A Weekly Dose of Price Patterns

Here are the patterns I discussed in my presentation this morning. Many are starting to move, grab em' while they are HOT!

FFH- Pennant, watch this stock, look at the moves it has made in the last few months!

DVA- Bull Flag, but in a very short up-trend.

GOOG- A Head & Shoulder top...unfortunately.

XLI- A nice pennant on a ETF.

IGV- Ascending Head & Shoulders Top. Right at the neckline.

LUFK- Has this finally confirmed?!

LOGI- Head & shoulders top perhaps?

SOHU- Pennant, might have moved too much already.

RATE- May form another flag here. Nice trade on the first one!

TWGP- Getting close to confirmation!

I'll be back after a while!

Jeff - I want to start off the day by thanking you for the calming words yesterday about not having too high expectations for the market this week. I watched the opening this morning, saw the market head south and then park. Then it turned a little and some of my positions are up. The good news is that I remembered what you said and didn't panic and start selling like crazy. Thanks again.

John M.

On LUFK do you see a sym tri? I just got stopped out on it yesterday. I bought it on Nov 29th broke my sym tri, set my stop @ 56.9. Just want to get another traders point of view?
Danny DR

HANS - Bullflag
MA - Support Bounce
GLDN - Bullflag
BGC - ascending triangle
LAMR - Flaggin

Weird. If you had told me this morning, after listening to the news on Thailand and inflation numbers, that I would end the day up slightly (and I do mean slightly) I would have called you a liar. Hang in there, folks - I'm guessing the roller coaster isn't over for this week.

John M.

Danny - I do not claim great expertise in reading candle patterns at this point on my steep learning curve, but if you used the Sept. highs and lows, I could see a triangle there. I would leave it to others to comment on whether going back that far is significant or not. That has been one volatile stock this year, hasn't it?

John M.

ATI: retest @ 85

VLO: support bounce @ 53.30

MLM: bull flag

GVA: Head and Shoulders Top, with hammer candle today.

Cheers, Lejon

Danny R and John M,
On LUFK I draw the line (so to speak) from Sept to right now and get a sym triangle that seems to have broken out (south) but on no real volume. So far, I find that a break-out on no volume ain't a break-out at all.
Looked at GOOG puts because I'm positive that it's going to re-test $425... but the cost for them is rediculous. Don't think I'm willing to risk $26 for a $5 intrinsic value on a potential $50 move. Not yet anyway. Maybe one day when I'm rich and famous. (actually either one will do.)
Chris and Catherine

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