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Can I say it is good to be back? Not yet. The market is closed in observance of the passing of President Ford, which means we don't have anything to trade. It is also weird to see the market closed four days in a row. This hasn't happened since Sept 11th. I will get the Price Patterns post up shortly so you have ammo to use during the week. I also have only gotten through half my unanswered e-mails. It will be good to be back as soon as that is taken care of.

Before I stoke this fire again, I want to issue a public "thank you," which goes out to Lisa who was so generous to devote her time to opening posts, singing us songs, and offering us snacks while I was in So Cal visiting the Magical Kingdom. Next time you want to go to Disneyland after Christmas, my advice is to wait. The park sold out while we were down there and people were everywhere. Despite the crowd, it was still a great time and the kids loved it. Anyhow, Lisa....we all appreciate your efforts, THANKS!!!
So now that vacations are over, let's get back to the grind. Price Patterns...coming up shortly. Until then...

welcome back Jeff,
I went to disneyland in the offseason, I think it was martin
luther king day, No crowds or
waiting for rides, although some
of the popular rides are closed for
maint. If you hate crowds like me
but have kids that may work out.
Steve L


I, too, would like to thank Lisa for all her thoughtful lyrics and information. Lisa sounds like one "smart-cookie" with all her ducks in a row.( Congrats Lisa). My New Years Resolution is to create and follow a trading plan similar to Lisa and you,Jeff so I can leave my emotions at the door. "Amen to that!!!"

That being said.....Welcome Back Jeff.

Happy New Year to All

I would like to thank Lisa also. In early December I lost about 3/4% of my account buying a call in the wrong month. As soon as I entered the trade I realized the ask-bid was too big a spread and then realized that I just bought the front option conracts with only 2 weeks to go. I bought wrong, because I was rushed and not paying enough attention to what I was doing. I never thought to write down not to do that into my rules. I added it to my rules over the holidays.

I am completely bummed that the markets are not open. I don't need to work today and was looking forward to being able to sit home and watch the market.

Welcome back amigo!

Danny DR

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