Recommendation: Get in this rally while the getting is good.

Long: Hopefully JBX by the close. While I was in So. Utah I frequented their establishment. (this is why the stock is up...they realized a crapload of revenue). When I retire I will build one in my basement.

Short: RATE and still smiling :(

Thanks Jeff for the great setups. It's going to be an excellent week.

BUCY - got off to a slow start this morning but is moving nicely now. Target a $5-6 move or about 10%.

Joel R.

There are plenty of great setups today, but check out BGC. Symmetrical triangle breakout offered a $59 target in 3 weeks. 1 of those weeks is gone and the stock has bounced PERFECTLY off the triangle apex today. That means an entry today should yield a $5.50 move in 2 weeks. That's over 10% for those of you keeping score at home.

Plus, unlike a lot of these setups, earnings isn't right away, so you could actually buy an AUG call and ride out any prolonged trend on this great stock.

Great setups, Jeff. Thanks!

LEH- is the price action today knocking anyone out of this trade?

Check out Al coming off symmetrical triangle good move for $50 stock

employment numbers are coming out this week and also friday is a holiday. Good strategy to sell puts for the extra day, anybody try this before?

David S


It's come right up to the point I drew as old support. It may hold as new resistance. A close above $71 and I will be out.

VDSI (Verdasco) a is stock Jeff brought to our attention a few months ago. Made some nice money on an ascending triangle breakout. It's had a good sideways consolidation and looks like it's breaking out today. The volume is definitely there. Relatively inexpensive stock, sorry it's not optionable.

Joel R.

Does anyone see a head and shoulders on AVB with a retest at 132 today. Target 116.
I need to add a bear trade to feel comfortable...

Ohio Rick

Thanks, Joel.

That is where I have my support, but with the market bouncing and moving higher, it is hard to hold onto this one.

I see H&S on AVB. I see price action failed at the neckline of 125 and bounce up from there. I am letting this confirm so it doesn't continue the uptrend.


Play Of The Day:


May 20's at 2.10.

Your Welcome


I'm grabbing some ATI and JBX....

I got my BEAVer yesterday, LOL

I like the trade...low cost and some nice movement. Can't knock the triangle either!


There's no head and shoulders confirmation on AVB yet.

Amy, i got IN the LEH trade today on the retest.

Also grabbed some POT.

Oh boy, Brett...great timing on the post! I am sitting here looking at the volume, and I am emotional as heck.

I picked up some AL, JBX, and TWOO calls.

This blog is awesome!



What was the going rate for some pot? I could use some right about now.

i don't have any POT but I do have some PCP...

It's really sad that I have POT and PCP. That's what a KU education gets you.

Maybe I should be buying ICE and METH too.

hey bob,

noticed your comment on VIP about earnings. I'm still in also and now on the prophet chart it says earning are 4/12. it had been 4/4. I can't figure it out. Debbie


Holy smokes, it's like a feeding frenzy. I wish I had more time to devote to this. Did well today and am trying to keep some downside options as well as the "easy" upside ones. CG's doing really well. All this talk of POT has me reminiscing... Made quite a bit of money off it in my 401k a few months ago. Looks like it might be ready to get "high" again.

Brett, I know a fine upstanding young man like you was just kidding when you mentioned METH... but have you checked it out? Not bad my White Mocha friend. Reminds me of a time I was talking up DE in a bar in Halifax, and the result it had. Speaking of which DE looks like it could be mustering up a double top.

We must keep our heads up for some good downside stuff too.

Chris and Catherine

Yes, anyone with some downside trades please feel free to share them. i'm struggling to find them.

I guess others are finding it difficult to find short trades too. Would sure feel more comfortable with some bearish plays in my portofolio only one I had (CAL) stopped out today taking off like a rocket.
Bob H.

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