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Long: GOOG...only because they are now hosting my videos on YouTube

Short: Nothing

looks good - the price, vol, and date were missing. They were outside of the screen it seemed. If you can figure this one out - this is great!
Thanks Jeff

Awesome video! So much better than your last one, I am using Firefox as my browser.

Keep it up... Lejon

Video was very clear...could see the chart nicely today. Thank you so much.

WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very Nice!



Today's video will not enlarge with the new Internet Explorer mentioned in yesterday's video comments. Is that due to a change in the video software uesed?

Great!! Love the video. Keep it up!


This one worke even better

I Like this video format much better!

I would love to see you chart and comment on AKAM. You have it on your list for possible breakouts. I had been charting it, and bought in intraday on Jan. 30 when it finally broke through its old high around 56.40, only to have it pull back, and then tank. It tried again on the 31st, and then pulled back. It tried again at the open on Feb. 1, only to slide all the way to 54.90 and close at 55.51. After open on the 2nd, it hit a low of 54.53 and after attempting to revive and failing, I took my loss and got out. Of course, 2 days later, on the 5th, it hit an intraday high of 58.45 and closed at 58.28. I tried again today when it pulled back to the old high, and it looked like it would bounce off 56.40, and then sold off in an hour to avoid further loss. Are we looking at earning worries, or what? I see earnings are out tomorrow.

John M.

Looks awesome Jeff. Great job getting videos up! So incredibly helpul. I can't wait to start these trades and let you know how they go.

Thank you so much for all you do,
Emily Osterstock

I like this video format better too, much clearer, thanks Jeff.

P.S. CHE just broke the $37 mark but the spread on the options is too wide, possible a short term stock play?



Video looks great.

Left hand side and the bottom of the chart were cut off. Otherwise, looked great.


This format is so much better! Clearer video, better audio...you are tops.

Video is great!

Thanks Jeff.


Today's video looks great! I think it is clearer than yesterday's. Thanks Jeff!

This worked great.



Nice BIG play button and I like the FWD REW feature on this video. No cut off screen. I vote for this one so far.

On a side note, I noticed that you looked as a few potential trades just now that are dangerously near earnings. How does this effect your decision to trade or not? Do you base it on volatility? I would think you would stay away form the options plays with medium to high volatility.

Awesome video. I did not get an arrow on the last one. This one worked great. Thanks!!!

excellent !!!!
how about LMT, brokeout today on major volume. take a look see

Video is excellent today....much clearer. The pause, forward and reverse buttons are great. Audio is much clearer. Only thing missing are the prices, dates and volume. This format is awesome! Unbelievably helpful. Thanks for everything you do Jeff.


Very helpful when you show the way you draw the support and resistance lines. Thanks for all you do to help us. --Pat

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