Master Talk Follow Up

Last nights presentation was dedicated to exit techniques. If you missed the presentation, or tried to access the recording that had sound issues, here are the trades we followed up on and discussed...

AXP- Watch for a break of resistance

CSH- Breaking higher, great trend

TS- Huge break yesterday

$XAL- Airline Index Options


VIP- Nice call!

SRE- Still chugging

MVSN- Not the fastest mover yet.

LAMR- Strong move

CTRP- Amazing

FDX- Good thing it didn't give us the signal!

SMG- Maybe it was luck?

Thanks for all the great trades that were provided today. I must add the retail sector to the list since all of my favorites...KSS, AEOS, PLCE, PVH, etc are all moving really well today. Who said the market was bearish? Smells like a breakout!

Jeff...When you have a bunch of stocks running up/breaking out like today, do you enter each trade as you see them or do you have trades set up with contingent orders that will trigger when a stock trades at a certain price? I find that I miss trades because I just miss a good entry point. I guess if you are entering an option trade based on the stock price the order would have to be sent as a market order?

Thanks for your help and input.


XOM broke through its previous high at 78 today with a nice gain. I'm thinking just over 80 for a target price.

John M.

Forgot to mention that AKAM is still making some nice gains, nothing like AXP, though. So, Jeff, if you missed AXP today, would you still take a trade tomorrow? If it follows what some other stocks with big breakouts like that, I would expect that it might open lower and then make a smaller gain but close higher. Any thoughts?

John M.

Boy I hate missing an end of day entry because I have a job. Makes buying at support real hard.

BRLI asc triangle broke resistance today on nice volume. Looks like a 4 point move potential on a 25 dollar stock.

Only one problem. They announce earnings Dec 19. Not entirely sure how to trade it with that pending.

Gonna need some insurance.


(word verification/password attempt 6... shoot me now)

Enter XOM on the bounced on 12/12. Which makes up for missing out on AXP.

Others to look at
RATE BullFlag forming - still early
CVX nice break today
LEH symmetrical tri in the making
TRF - ascending Tri
FCX - ascending tri
BGC - ascending tri
INFY -symmetrical tri
JWN - symmetrical tri
MHK - massive symmetrical tri?

Happy Trading


Good question. I spend the early portion of the day finding my trades, and then enter them towards the close of the trading day. I don't use any fancy orders other than limit orders on my options.

Hope that helps!


PS- Great contributions everyone!!!


I just got the email for the Chicago Investools event, and I think this is excellent choice for the venue. I was wondering if you would be interested in getting a group of students together and visiting the CBOE while we are there for the conference. Don't they offer tours? I would love to see how the 'magic' happens live or go down on the trading floor afterhours.

Marc in Asheville

Hey everyone,
Great posts... thank you to everyone. FDX looks like it's just starting a head and shoulders pattern. Once Xmas is done I think they're likely to take a downward "rest."
Also SMG was a flag breakout waiting to happen... but to me it was taking wayyyyyy too long. When it broke out I didn't take the trade, but it's not just dropped back to it's support (if you look at it as a channel... the support line is going up at about 35 degrees) and this trade could still work once the stock gets to aabout $51.
I'm having a tough time keeping up with all the suggested stocks, let alone come up with new ones to contribute. Thanks to everyone for the overwheming number of choices.

Chris and Catherine.

Oooops, forgot to mention the FDX announces earnings next week. Makes life a little too interesting for my blood.
Chris and Catherine.

OK I promise this is our last post. DE looks like it's in a nice flag formation and if you draw a channel line, it'll intercept that in about 3 days. My prediction (just call me Karmac) is that by Wednesday it'll break.
Chris and Catherine.

Does anyone see SPWR as a potential Ascending Triangle play? It also has had a couple of nice moves off support at its 30DMA.

NITE for a breakout on strong volume...


Looks more like a pennant to me.

Anyone looking forward to see the movie " The pursuit of happyness"? I am reading the book. Its a great story.

WCC - Jan $60 put, breakout in last two days w/volume , low to rising volatility, broke $65 support. Looking for it to break $63 support and move
down to $56/7 support.


Very excited to see that movie. I used to work in San Fran, and worked for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. Plus I love the theme of a Dad getting things done for his son. Can't wait. You say you read the book? I might have to go pick up a copy.

Mike i also was thinking of trading BRLI but earnings scared me out. Maybe jeff can do a post of trading over earnings and getting some insurance, if you just needed to trade make the trade over earning. VLO Broke out 2 wks ago now retesting might be good entry point for a 6pt move

The pursuit of happyness should be a great movie.

Danny DR

MLM nice flag. Stock has done good for me!

Danny DR

Anyone else see a triple top on GE?
Breakout on huge vol.
Where is this going?



I think that is a great idea. We should try and tentatively plan something. How fun!

Jeff, thank you for all you are doing for us out here. I wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. thanks again for everything you do as it benifits me and my family more than you could imagine.

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