All's Quiet On The Trading Front

The clock is ticking until all hell breaks loose. Obviously the rate stays unchanged, but the verbage that will be used has investors sitting on the edge of their seats. There are a lot of great set ups regardless of the outcome, so have your ammo ready to fire.

There are a lot of good arguments being posted today. I am impressed with each opinion that flies across the blog. Keep up the good work.

I'd like to see how the market plays out, and then come back and try to digest it a little.

PS- The Marketcast will be appearing on Forbes radio today! We are starting to attract a presence!

Recommendation: Hold on tight today!

Long: The market

Short: The market

WOW - Forbes Radio!!! Congratulations. I hope you'll have the full arsenal of sound effects ready to go.

I wonder if they have downloadable MP3 format capability???? We could be on to something here.

I agree that the blog is becoming a great place to express opinions.

My stocks are taking a choppy ride right now. I had to bail on ZMH this morning with the bad news of the downgrade - although I question if it was emotional driven since the downgrade was from "out perform" to market perform and I had a June call. PCP is looking very shaky today as well, but I'm sticking to my rules and won't exit until there's bad news or it crosses that century mark.


Boston - sunny but still cold!!

Even with Fed's announcement which keeps interest rate unchanged, there is no volume on major indices including DIA, SPY, QQQQ. Be cautious.

It's only been 15 minutes though. How much volume were you expecting in that short time frame?

Looks like we've confirmed double bottoms on all indices. Great action.

Who doesn't love a little BEAV? I think this stock is trading picture perfect right now. A great breakout on huge volume with a consolidation/retest on declining volume.

Plenty of breakouts galore today, but VSEA seems to be the strongest.

I also love CAL as a bearish play, and hopefully GOOG will hit a wall at $455, or else it might be breaking the downtrend.

Looks like we may go up and test prior highs in the market.

I exited 1/2 my puts on CAL stock went past my resistance line. The other 1/2 of the puts were OTM. There was enough of a loss to let them either hang in there or expire worthless. I am in BEAV, but like TAP better. I used to work for BEAV so I would like to take some money from those options. DE made a nice move today also. I wish I had managed that trade better. I have some Apr calls on DE. Wish I had bought more time. If it still moves up tomorrow I may trade up and buy more time.


Well I said I was bearish until I started losing money and guess what? I lost money today. I bailed out of bear calls on MA and WYNN and my others look less solid than I would like but they are still safely below resistance and tomorrow is another day -- I am officially neutral. My gut tells me that this is an overreaction to news that really wasn't news at all -- like who really thought the Fed would change interest rates? I am going to start being more picky with my spreads -- a new rule: never take bearish trades on anything that Cramer hipes up on his show -- I still think MA is a crummy stock but everyone else thinks it's great so I am not going to argue with my money over it. Looks like SHLD is not going to honor the head and shoulders confirmation.

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