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Here are a few pictures I managed to dig up from the conference. If you happened to click your camera while you were attending, let me know. Especially during the Marketcast on Day 2. We are looking everywhere for a photo of it. I am almost done prepping for the video today. Coming right up!

I took a picture on day 2 but it was so dark that it looks like a bad Pink Floyd video. I actually deleted it as it was so blurry that it made your radio faces look more like "before" pictures in a plastic surgeon's Before and After book.
I see that CROX has not done well, after reporting record earnings yesterday and the signing on of some major NASCAR drivers and teams. HUGE concept to improve sales... stock's down. Why do I waste my time trying to figure this stuff out?
We were afraid you'd left the conference to attend to the business going on at home. Make sure you keep us posted. We'll keep our fingers crossed. Boy or girl, the kid doesn't stand a chance of being able to shop anywhere but the "Tall shop." You see? that's the advantage of being short, bald, and ugly. I can shop anywhere I like. Except the Tall Shop. They always kick me out.
Chris and Catherine

C & C,

Boy or girl? Who is expecting a baby?


Help me out here, Jeff. Uh, Amy, you had to be at the convention to get it. I think every Investools instructor is over 6'5". If any of them had a kid they could form their own basketball team.
How's everyone doing on the market today. I'm actually thrilled. With the dow being down over a hundred points, I'm not down a ton. Certainly not taking the kick to the head I took a few times in the past. More like some necessary corrections happening so the upward trend can continue. Chicago's not in jepordy yet.
Has anyone had a look at BG recently? It's an upward trending stock that just doesn't want to quit. A bit of a correction today could be a good oportunity. Also BLG and BP are in nice Bear treands if anyone's getting a bit nervous.
Chris and Catherine

All my trades are getting hit today..VIP, NUE, ATI, ICE,X, but, they are all still in uptrends...I don't understand why when the indexs are down .25%, or .75%. whatever, my stocks are always down a LOT more percentage wise than the market is!!!

But, it is time for a small pullback I guess..so...let's see the market pick up again in a few days..

I am actually diversified enough to not take a beating today. I think it is the first time I got that right. NDE broke out yesterday and is continuing its move down today. Low risk trade with a possible 4 point move. It is also showing a possible double top on the one year chart.



I guess I didn't make it totally public yet, but I am expecting another baby. The due date is 3/1...and as I was leaving the wife started contracting quite a bit. It is a boy, but we don't quite have a name picked yet. I can't wait to hear the suggestions.


I'm guessing "Cramer" is not too likely an option for the baby's name.
If you're looking for different names (sort of like what the movie stars do... you know... Moon Unit, Dweezle... stuff like that) you could call him Jasol.


Jeff and
Jasol. Has a bit of a movie star quality to it. Or a rapper. Or (heaven forbid) a basketball player. But you'd need a good middle name to go with it.
Like Pacaof
There. Jasol Pacaof Kohler. King of the basketball court. You can thank us later
Chris and Catherine

I wish I were you! Several of my trades stopped out today like BEN, ICE and VIP yesterday. All at my money management maximum loss. I am newer to this than most of you are I am sure so may not be placing those horrid stops where I should. I just love the trade tips you provide when I see what you all see I know I am growing into a trader.

Bob H.

Congrats, Jeff and Amber!

March 1st is right around the corner...
Good luck with the name. We always had the girl name picked out and ended up having two boys.

Have a great day everyone.

Congrats!! Jeff and Amber...


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