.

how about some bearish trades.

EYE - I have been trading this for couple of months and it looks like another bear flag
HOG - Bear Flag
ONXX - bear flag breakout today


ICE - bull flag breakout


I took the ride on JOYG today. I have been in January calls for about a week and was going to get out if the stock didn't move today. We will see what tomorrow brings

How about a put on APH? Broke through support at 65 on good volume.


I vote for longer MarketCast. I listen to it while I am reading my email, and check a chart when you mention a stock.

Marc in Asheville

Hello all,

Does anyone see a Head & Shoulders pattern on GOOG?

-Mark M.

Hey Steve,
Good call on APH. Big volume today as it heads downward. You could almost make a triple top out of it's chart.

Mark M,
I hear you on GOOG. Also, our illustrious leader says a stock will fill a gap, more often than not. Looks to me like GOOG's likely to head down through $425. Mind you, I bought puts at $495, rode it up to $515, and then right back down through $480. Pounds head on brick wall "EXIT strategies."
Chris and Catherine

glad to see someone else has some hope left for ATI, have been watching it close hoping for a bottom, which may have come, volume has been decreasing daily so hopefully it is bouncing. ARRGG KRAMER!!!!!! td

BDX-sym tri
COGN-asc tri wait for the break

Danny DR

Danny DR
COGN looks more like a sym tri to me and the way it moved down on volume on Monday, I'm thinking it might even be a double peak. Volume's picking up as it heads down. If it breaks out of the (sym) triangle on increasing volume looks like a good oportunity for a put, as this would confirm the double peak.
Waddya think?
Chris and Catherine

BUCY Feb $50 call - 4x Volume, broke out of previous resistants $45.22 & 47, low volatility, uptrend in MACD. Looks good to me. How about everyone else?


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