Part II

I hope none of you were holiding FFIV puts into tonight's earnings.

The only way that one makes sense is if you view it as a long-term flag with a breakout tonight.

I'm only going to say this one last time:

AAPL TO $100!!!!

too bad i made no money on it.

Oh wise PCAR traders (maybe even the lucky ones) is PCP a potential hold over earning based on your evaluation?

Bob H,
PCP is doing it's "bottoming out" thing and going to head up for a week or so. This still gives you lots of time to get in and then get out on the 8th, just before earnings. Volatility will keep increasing, thus increasing the value of your call. If you look at today's strand, you'll see that FFIV went against the only logic I can make on holding over earnings. AAPL on the other hand, holds true to the fact that the price was increasing on increasing volume right up to earnings. To me, that predicted a pop on earnings. But FFIV should have tanked and instead it's up 17%. Anything I would have made on PCAR and AAPL would have been lost (and then some) if I'd held FFIV too.

Logic fails. You'll have to actually do some hard work and dig into the company to find if it's worth holding over earnings. Or keep your position really small and be prepared to lose the whole thing.

Brett, I can't believe it. You were right all along, buddy. And it only took 6 months!!! You are changing from Jedi Knight to Jedi Master. We grovel at your feet.

Chris and Catherine.

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