Is It Monday Already?

I am in the process of the weekly watchlist diagnosis. I can't think or anything I'd rather do. Since it will take me a little while to get this done, and I have another Dr. Appt in about an hour, feel free to post anything you are watching to this post. I will have a full on list prepared later today with some trade specifics.
Talk to you soon...

A messed up knee can hurt your golf game - but maybe you can get some sympathy shots in the 4some

Jeff -

What do you think is up with AAPL?

John M.

BUCY - It broke Symmetric triangle. Jeff talked about it in Market Cast Thursday 12/14 Q&A.

Jeff - Would you think still it has some up side potential? I see the big resistence at $51?

Hello All,

ASD is in an Ascending Triangle formation. A few more days before any potential breakout. (If it does break out, it would also be within 1 - 2 dollars of a new 52Wk high.)

Mark M.


Appl is doing its normal thing. Are you playing the bounce off support? Where do you have your support? Im in Appl right now my stop is @ 86.5 (previous high in Jan 06 and also the support line in the my channel.)

Danny DR

GS nice support bounce today. BSC took off a couple days ago. Maybe GS will follow after hanging out at support for a few days.

NYX finally breaking above 100

Valerie W

Flag pattern on REDF, which is also at support...???? Should be turning up soon.......??

Bob R.

WMI - potential H&S here?

Danny DR and John,
I watched AAPL break through the support of my channel today as well as breaking a fibonacci retracement... both of which crossed at about $86.50 I bailed today as I think it's likely to head downwards at this point. ipod's under a lot of pressure on battery and screen issues, I think.
Also PCAR looks like it's heading back to support in it's channel and has a ways to go. I'm staying out until it gets to around $61.00 then play the bounce off support in it's channel.
Chris and Catherine.

Stopped out of AAPL today along with many others,
Danny's Weekly Market battle
Danny Vs. Market
0 1

Danny DR

Danny, Chris, and Catherine -

I was expecting a bounce right around $87 where I had it hitting my channel and also moving off the MA. Shoulda bought a put!

John M.

GRMN was my only good pick today. Closed at an all-time high after breaking resistance at about $54.85 with some good volume. Only question now is how high can it go?

John M.

Hey Johnny M and Danny DR,
Looks like AAPL is toast for now. GRMN did well today, but it's right at it's resistance in the channel it's forming. I've been creamed lately by buying in at the resistance levels of channels and riding them down to support. I'd rather wait out the ride to support and buy as they're turning.
Love the Danny vs. market battle. Right now I'm feeling the same... only it's 0 - 10, it seems. If I post my Call buys, you guys should be buying puts. Sheesh. On a $37K account I was up $10k after 3 weeks.... now 3 weeks later I'm net down $450. If it wasn't for this blog I'd be looking for a gutter to crawl in to. Thanks to everyone for sharing, and thanks to Jeff for keeping us all in line. To Dropout... your loss buddy. Good on ya if you can find it all for free. The price I'm paying for this blog is well worth it (it's going to cost us a couple of rounds for Jeff when we meet up in Orlando. Hmmmmmmmm let me thinkg about that.)
Those looking for bearish trades, ADM has done really well this past week for me in the Jan 07 PUTs. Personally, I think AAPL could be a good play on the PUT side now, but there's no trend there to verify that.
Overall the market still seems bullish, but I'm looking to add a couple of bear trades that are tanking during the bull.
Chris and Catherine.

sometimes i feel the same as C and C but all i need is one good run and it brings me back to a market takeover for the weekly battle. Keep in it because you may lose many battles but if you can win the war at the end of the year thats all that matters. Good runners this quater where Retail and casinos for me thanks to Jeff and this great group of traders!
this month MLM has done it for me up over 150% makes these learning stops good(good perspective).

Danny DR

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