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Hey addicts, I just found out that another article I wrote was posted to today. I wrote a little piece on the VIX and how it acts as a contrarian indicator. If you would be interested in reading it or showing a little support, please...

Each click and all of your support is very appreciated. I am trying to get a watchlist together and will offer a video tomorrow. I got a microphone in order to get the Marketcast done today, but for those who have listened, it's not the best quality. I'll wait until tomorrow to offer a better version.

In the meantime I am getting a lesson plan together for Master Talk tonight. Hopefully I will see some of you there.

Jeff and fellow bloggers,

Welcome back. The blog continued but it is always better with you home. Jeff, I enjoyed the Forbes article on the VIX. I know it is review for many on the blog but it is always good to hear it again and to listen to your areas of concern ( 12.5 vs 10.0). There are still a lot of nice trade out there even on a down day. I am in ATI and was very happy today. The price of steel went up $40/ton today and all the steel stocks benefited. Looking forward to your next post witht the watchlist.

Sean M.

Hello Jeff,
Hope you had fun in Orlando. We missed you. Excellent article on Forbes.


Nice article...I responded to Forbes
Now more people know how important you are to all of us!

Great article on the VIX. Straight forward and easy to understand. Not sure If I am going to go to Chicago yet or not, but if I do I would be very interested in getting some sort of meeting set up with the folks who follow your blog.

Chris L

So why couldn't you have done a class on the VIX in Orlando? That would have been awesome. We actually found the live trading rooms (or at least the one we attended) to be scattered. The one we attended was supposed to be on spreads and it turned out to be on tax issues with your IRAs (not really helpful to us Canucks.) I wouldn't take the attendance level personally. We attended the last one and there were probably about the same number in it. But it gave us a chance to see Think or Swim at work... "Live" as it were.
Anyway, we've sent off a memo to Forbes telling them that your article was great, and informative. Considering my impact on DE last week, I'm pretty sure our letter will cause your career to skyrocket. What?... it already is? Well, there you go. You can thank us later.
I'd add my vote for an option of attending some more advanced breakouts at the conference. There were a number of new concepts to us that we were glad to have beginner classes in... but it would be nice to have had... oh let's say... YOU... doing a class on advanced directional option trading. The focus on iron condors, and other spread trading was interesting, and we ran into a lot of people who are doing it very successfully. But it would have been nice to see a bit more advanced stuff on what we see here.
Congrats on the article, again. ICE is still doing really well... looks like things are correcting today, a bit. Have to check things out later in the day.
Chris and Catherine

great to meet you in orlando - we were the ones who think you "d__k" around too much. you really are tall!
as far as the conference goes, i agree with the previous comment about advanced stuff. i would suggest adding a day, and having more beginner/advanced classes broken out and longer class times. it seemed the sessions were just getting rolling and then they were over. and, how do i say it, the husband wife team was a little over the top. not so much. anyway, wish you had the ballroom both days. that was nice.
currently in phoenix for advanced technicals with dave johnson. talk about a firehose!
what do you think about the "trading card" idea?

I am a little peeved that the only time we talked was as you were checking in. I apologize we didn't wine or dine.

I LOVE your trading card idea. I have several I'd like to trade :)

Thanks for the comments about the article. I appreciate you going and checking it out.

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