A Fun Filled Weekend

We'll I made it back in one piece. It was a great conference. I hope that the individuals that didn't get the chance to go this time, will take the opportunity to go to Chicago in August. There is too much that you are missing. If you were at the conference, leave your comments about what you liked and didn't like. Please be brutally honest. I have my opinions, but I would love to hear what you had to say.

There were thousands of people there, and probably about 5 people at my presentation. On the first morning we did a live Marketcast in the breakfast area, but we were shut down by the fire marshall because we were causing a traffic jam. Speaking of which, the recording of that session was a waste. The audio equipment was horrible and the recording was barely audible. This is why you have not been able to catch it on the website. My apologies.

Then we were upgraded to the main ballroom the next morning with great audio and visual equipment, which made a much better performance. If you have any pictures of this, please let me know.

Regrets: I left my camera behind. I wanted to post pics of various participants on the blog so we get a chance to see one another. IF YOU DID TAKE PICTURES OF THE EVENT AND WOULD BE WILLING TO DONATE (ESPECIALLY THE MARKETCAST) I'LL PAY TOP DOLLAR. Second, I don't think I got an opportunity to meet everyone that was attending. I think some saw that I was uglier in person and walked away.

Anyhow, for those I was able to meet, it was a great pleasure. I had a great time talking with everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

I am trying to get a microphone to record a blog video and the Marketcast today. My equipment is in New Mexico right now. Hopefully I find a solution soon and we can get back into the swing of things. Talk to you soon.


Nice to see you back. I haven't been Orlando this time. Maybe meet you in Chicago this summer.


I did attend the conference and thought that it was extremely valuable and it was nice to finally meet you in person. (As I said you are a hell of a lot taller in person than I thought you would be.

In my opinion some of the positives of the session were:
-Great facility and food
-For the most part the break out seasons were awesome
-Ability to network and meet with like minded investors/traders was fantastic.

I have one concern from the session
To me it seemed like some of your peer instructors are always selling the next Investools classes. For example I got the impression from several of the most seasoned instructures that I am crazy for trading directional option plays (including price patterns) and that it is two difficult to make money and that I should shift my focus to Iron Condors or more conservative spread plays. To me it felt like Investools is always trying to get you to upgrade to the next package.

One more negative regarding the session. I did not attend the main event key note speaker as I heard the same guy speak at the conference in Vegas. They should bring in a new key note speaker to each session.

That said my overall experience was positive and I would highly reccommend someone attend the Chicago conference if they have not attended one before.

Chris L

I appreciate your honesty and that you openly admit that you are one of the most aggresive traders at investools,


I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you in Orlando. I first read your blog about a month ago and have been impressed by the content. I know it takes a lot of work to keep these things up.

I left Orlando satisfied with the organization and presentation of the conference. My only regret is that more the content wasn't as advanced as I would have liked (with exception the of TOS). I definitely enjoyed the opportunity to network with other traders as well.



PS - On second thought maybe the content was right on. Most of the people that I met there were new to Investools... Comments?

it was a pleasure meeting you (though only could say hi, later the area was too crowded :-) )

Enjoyed the market cast from you and Eric.

Conference was good but lot of repitition for me. I think there should be classes based level of experience to keep the interest from the more expereinced traders.

Keynote was good and eye opening. I probably would not go to Chicago but for people who have not attended this before, definitely recommend it.


PS. check out breakout on ATI, TIE and VLO

on a scale of 1-10, i give the conf a 6. sorry i missed you. i really enjoyed the venue, food, friendly staff, ability to talk with other students and the presentations given by stacy, mike coval and mark larson. after those 3(not including u), the presenters were avg. didnt like the 'live' trading rooms as it was anything but 'live'. maybe my perceptions were wrong as i was thinking we would see some live paper trading or something while getting into the mind of a successful trader. id also like to see a presentation on investor psychology at the next event. all in all, everyone at investools worked hard and b/c the opportunity to network is huge, id consider attending chicago
thanks for your time

I attended the conference in Orlando with my husband Richard . Both of us enjoyed the conference very much. We were amazed at how many people attended, close to 3000 by some estimates. Despite the huge number of attendees, it was extremely well organized and the staff was very courteous and helpful. It was quite exciting to be in the presence of many of the Investools teachers and "students" with like interests and goals.

The breakout sessions I attended were all excellent. I thought the notes that were handed out before each session were done very well, making it easier to follow the speakers. The hotel and its adjoining facilities were fantastic, as were all the meals.
Although the registration fee was a bit steep, I felt we certainly did get our money's worth.

On a negative note, I agree with Chris, the hard sell for more classes from some of the instructors is annoying. Hearing it from one speaker would have sufficed, but from several was way too much. I also came away from some of the classes a bit insecure about doing directional option trades. I found it a bit frustrating to think that we have to only trade credit spreads to be successful. This type of sentiment from the speakers I'm sure must have left some people disillusioned. Also, I was a bit disappointed that we didn't meet as a group from the blog. It would have been nice to meet everyone in person.

The highlight of the conference was meeting Jeff. For those who have never met him and are wondering what he is like in person, well, it is true, he is very tall and very young. More importantly though, he is a very kind and gentle soul who genuinely enjoys helping others. When you first meet him, you can't help but be struck by his kindness and sincerity. It is no wonder that he is so willing to share his time and knowledge with us. For those of us connected to this blog, we truly are blessed to have Jeff working so hard for us.

Jeff....it truly was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you again for the many creative ways you find to help us learn and gain better understanding.

To anyone thinking about attending a conference in the future, I would strongly recommend it.



I did not attend but was actually in the Orlando area (still am) but chose not to come due to having attended the 3 Day Live workshop in January. Did have a great week trading so far and oh by the way? All were directional options trades. I have missed you on the blog but know you will make up for it. Also sorry we were not able to get together while you were in Orlando......

Randy B.

Hi Jeff,

Just got in from Orlando and wanted to say"conference was great." Break sessions were good for the most part,some a little boring(but not yours, and there was at least 25 people there). Keynote speaker...boring! Highlights networking with other students and being being to meet the instructors. The highest hightlight was spending time you and meeting Eric. You two make quite a team. And those comments about you two having faces for radio, I disagree I see the big silver screen in your futures.

You are the best. Hope to make Chicago.


P.S. would love to see a class on trading psychology.

Hey Jeff, I attended the conference and met you and Eric there. (I was "the stalker"). I had asked you on Sunday afternoon about the presentation you were doing on Tuesday morning and would have loved to attend, but noone I asked seemed to have any clue where or when your session was as it was not listed in the program (at least not that I saw). Loved the live 'cast except it was quite a scene on Monday morning.

I will agree with one other poster about the constant sell. I realize that that is InvesTools biz, but I was a little put off when we were promised a surprise with breakfast Tuesday morning and it turned out to be a sales pitch. It was presented as "we got together with some PHD students last night and they said they would like... so we came up with...." Presented as very on-the-fly to suit our needs/requests - then we were handed very professionally printed order forms on glossy, heavy bond paper. Likely NOT printed up at Kinkos in the middle of the night I may be wrong, but I felt a little set-up. Oh well, maybe the wrong forum for this anyway.

Overall, I give the whole conference a 9. Thanks for all you do for us.
Mark P

Better late than never (actually it's 3:00 AM, so I guess I'm so late that I'm early.)
We absolutely LOVED our time in Orlando. Big highlight (and I do mean "big") was meeting Jeff as we were registering. Big lowpoint was that we never saw him again. The live Marketcast was fabulous (Except that the guy with the mike ignored my hand when I wanted to ask a question... Catherine had her Crocks on, and I wanted a reading on CROX, as we seem to have an effect on the market when we wear, or talk about certain stocks) The venue, food and people were amazing. The interacting with the thousands of like-minded traders was more than worth the price of admission. A couple of the breakout sessions were duds (would gladly have substituted Jeff's for some of the ones we ended up in... eg: FOREX on Monday) but our eyes were opened to lots of new and exciting options (if you'll pardon the pun) in trading.
Catherine's already ordered a couple of new books and we hear from Tom that Think or Swim will be Canadianized shortly (except in Quebec... but nobody wants Quebec anyway. ) I can't wait to get onto it... what an amazing platform.
Jeff, we'd really hoped to buy you a beer (and man, could we have bought you a beer.. or ten) or at least have dinner with you one night. Maybe you don't socialize with us short people. I think in Chicago we should make a definite meeting place for the addicts to meet. \
While we were away our unatended trades went berzerk and we made more than enough to cover Chicago for the two of us, so we're going.
Chris and Catherine.

Hey Jeff-
I wrote a comment yesterday but it didn't get posted so, here it goes again.

Anyway, it was nice to be able to tell you in person how much I appreciate all the work you do on your blog, even if it was for only two seconds.

Overall, I thought the conference was great. Most of the instructors were pretty good. There were a couple that weren't very dynamic but you still felt like you were learning. And I learned a lot of new things. One of my favorite classes... Currency Trading Basics. Darren Kimoto rocks! Don't worry, you still rock too! In that short amount of time he made my understanding of trading stocks even better even though he was talking about currency. You do the same thing so I'm glad there are people out there like the two of you. You guys make trading more exciting than it already is.

I didn't see Andrew speak in Las Vegas so he was new to me and I thought he was very interesting but I like that sort of thing.

My biggest complaint was all the techncial problems with the internet that the instructors seemed to keep having. When your whole presentation is through a working internet connection it can be very frustrating and embarrassing not only for the instructor but for the student as well.

I figured that there would be some selling at the conference. I mean, INVESTools is an educational company afterall. I didn't think it went too overboard but I don't think that I would like any more than they did.

And the food was a million times better than I expected. That was a major plus.

Overall, I really enjoyed myself, my sessions and the wonderful people that I met at the conference though I did feel a little like a fish out of water with all the obsessed spread traders out there. I think I did bring a couple of them over to the dark side. Hee! Hee!

liz prior

Hi Jeff,
It was a pleasure to meet you. You have a very kind, warm,sincere way about you that is very charismatic, and you were even more handsome (and taller) than you look in your mugshot. Your wife is a very lucky lady. I totally enjoyed the conference. My favorites were the SPX,OEX with Stacy, the e-minis with Eric, Creating Searches with Dave and Iron Condors with Michael Drew. I too thought that the announcement of the extended class in Chicago in August was OK until they started pushing it in each class we went to after that. I do think that next time they should choose a hotel with better internet accessability(?sp)both for the speakers and the students. The food was unbelievable as were the accomodations. I think I rode in the shuttle with liz (prior post--It was great to meet you!) on the way to the airport and she was very impressed with the Currency Trading session. I do have to say the crowds were a bit much; I really preferred the 3 day live in Utah where you learn a concept and work on it in a smaller setting and are able to interact with the instructors, but that may just be a personal thing, kind of like a huge university vs. a small college. I'd definitely go again. I received a lot of valuable information and talked to a lot of great people. I would love to see some classes on using the TOS and Investools platforms together efficiently to their greatest potential. Thanks again for all your wisdom. I hope we don't suck you dry with all our questions.
Debbie Davis
PS Is there a trade on AAPL NOW??? :)

To echo everyone's comments so far, the conference itself was awesome. I was amazed at the quality of the food, the venue and the overall Investools presentation media.

A couple of highlights for me was a) meeting you and Eric and looking at some stocks on the big screen before the crowds found you. As I told you in person, you are awesome in all that you do. And I only hope (as I told you) that you don't burn yourself out from trying to do too much. But know we are grateful.
b) Meeting Lee Barba, having a brief conversation with him about Second Life, having him offer to email me something about it and then FINDING IT IN MY INBOX when I got back to my room.
c) Being in Stacy's class sitting near Phil Town and having a 20 minute conversation with him afterward about fundamental vs technical trading.

What I felt needed improvement (and I did say so in the survey) was the level of some of the classes. Stacy, Mike Coval and Michael Drew's classes rocked but I could have done without a 30 minute dissertation on the history of Fibonacci's in flowers. I was hoping to learn how to draw them correctly.

I also would like to see more classes which would marry the Investools toolbox with the TOS platform. Most of what the TOS guys showed went over my head.

I also attended the Investor Psychology workshop which was the 2 days prior and that has helped me tremendously. If that is offered again, I encourage people to attend.

Thanks again, Jeff, for all you do.

Karen Rose

Hello Folks,

I did not attend the conference. But, i enjoyed reading all you're comments.

I agree with Danuta that we definitely are blessed to know Jeff and be part of this Blog.

Hope to see the Blog addicts at Chicago Conference. --thanks, Meena

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