To the tune of Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel

Arrow, arrow, arrow,
I see that you are green.
Arrow, arrow, arrow,
Profits I shall glean.

Arrow, arrow, arrow,
You all have turned to red.
Arrow, arrow, arrow,
Buy puts and make some bread!

There isn’t any way for me to post something here that will teach you about trading, so I thought I’d stick to what I know. Networking. The day I signed up with Investools, I met 2 other women from my area, and we committed to keeping each other on track during our learning phase of this process. After 18 months, the group has swelled to over 40 members and includes a daily chat for our mastermind group.

I think that personally, the majority of my success has been because I sought out others who had the same goals as I did. My closest friends, even after 18 months of (me) trading and my husband no longer having to work, haven’t shown any interest in what I’m doing. Thankfully, I’m blessed with a very supportive family, but my new “family of traders” has been the best “investment” I’ve made overall.

This blog has been a terrific place to learn and share as well. However, I encourage those of you who have been doing this for a while to seek out others in your immediate area to form support/user groups. Check out the Investools website for user groups in your area. Keep coming here to meet others with your same vision. Keep working towards your goals, tweaking your trading systems, and moving towards your future.

I took a bounce play on AKAM this morning.

On the “news” front, the CBOE sent out an email yesterday saying the following: “the Equity Call Put Ratio was 5.8-3.6 for the call side and Index ratio was 2.7-1.5 for the put side.” Unusual that the market is betting equities long and the indices short....” Any comments on that?

Careful trading all, and Happy networking!


P.S. Feel free to add verses!


I jumped in on GG today as it broke out of a 3 week selloff. I liked the upturn in the RSI and Stochastics. Any thoughts on this trade?


test... test... it seems as though my comments aren't being uploaded, so I'm hoping it will work this time... let's see.

Bagels, I see that support was broken if you draw trendlines from the bottoms of candles in Oct until about a week ago. In addition, old resistance/new support was there as well around 29.

Decreasing volume on the pull back was encouraging, but keep in mind market volume was lower going into the holidaze. Keep an eye on this one.

Hi Lisa,

As far as the equities and index put/call ratios that you mentioned...I don't know if you can tell anything by that because you don't know how many were sold verses how many are bought. I would just be leery of doing any bullish trades at this level until we have some volume and hopefully after a healthy retracement. Volume currently is about 50% of average. Thanks for keeping Jeff's blog going while he is out having fun. Enjoy your week.

John R.

You mentionned yesterday that you trade futures intraday. I like to day trade indexes. Is it better to trade future intraday?. Since it's not the subject of this blog, if you wish to answer you can email me at

Thanks a lot.


No one seems to be talking about what cool stuff the got for xmas, so let me start. I got a new MoGo mouse. Check it out -

I've been trading BUCY - Call Feb$50. I bought it on 12/19. It's still a good one to get into.


I also trade future index intraday, would like to share thoughts with you about that, please email me also at

thank you.



Very creative jingles!

I am organizing a mastermind group by me and would be interested in connecting with you to learn more about how you have organized your group, topics, what has made it successful, etc.

Could you please email me when you have a moment so I can get some insight from you on this topic?


POT has broken above resistance on good volume for this week.

I took a bounce on PQ today. It is a stock trade that has been very good to me in the past

If anyone knows of any user groups in the Sacramento CA. area I would be interested in joining.



In the comments of Jeff's last post before the holiday, someone posted their email address as a contact for the Sacramento User Group. Check it out!



I got into some bull put spreads today on :

ATI 80/85 Jan
COGN 35/40 Jan
CRS 95/100 Jan
VIP 70/75 Jan

Also entered a long put on BDX and a long call on RATE.

With the exception of COGN, All had decent volume for this time of year or at least increasing volume from the previous day


My wife and I live in Fairfield, CA and belong to Sac MAP Group. It is made up of several Mini MAP groups all over Nor Cal. Email the leader John VanDermyden at

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