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Warriors baby! First time since 94! Even though they have to get through Dallas, my sources say Warriors in 6. Check their record vs. Dallas this year. I believe!
Yeah, so what this is off the topic of trading. It's good to mix things up now and again. Plus I would like to see a little playoff dialogue along the way.

Recommendation: Who's YOUR team?

Long: THE Golden State Warriors (I am a Bay Area product in case you didn't know)

Short: Dallas Mavericks

Playoffs hmm...... Cuz I'm a canuck, I'm a hockey girl. Playoffs going on there too. Would love to see Calgary go all the way!! GO FLAMES GO!!!
Basketball -- I have nothing.


Jodi...that works for me. Shark fan over here!

if rangers and sharks face jeff...we are on
im a ny kid living now in the bay area. im all for the warriors...go nelly

Playoffs??? We're looking forward to Celtics getting the Oden or Durrant!!! Unless we have another Len Bias incident that takes down the whole team like it did back then, we should be all set!

Having spent a few years in Ohio, I'd love to see Lebron and the Cav's have a breakout post season.

As for stocks, I almost bought the pull back this morning on GS but didn't want today to turn into a Feb 27 incident. When I had a chance to take a peak again it was already up over $1. But, I'm in and hope to enjoy a rise to at least $225.

Is anyone still watching VIP? It's about ready to leave my radar screen completly. I got out of RS before the earnings and it's screaming today! Hopefully there will be a good pull back on it to continue the winning streak.

Thanks John for your kind words about my first 200% gain. BUT let's make one thing very clear...THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS YANKEE'S UNIVERSE!...unless you're talking about some other universe light years behind ours!

Happy trading all.

Red Sox Nation


There will be extensive coverage on this matchup on the blog then :)

Not sure I qualify to give a prediction since I had to watch the sixers and flyers implode this year. Although the sixers did play above .500 after the Iverson trade to Denver for Andre Miller.

Tried to diversify by getting behind the Phillies. Spring training the short stop said they were the team to beat...yes they are..... at 3-10....everybody is beating them.

And Jeff Knowing you are a huge NCAA fan....I still haven't gotten over Oklahoma State beating Saint Joe's (my Alma Mater) in the Elite 8 on the last shot a couple years ago.

Maybe Investools can add another course to the pyschology of trading
...the psychology of watching sports in Philly...sheesh

Go Warriors...Jamie


I say “The Yankees Universe” because you say along with the majority of New England “Red Sox Nation” and since “universe” is BIGGER than “nation”... It is all perspective my friend…

As for basketball, I am 5’ 5.5” feet tall on a real good day after traction and hanging upside down form the hanger in the closet and never could master the speed the ball bounced up from the ground to my hand not far from it… so I chose to participate baseball, football, skiing and mountain biking… as for sports to watch, I watch any baseball game available on TV, yes Gary, even the Red Sox. I have yet to route (SP?) for then…


Go Warriors!!! I'm a diehard fan baby. I might even fly out to the Bay Area for a playoff game. Warriors in 6!

hmmm...professional sports. i'll admit it -- not much of a sports follower. i studied music theory at baylor university and now i work in internet development (and trading). if that's not a recipe for sports aversion, i don't know what is. please don't hate me.

oh, i am long my son's basketball team. actually, he's not on a team but he does have a little plastic goal out back where we play horse and pig.

I quite watching pro basketball (and football, baseball) when I realized it wasn't a sport.

Maybe when they stop traveling (you can't take 3 steps on your move to the basket) and fouling (this isn't football or hockey) I might want to watch again.

In the long term what does it really matter who wins? If your team wins, what does it mean to you?

Go Warriors! Go Sharks !

Warriors in 6 and Sharks in 5.

Jeff, It was awesome to see in person behind the home plate, when "Marco Scutaro" lifting one off of "Rivera and the Yankees" in the bottom of the ninth with 0-2 count to win the game in Oakland over the weekend. That was Awesome!.


Bob S- (Or is it buzzkill?)

You are right. The Warriors winning is very inconsequential in the aspect of the whole space time continuum thingy..

It only gives me temporary satisfaction to see that all the money invested in merchandising, tickets, childhood hopes and dreams to finally pay off.

That is what being a "fan" is all about.


Meg Whitman has joined the list of people who can go F themselves. EBAY is really defying all logic today, and I can only blame her. I know this isn't basketball related, though I'm sure Meg will attend a playoff game, and will probably be sitting in the luxury suites...well protected from my powerful right hook.


This is absolutley relevant!!!

EBAY plants it's fat @$$ in San Jose, which is not too far from the game! We can make a pit stop on the way to game 3!


I'll bring my Louisville Slugger with. Then, after I beat her to a pulp, i'll autograph it and list it on her stupid site.


Being a Sacramento Kings fan I am a little bitter this year but still love the game. I was at the Warriors/Mavs game the other night and the place erupted when the pic you put up was taken. He had just gone to the hole & dunked. I will be pullng for the Warriors!


I was thrilled to see your “Yankee Universe” retaliation yesterday, until you wrote that you’ll watch the Red Sox if they’re on TV. I’m a huge baseball fan as well, but you have to draw the line somewhere. So unless you’re watching Boston to see Manny’s classic fielding ability – and let’s face it, you just don’t see plays like that everyday – let’s keep it focused on winners, shall we.

- Graz
“Proud Member of the Yankee Universe”

Long: Brodeur, brooms (Rangers over Thrashers…sweep, sweep), Yanks and the Nets. Why the Nets? Have you seen what Isiah has done to the Knicks?

Short: All Red Sox…baseball, argyle or otherwise


So there.

The Big D, Texas


Anybody still in HWCC? I see it sitting right at support after taking a good hit today. Earnings on 5/2. Unless it breaks down before the close, I think I'll hang in there but curious if anybody else has any other analysis.


Peter V

I am not in a HWCC trade, but your analysis looks spot on. I am looking for an entry point once the stock stops going down. I am looking for a higher high around 31.00. I don't know whether it will do it before earnings, but if it bounces here, it could be a great entry point.


Did you take any photos? I'd love to have seen that!


You were at the game? Did you take any photos? Unreal!

PS- I wore my Kings shirt to work last Friday. I used to play with Ronnie Price, so I still support them all the way. I was a fan back in the Tisdale, Richmond and Vinnie days.

I gotta go with Detroit... Even though I hate C Webber, I have to represent the home town...

Jeff thats not you in the background of the picture your posted of B Davis, is it????? Wearing the 44 jersey...

don't count the phx suns out!!!


Go Devils!!!!! And please go up in value my porfolio Please!


I missed.I didn't take any pictures (I should have at least by cell phone). But at that moment, when the ball left the yard, there was no time to take pictures, honestly, fans gone crazy in Oakland coliseum.

But I got this you tube video of Scutro's walk off.



I'm hoping GS knocks out the SUNS won't have to face em.

Don't know if anyone will read this so late. Was sick, sick sick for two days (my birthday being one of them) and am just now back in the saddle.

You people are all obviously wearing blinders. Ottawa will finally win it's well deserved Stanley Cup and the Universe (Yankee or otherwise) will unfold as it should (although... how 'bout them Jays?)

I, on the other hand, have blinders on when it comes to basketball. The Raptors are all we have and I still haven't gotten over Vince Carter's whiney, weeney ways and very seldom give them a second look. Seems like half the team's always in jail anyway, so you never know who's going to show up. Oooops, did I say that?

Anyone got any ideas for an exit on DRYS. Help... I've made so much money off this one that I'm scared to hang on to it.

Looking forward to getting caught up on lost time....

Chris and Catherine

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