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Nice going on the watchlist. Just had my mid-day Blog moment during lunch!

Question on those flags - I took the trade for RS on March 22 as it appeared to be climbing (later that day it turned lower and is now forming that flag).

When one is in a situation where the trend turns sideways like this how do you like to play your stop? I was stopped out sometime this morning on that trade and wonder if, in a situation like this, I should have had a bigger stop to allow this thing to move higher?


on VIP the corporate snapshot says earning are Apr. 4, on a news release the earnings say apr. 19th. Which one would you go by?


This seems to be a common occurrence with VIP. I remember 2 announcements ago it was the same thing.

Potential Head and Shoulders forming on WYNN, if it breaks $90 over the next week, could be a nice trade.

Is anyone else enjoying the Silver Bullet Express (TAP)? I don't particularly care for the beer, I am more a micro guy, but who cares, a lot of other people like it! Oh, and the stock too!

Rhododendron, Oregon


I remember you saying a couple weeks ago that you played earnings from time to time and that you had been correct in your assesment on 3 out of 4 (or something around there). I was wondering what you look at when playing earnings. Is it still the technicals you are looking at or do you have Miss Cleo on speed dial?

Im pissed the new site wont allow me to enter the criteria for "The Squeeze" search you came up with because I know that can you give a higher probability in which direction it will break. It is also nice to have that search around if you are considering a straddle/strangle on an earnings play.

Also, I think youll like the looks of ESRX. It is forming a great looking flag and the volume is light on the pullback to support. If it gets any closer to 80.00 it could be a nice play considering the pole is about 12.50. Thanks for any help with the question.


I was in TAP and made a good profit but got stopped out with the intraday drop as I was protecting profits (probably too tight). Now I am waiting or another entry point and it is not fun to sit on the sidelines and see it continue to move up.
Bob H.

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the video Jeff.

VIP is breaking out today, hopefully it holds through the close.

The market has rallied back nicely from triple digit losses this morning. A couple of down days were inevitable after the gains from last week.

Where is everyone today?

Joel R.

VSEA is breaking out of a bull flag today. A little more volume will confirm the pattern. I see a price target of about 4 points.


Forgot to mention, another price pattern for the watch:

LEH Lehman Brothers - Descending triangle. It's right there, but doesn't have the volume confirmation yet ... maybe by the close? Should be good for a $7-10 move.

Joel R.

VSEA is retracing back into the flag. Maybe a breakout by the end of the day or tomorrow. I am thankful I trade at the end of the day.


Joel - VIP looks early to me, but I like the looks of LEH. Thanks.

also in on TAP. Nice...


I am ready to jump in on VIP, but the spread is over 1.00. Any thoughts on why. The open interest doesn't seem to be a factor on this stock.


PSA is so close to a H&S breakout. It almost made it today, maybe tomorrow?

Joel R.

Just saw another pattern on MO. Inverted head and shoulders ready to breakout above 86 with slight higher volume this afternoon. Looks like it should run up to around $90.

Kansas City, KS

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