I pulled up the blog this morning before I left to work and could see a very interesting dialogue opening up about using other websites, etc. Normally when I see a comment come through that advertises a site or encourages people to subscribe to anything, I have deleted these comments (please don't be offended) because someone always has something to sell or has an underlying motive to get into your wallet. Either that or you are taking advice or recommendations from someone who might not be a profitable trader or have a usable methodology. In my eyes everyone already subscribes to a website that can be used to trade successfully (the toolbox) and I don't see the need to pay for any additional services. Plus, INVESTools does not want me to be involved in advertising anything that they have not approved. You can do very well in the market with what you have. The only money I would recommend spending are on books or on commissions.

What are your thoughts? Everyone okay with this going forward? If there ever is a topic you need help with, just ask!

Time now to pop a few pills and go get the MRI done. I'll be back later this afternoon.

With you completely, Jeff. I support your continuing to delete any ads for other sites. There is so much hype out there, this is an oasis. It'd be great to keep it that way!

I'm glad you're keeping out advertisements. I get enough spam already.

Anyone have any thoughts on UPS. I'm seeing it sitting at its supporting trendline and looking like it might bounce. Today would be an aggressive entry, but nice if it takes off and you would probably know tomorrow if you're wrong.

To me what you are saying is that
investools doesnt want anyone else
getting into your pockets, and they
especially dont want you to find out that much of this info can be found for free.The toolbox is a useful tool.Is this really a trading community or an ego stroke
combined with generating sales for
Yours Truly, The drop out

Nice comment "Anonymous,"

Revise your thought process. At what point have I ever been a salesperson for this company? Last I checked this site was free. So are all the hours I have logged trying to help people understand how to trade.

Bon Voyage...


Hey Dropout, it might be time to drop out of this blog. This is, by default, an extension of the toolbox and we have all decided that Jeff is the guru. We aren't looking for other trading websites, we have one. We are looking for education and we are getting it (an excellent education at that). Let's not anger the teacher.

If you are going it alone and stumbled across this blog, congratulations. You will get great ideas here. But it isn't the place for an attitude.

Jeff, nice catch with the advertisements. Complete agreement here.


I appologize for rocking the boat.
I appreciate what you said Jeff
and I also agree with Jon that I
should drop out from this site
if I cant contribute in a possitive
way. It ruffled my feathers when I
realized that comments were being
deleted.Yes this is Jeffs world and
I acknowledge the time and efforts
that you put into this. So long
and the best to all involved.
Regards, The Drop out

What I have so enjoyed about this website is the fact that it is first and foremost a great place to learn! Second the great sharing of ideas by the students as well as Jeff! As I am getting better, I am also trying to share more of my trades!

Jeff - as always, thanks for your sharing of thoughts, ideas and trading suggestions! The site is incredible.

I greatly appreciate those who do not benefit from this site dropping out. For those of us who are 'in it for the long run', we are reading avidly. Also Investools has been an incredible site for me. It was this blog that took it to the next level. comment - do I see a new symmetrical triangle forming on CME?


Hi Jeff!

I work at INVESTools as well! Love the blog you're helping me become a better trader and I appreciate that more than you know (as does my family). Hope all is good. See you in the office!



I'd like to thank you for all you do to help your students and hope that the misguided opinions of a few, will not discourage you from continuing with this site. You have been a wealth of information to me, and this is my first post to your blog.

That being said I' like to share a stocks I'm watching with the group.
IAG-A nice gold company with cheap options and a good upside. PGH-a good natural gas and oil company on the rebound from bad news on the way Trusts are taxed in Canada, FDG- a coal company in the same situation as PGH, I'm from Canada so those are my Canadian picks, they might not fit your ideal profile for breakouts, but they all have cheap options and have good upside potential. Here are some breakouts and bounce plays I'm watching as well. BHI, BJS, DAKT(nice move today), BRLI (nice move today but earnings are next tuesday), JCP, THE,TGT,APA,and ARA.

Hopefully you'll find something in there that will make your day, Thanks again, Len Hastings

Please keep your current format. Learning from your experiences and helping each other by identifying potential trade setups has been great.

After beginning with Investools in April, I was sidetracked by attending a Traders Expo in June,for about a month after that I started using other websites to help me trade. I had so much information, much of it conflicting , I was no longer learning and it became difficult to trade with confidence. However, in my frustration I was able to the light quickly enough and now only use Investools and your blog. A big Thanks for your time and efforts in writing this blog!
Andy Thomas

Hi Jeff,

Well, I guess I stirred the pot on my first post to the blog. Please re-read my initial post. I do not subscribe to trending 123 nor do I use it to screen for stocks and I certainly was not suggesting anyone subscribe to it. There is, however, a free and detailed description of the various chart patterns that I do use and I feel is usefull and handy as a review. That was only what I was suggesting. Randy, thanks for your reply and input as well. Again, I value this blog and refer to it daily. The purpose of any blog is to stimulate thought and the exchange of ideas and this blog is obviously doing that. Thanks for all you efforts Jeff.

Sean M.

Jeff...You're in Sales now ? lol

MRO - - Double bottom (?) that confirmed on 11/29 on good volume, retested and headed north again today.

AXP - Nice breakout of ascending triangle

ERJ - Break out symmetrical triangle.

Thanks to everyone and their ideas !

I don't know what's more cowardly: Posting behind "Anonymous" or posting to Jeff's blog with the intent of hard selling while simultaneously blasting the very tactic.

What a dickhead!

Doyle, Boise, ID


I appreciate your support. Doyle, let's not start a riot. There is no need to create any personal attacks here. Let's all keep it clean!



So much excitement on the blog today,must be because of the rally. Guess there's no question about how your devotees feel about you and this blog. No room for riff raff. Hopefully your meds dulled your reaction to such a ridiculous comment.

President of Jeff's Fan Club
aka ,Sarah

BTW, nice call on AXP. I broke a rule and entered this morning. Can I please borrow your crystal ball.



Now you decide to show up! I almost needed you to release an official statement this morning. I was way too medicated to say what needed to be said.

Oh well, maybe next time

Sean M,

Sorry this blew up the way it did. Give me a call or send me an e-mail soon and let's talk. I hope no offense was taken.


Your website has been a wonderful addition to the Investools education. I am glad for examples and ideas becasue sometimes I feel like all my stocks go down and I need to listen to experienced traders so I can figure out why.

Brian K

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