Look Mom! I'm on Video!

That's right...I am going to mix in some video. This is a perfect solution to infrequent and unhelpful posts. 15 minutes of recorded speech along with stock analysis will be much more helpful than incessant ramblings that sometimes take hours to write. I won't go exclusively video, but at least a daily video post. Probably about 10 minutes or so per day.

Is this a generally accepted idea I have, or does this tie up more time than just reading the blog? I'd appreciate feedback. Whatever your initial reaction is, type it and leave it as a comment. Personally I think this gives us a great avenue to get more specific about trades and follow up without tying up hours of time. Plus I can answer most of the questions via audio and take requests.

Keep in mind these videos are not instant classics....yet. I am still getting used to the technology, and trying to talk while surfing through this sea of software. Bear with me and leave feedback in the meantime please. Have a great weekend!

Hi Jeff,

Nice nwe video imbedding tool you got going there. It took me a couple minutes to figure out what to do with the post, but I finally found the play button. Apparently, the right side of the chart is cut off, so, when you talk about the current weeks action, itis hidden. When you blow it up, it's better.
Again, love the new tool, just a bug to work out.

I don't know if the video didn't load or what. I see a big black area below Jeff's message. Is there a trick to seeing the video? I have window's media and other players installed??

Jeff: You never stop amazing me. I absolutely love this. The controls on the lower left side of the chart has a play, pause and stop. Is there a way to rewind the playback in case I miss something? Thanks for your endless energy. Looking forward to Orlando!



I fixed the screen cut off issue.

The real issue is that half of the people accessing it can see it, while others can't.

Are there any computer guru's out there that might know what the issue is?

worked great for me. I had to click it to see the controls.

It is an excellent idea and yes this would be a time saver overall for you and for us.


I'm sure it's a media player issue. The people who can't see it should try using a different browser (firefox is a solid free one) or search for a plug in.

Jeff, great stuff. It was incredibly painful to watch your analysis of CROX. I can't tell you how many times I have bailed out a day or 2 early and missed an explosive move. Watching and listening today has embedded this rule in my brain and I will never make this mistake again.

Your blog is growing by leaps and bounds in terms of sophistication. I hope everyone here realizes the gifts Jeff has been providing us with and appreciates it. Those of us here who are or will be trading professionally would be way behind without this site.

That being said, enough with the Colts talk. I've got a BEAR flag for you Jeff. Symbol: REX and it's a breakout tomorrow!!!!

Bear Down!!


This is so excellent. It is a wonderful idea and great wait to say a lot more of information and also having it visual in so less time. Great! You really are brilliant. Thank you so much for always thinking how to help us to be a better traders every day.

I will be very excited to listen and watch your videos everyday. Thanks,
Alessandra Sahonero

I have done quite a bit of work on how people learn. I know for a fact that I am a visual learner, so the video is great. My only concern is the size of the video feed. When at work, my employer checks how much internet useage we use. The solution to this of course is to bring my laptop with my mobile broadband card that the trade in ATI bought for me ;-))

Thanks for the info on CROX. I wanted to get out before the break also. Wanted to cut my loss, but the price action haden't broken my support line.

I think I have figured out that the best time to get into a position for me is when my brain say not to. I got into JCP the other day when it dove for $80 after a breakout. If I had told any of the guys at work, they would have said I was nuts. The next day it exploded off of the $80 dollar mark.


Awesome!!! Definitely been worth the wait!!! I know you have been workingon this for a while but all worth it!!! Thank you for your tireless desire to teach ad share!!!


Randy B.


Great work. I was't able to see the video first.(I am using firefox). But that was because I had Flash plugin version 7.0. Once I updgraded to Flash to version 9 (you can download it from adode.com) it works like a gem.

Now the issue is Audio. For some reason, i am not hearing the audio.

Does anyone have the audio issue?


As already stated....GREAT! This is such a wonderful opportunity to observe and refine analysis. Keep up the stellar job.

Jeff - You are able to pack so much more information in the video than you'd ever get in a text blog post. Thanks for making the effort to use the new technology. I look forward to many more of these presentations!


It worked great for me. No technical problems and I thoroughly enjoyed the new medium. It only compliments everything else on the blog. Thank you for all your efforts.
Go CROX and oh yea, Da Bears.

Sean M.

- Jeff
The Video was great. Just started watching your blog and I really couldn’t enjoy it more. Great stuff on here! I appreciate you sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge with us.
Look forward to the next blog. Enjoy Super Bowl weekend.

Todd P.

Very well done Jeff,


Gray Mac

Jeff, thank you, the video is great. You put a lot of information in that one. I am a visual learner, this format works very well for me. If it safe you time it's great for both of us.
Thanks for the great job you are doing for us.

What a cool thing!!! We love the video and audio. Just got back from the ski holiday and have a ton to catch up on. Check out BXP!! I wish I'd bought Mar calls on it instead of Feb.
Thank you for continuing to find new ways to make this blog so amazing!! The whole package worked fine for us the first time. Must be living right.
Chris and Catherine.

Jeff, you absolutely rock! This new addition is great. The contribution you make to our success is mind-boggling. I'm using IE 7 and am not having any issues with the feed.


Don't see the video. Using Safari on my MAC. Audio is fine.

i am using a mac too - it worked fine for me.
keep rockin in the free world!

Nice Job, Jeff. I really enjoyed your analysis and use of the video to show your analysis. Keep up the good work.

- Corey


I like this excellent idea, You are great, thanks for your time.



From the comments it sounds like a great tool, but I can't see it. There's no play button. Help

Jeff, Love the new video blog you did here. Thanks for all your help in our stock trading. Hope you keep helping us for years to come. Thanks again....


This is an awesome idea with visuals. It is so easy to learn from the visuals even from Asia. I really like crocs. Right now, I am on the sidelines waiting to get back in USA so I can start trading. Thanks for all the information on various stocks that you have provided



Great job with the video/audio! Your hard work is appreciated by all!

I am having difficulty with the video with regards to scale...I cannot see the right hand side of your chart..I tried zooming in and out and that does not help.
any suggestions anyone?


Bob R.

It took me a couple of tries to get it to work but it finally did. I like this format. Keep up the good work!



This is just awesome!

Mark McQ.

That was awesome. Can't blow the chart up so that I can see it though. Using Firefox. Thank you...

Jeff, great job! I think we will really benefit from your video and the easier it is for you, the more content you have for us.

I first tried Firefox. It took me a moment to realize I needed to have my mouse over the chart to see the play controls. The video is too small but both sound and video work. I am going to see if there is a Flash plugin update that will help.

I switched to Internet Explorer and the chart is bigger so I can follow it easier. There is a firefox plugin that allows me to view a page in IE from within firefox (IE Tab).

First, more kudos here. This is a fantastic way convey a lot of information quickly. Second, I had the same experience with Firefox and IE. The window is too small to see in Firefox, but OK in IE. If there was some way to allow you to blow up the window like you did last week with just a screen print - that would be awesome.

I got out of X this morning. I was a little late getting in, but still made a nice 79% in 4 trading days. As always thanks for the great instruction.

John M.

WOW!! This is GREAT!! I am tech challenged, but the video and audio came through just fine. Thanks Jeff for making such a wonderful teaching site available to the masses.

Yeah the colts did it! At any rate, keep the video coming, great idea

Completely awesome!!

I am so excited!!



Valerie W

Wow Jeff, the video format is wonderful. I was away for a few days, only to be totally surprised by the new format. It is an efficient way to teach us how to specifically analzye the charts. I likewise could not see the right side of the chart, even after downloading Flash 9.0.

Your unending and tireless effort to teach us is unbelievable. Words can't adequately express how much we appreciate your continued support. THANK YOU!


Love the video! Awesome! Yeah Colts!!!

Jeff, your video is a great use of today's technology. Love it! Any way to make chart larger?

And Yes, way to go Colts!

Indianopolis, IN

AWESOME! You have, once again, taken the extra step in our learning.
Thank you for all you do!
Amy Myers
Sunset TX

Great Jeff! Keep up the as always wonderful work and help.

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