Happy Holidays

I am not being lazy, there is just not too much of interest to talk about! I see the traffic is definitely getting much lighter as we approach the weekend. I set up a poll over on the right hand column of the site. It looks like plenty of people want to keep things open for business on the blog to discuss trades. So we will keep things up and running!

Lisa, a good friend of mine has agreed to open up a new post on the blog every day while I am gone. This can serve as a new forum each day to leave comments about trades, news, or whatever you want to talk about. Lisa, a great big thanks to you and we all appreciate your help.

Make sure you continue to visit even though I will be away. Everyone out there can use your help and ideas.

So as of this moment I am completely out of the market and all my trades. Since I will be away from a computer and on vacation, I don't want to leave anything out there to worry about let alone think about. How nice it is to not have anything to watch right now!

Anyway, I am trying to get everything in order for my trip today so it is likely that this will be my last post until the New Year. Rest assured that when I come back, this blog will rock the house into the New Year and we will be ready to find opportunities and learn new concepts together.
Finally I do want to thank those of you who have sent gifts to the office or Christmas cards, I really appreciate them. Most importantly...Happy Holidays to all you OptionAddicts! Have a wonderful Holiday and enjoy the time with family and friends. As always don't think about trading or anything for a while and concentrate on having an enjoyable Holiday.

See you guys next year!!!
P.S- Since I imagine I will have a mountain of e-mails when I get back, if you do have any questions, try to post them to the blog first to see if others might be able to lend a hand until I get back. Thanks!

Hi Jeff.

Happy holidays to you and your family.

I know I speak for many when I say I deeply appreciate the extra effort you give in your presentations and blog. I'm the type of person that learns much better when the teacher is engaged and you are certainly engaged.

Many thanks,

On the last mastertalk session during q&a I heard Sherry Sands talking to Jeff regarding the Map group in Sacramento? I live in Lincoln just outside of Sacramento and would be interested in meeting with a group to study/go over trades & ideas if you all have an opening!


have a great holiday and we look forward to your return. This blog is a daily part of my new trading experience and I value your efforts. Thank you for covering your absence so we can still enjoy the forum. And to all the participants, have a great holiday.

Sean M.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL, and Jeff we will miss you. Did anyone get back in on ATI on the $85 retest?


I got into a bull put spread.

I'm going to be in Lincoln in Feb. I know of another woman in the are who is a student as well! We'll have to find a way to get in touch!


I am a member of the Sacramento MAP group. You can contact me at vickisandness@mac.com and I can put you in contact with the group leader. It's a great group very dedicated to success and profits!

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